Monster Integration - Chapter 263 Greatest Danger

Chapter 263 Greatest Danger

I lost all the feeling of my body that I am not able to twitch my finger and that's not all the pain is returning.

My body has gone under huge burden these fifteen hours, not only I hap put immense strain on my muscles, I even drank forbidden medicine which damaged my body even further.

The only saving grace that I had drunk the last bottle of my life potion before being immobilized, that will at least heal the injuries that I had gotten from the reaper especially the last one on the head.

At least these injuries would be healed by the life potion and as for the recovery from the forbidden medicine, it will take a few days for them to go.

I take sigh internally looking at my condition, I am as helpless as earlier, it could be said that I am more helpless now.

Earlier when I am running from The Blade Snake, at least I have the freedom to move freely as I wish but now I lay here immobilize, not having power to even twitch my finger.

Here even Specialist stage monster could kill me without having any resistance from me, the only form of protection I have is Ashlyn.

She wanted to go out and protect me but I stopped her, her going out may attract even more monster and have only been at Peak specialist stage, she could protect me against some specialist monster at most and against Corporal stage ones she stands no chance.

My only hope is that some human could spot me and help me up a little, activating my tent and placing me there would be enough.

Times pa.s.sed by and from the direction of the sun, I could guess that its been an only hour since I crashed into this region and I was lucky enough that no monster came to attack me.

I wanted to sleep so badly that I am barely able to stop myself from doing that, the mental and physical fatigue is taking a toll over me.

I wanted to sleep in a place where I felt relatively safe, where there is a little guarantee of safety like my tent.

As time pa.s.sed, I thought my luck will really hold for some but sadly the good times is over as I spotted big yellow bird had started to hovering above me.

I can not guess its level up looking at its size, I am sure that its at Corporal stage or above.

The bird monster seemed to hover above me and looking at how it is flying lower and lower, I felt death is very close.

I am not scared of death, In this past year I had enough close shaves with death that there not much fear left, not to forget just an hour ago, I survived the reaper's scythe.

I just hope to live little more, I have some small dreams like compete in the league of heroes, having a girlfriend and spending some time with friends and family, especially my sister who is just toddler right now.

Seeing the bird coming closer to me, I am just about to release the Ashlyn so she could have a chance of survival when I suddenly heard light footsteps.

A few seconds later, I could clearly hear the footsteps, there seems to be more than one person coming toward me and from the rhythm of their foot, I can guess there three people that coming toward me.

As for the bird that is coming for me, it flew as it must have seen those three people coming.

I really wanted to turn my head and see the faces of people coming toward me but I don't have control over my neck yet, I can only move my eyelids and twitch my fingers for now

"Well, well isn't this the champion which kicked me out of the stage." Said voice sarcasm, this voice seems somewhat familiar, I've heard it somewhere but I can't seem to remember it where.

"Well, turn out this friend is also someone I know." said another voice, my heart skipped a beat hearing this voice, I could never forget this voice.

When I heard the sarcasm in first voice, I felt they did not come with good intentions but hearing the second voice I am wholly sure of it.

"Cousin, do you know him?" asked the first voice, "Yes, I know him, I once asked this friend for the artifact and skill as I had an urgent need for them."

"I was even ready to pay but this friend not only replied to my kind intentions but he also attacked, that time I barely able to survive from this friend." replied the second voice.

Liar! I shouted in my mind loudly, if I was able to control my mouth right now, I would have shouted on his face.

He was that same fatty who chased me for my skill and artifact, it was my luck that I had speed type skill, otherwise I wouldn't be here to tell a tale.

Soon three people came near me that I could see their faces, only after seeing his face I was able to identify the person who spoke first, he was the fatty which I fought against a year ago.

There are three people looking at me and the ing is all three of them are fatty's but all their level is higher than mine.

The fatty who chased after me and the fatty who I fought against are both in Peak level of Corporal stage but the last fatty who wore series face is at Peak of Sergeant stage and sensing the energy he is excluding, he definitely stronger than the normal Peak Sergeant Evolvers.

"Brother what happened to him?" asked the first fatty to serius looking fatty seeing I am staying still like a statue on a weird angle.

"Crack crack!"

Serius looking fatty, put his leg on my arm and presses down, intentionally or unintentally he pressed so strong that my boss started to crack but there was not much change in my expression except for my eyes which look me viciously.

"He must have either poisoned or drank a forbidden potion to get into such condition!" said serius looking fatty.

"Well, then friend my friend since you have to go to the death G.o.ds, you did not need these materialist things as your dear friend, I will kindly accept the burden on this materialistic things." said fatty and shamelessly started to remove my artifacts.

He not only take out my artifacts, backpack but also took my holowatch as well, the only saving grace that he checked my pockets on outside so, he did not see the storage in my pocket.

My heart pained seeing him taking my holowatch, this fatty able to unlock it he will get all my skills especially Fire Strike.

"Knight grade artifact all of them, this even better than the cheapskate earlier had given us!" said the second fatty is gasp.

"Whatever, the finish is quick. I will see if could track down the rat who escaped earlier!" said serious-looking fatty as he put a black mask on his face and was about to leave when he stopped by the first fatty.

"Brother stop!" said the first fatty "What?" his brother asked impatiently. "Can you give me the core of the monster that you killed earlier?" I asked the first fatty.

"Finish it by the time I return!" said his brother and thew red monster core before leaving in hurry.

"This will create large blast right!" Asked the first fatty to the second fatty with a weird smile on his face, I got very bad premonition seeing that core.

"Yes, this will create the biggest blast we have ever seen!" said second fatty with glee as he darted his eyes on me.

My heart started to beat faster after receiving his gaze and before I knew the first fatty open my mouth forcefully with cruel smile on his face as he fed me the monster core, after putting core into my mouth, he forcefully made me gulp it while I stayed powerless, helpless to stop what they are doing to me.

"Quickly dug a hole, we don't want a bath in gore again don't we?" Said the second fatty to first.

I wasn't able to hear what they did after that as I am experiencing the most painful experience of my life.

The pain is ten times, a hundred times painful than the pain of mystic medicine that I ate.

All I know that they lifted me and threw me into the hole and added soil above me, leaving enough s.p.a.ce open to let me breathe with some difficulty.