Monster Integration - Chapter 264 HOPE

Chapter 264 HOPE


m.u.f.fled screams could be heard through the hole not far away from them but they are acting like it was normal as they are talking between themselves.

"How much time do you think we will have to wait before we hear the big bang?" I asked the first fatty to another.

They had already done this thing two times ever since they entered this realm and they always ask each other this question as this become some sort of ritual to them.

"If we had fed him normal peak Sergeant stage monster core, It would have taken fifteen minutes but this time you Initial level Master stage core of fiery lion that Dan had just killed earlier, so we should be able to hear the blast within five minutes.

Fist fatty shook her, disagreeing with the estimate of the second fatty, "Your estimate would have been right but you forgot one crucial point."

"That he had a fire ability which gave him some resistance against the fire, so according to my estimate, we will hear blast within eight minutes." said the the the the first fatty.


Burn, I am feeling like a volcano had erupted in my stomach, it was so hot that sweat on my body started vaporizing

The monster core that entered my body had started melting little by little in my stomach and now it is wreaking havoc in my body if I didn't do anything soon then my body going to pop up like a balloon.

It is common sense that one must not eat a monster core, even if it is an emergency.

The monster cores are packed with Berserker energy that is too heavy to handle, not only for humans but monsters also.

That is why whenever I feed core to Ashlyn, I divide it into twenty to thirty parts and feed her only single every day.

Even if the monster eats there every step core of the same stage as its or above its stage, it sure going to pop up like a balloon.

Not only monster cores contain immense energy, but the energy it contains is berserk in nature which is impossible to be digested by human bodies, but only monsters bodies are also capable enough to digest the berserk energy.

I am panicking right now, not for myself but for Ashlyn, earlier when that serious fatty mercilessly broke my arm, I knew it is likely that I will survive today, so, I started asking Ashlyn to leave so she could have a chance to live but she refused to leave.

Even when I forcefully tried to throw her out, she stayed.

Even now, I asked her to fly away but she is still refusing to budge.

I am going to die definitely but I hope she lives, not only for her but for me also me, It will give peace before dying to know that she can live.

First time I saw her, it was when she came out breaking her eggsh.e.l.l, she surprised us quite a bit with her s.h.i.+ny silver fur.

I was instantly enamored by the tiny silver chic who is coming out of her eggsh.e.l.l unstably.

From the day she was born, she was all about the food, even her siblings quite afraid of as they let take the first dip always.

As she grew older she even started taking the food of her parents.

She never let anyone play with her but she never rejected me and one month after she was born, my room became her permanent residence.

Time pa.s.sed by and the time came to decide which monster I an going to bond with, many organizations had sent their offers with details of monsters, they are going to offer me.

I looked at those offer on the side and threw them to trash seeing I had already decided on which monster I am going to bond with.

My parents had tried to dissuade me for a while, saying I will have to bear less burden of practice If I bonded with other monsters than Ashlyn but I was firm on my decision.

Ashlyn is family and I want her to live but this stubborn birdy hadn't been listening to me.

The power of core started to reach every part of my body and I can feel every cell of my body is being damaged by the berserk energy of the monster core and the worst thing is, the core hadn't melted even one percent.

With a body and little fire immunity I have, my body will endure 3% of its energy at most before popping off like a balloon.

If this core had been any other fire monsters core, I would have been able to endure a minute or two more but sadly it is the core of fiery lion which had the strongest fire I've experienced and had the sticky quality to its fire like lava.

I am way too familiar with the fire of fiery lion, as this is only monster core Ashlyn ever reacted to because of that I've fed clips of this core every day to Ashlyn, she even ate it at yesterday's dinner.

The fiery lion's cores that I got from my s.p.a.ce realm finished in five months, after that, I had to buy them from the store hoping this core, hoping they will bring some change in the Ashlyn's fire but to this day there was no change.


I felt my throat became dry from screaming loudly that I am barely able to make noise right now.

As the seconds pa.s.sed, I saw my skin is glowing, at first it was faint but soon it got brighter and brighter.

It is not a good sign, this means that the energy of the monster core had already seeped into every cell of my body, every pa.s.sing second the monster core will melt more, releasing more berserk energy into my body.

Currently, my body barely holding on that berserk energy but soon the energy will reach the limit of more than I can handle, it will become like a balloon which has too much air, it will pop up, spreading b.l.o.o.d.y gore in all directions.

I didn't fear death but I also don't want to die, sadly I have no choice, the monster core is already inside me melting bit by bit, it's berserk energy tearing into every cell of my filling it, with more energy it can handle.

If I had a chance of life, even a minute one, I would have given my all for it but I did not see much chance no matter how much I racked my brain for it.

'Chew chew'

Suddenly Ashlyn chirp inside me, I turn happy thinking she is finally ready to leave but when I registered what she said, I couldn't help but stumped inside.

She is telling me to look at my refinement engine, there is something weird happening there.

When I concentrate on my refinement engine, I found nothing out of ordinary as It running ordinarily with the mental energy that I am instinctively providing it.

Normally to run the refinement engine, one had to provide mental energy and actively ran it, especially the a.n.a.log-type ones.

These refinement engines are run manually but with nearly two years of constant practice and hard work, I trained my mind to instinctively provide it with mental and run it without my supervision.

Now it runs instinctively, even when I was in sleep and because that my mana purity had reached whopping 91.9%, which is really really amazing as after ninety percent even increasing mana purity 0.1 is very hard.

The only drawback of this process is that my refinement engine runs really slow but it's still worth it as I don't have to concentrate my refinement engine ever and it is way better than the others who gave an hour of their time to their refinement engine daily.

First I thought I was normal but when I look carefully, I couldn't help but utterly shocked by what I saw, it is so shocking that my mind froze for a while.

' is converting the berserk energy!' I thought stammeringly, my refinement engine is converting berserk energy into the mana, though the conversion is very slow, as long as provide enough mental energy, I can make it ten times faster.

I've never heard any refinement engine could that before when I constructed this engine I thought it special but when I entered the real world thinking that my refinement is rare a.n.a.log-type but I got reality check soon after.

In shops in the westblood city one can buy tens of a.n.a.log type refinement engine like mine but now seeing it converting berserk energy, I couldn't help but think it is special again.

This only solves half my problem after central storage is full which will in a few minutes, refinement engine will stop converting the berserk energy and focused on repurifying the mana in central storage.

As I've said this solve half the problem, if I don't find a way to use or release the mana out of me, then converting the berserk energy useless as I am already like a nearly bloated tank, just a little more pressure and I will blast away.

I barely able to control my body right now and can't control my ability or skills yet due to side effects of forbidden potion but even if I was I was in full control over my body, removing berserk energy through skill and ability would be too slow as monster core melting in my body too fast.

To put it simply, if I were to remove all the berserk energy from my body through my ability and skill, even use all my skills together, I will need more than a day and I barely have minutes before I popped up like a balloon.

That left me with only choice, Supreme Combat exercise.

My mood turns heavy as I thought this, It been near eight months since I haven't circulated supreme combat exercise properly.

After creating the 8th seal, circulating supreme combat exercise became very hard, not only the pain had increased exponentially but I started to feel some kind of resistance which made circulating even harder.

My father said that the reason I felt resistance because my Mana veins had not been fully developed yet.

This reason why I did not circulate supreme combat exercise when I was running from The Blade Snake as I would have to give my full concentration to circulating exercise that I would have not been able to run properly with full concentration but now this is my only choice to live.

No matter how much pain I fell or resistance I will get circulating the supreme combat exercise, I have to create seals.

I will have to create enough seals to waste all the berserk energy from my body into it as this is my only hope to live.