Monster Integration - Chapter 262 The Chase IV

Chapter 262 The Chase IV

My heart started to pound as I got closer to the wasteland, This wasteland will be my real test of survival.

The closer I got, the more dread I feel.

Does it not feel tired ever? I I asked myself as I saw the blade snake is following me without stopping, there is no change in its speed, it is as uninformed as it when it starts following me.

'A' grade monster that it may be but it out to feel tired slightly but no, there was no change in it ever since it started following me.

Well, its upper 'A' monster for nothing, if it was not able to do this much! it is said in this whole Minerva Realm there are not more than six 'A' grade monsters and three are known for their fearsome might, which is why they called the three banes of Minerva realm.

Times pa.s.sed by and now I can clearly see wasteland ahead me, seeing that dread in my heart grown even more stronger.

I am feeling dread because that s.h.i.+tload of potions that I had in my storage is nearly gone, I have about ten to fifteen minutes of supply with me at most and to cross the wasteland I will need the two hours minimum.

In this thirteen hours, I am running from the blade snake, my two knight grade skills are constantly activated without stopping not to mention fire jets I use for every jump and the defensive skill I use whenever the reaper climbed the tree as a precaution

All it requires immense mana, I had to drink mana potion every few minutes, if not for me having so much mana potions with me, I don't think I would even able to survive three hours from this snake.

One not only needs the power to survive from the three banes, but they also need the resources, without resources they will not able to last long.

It was because of these resources I have, that I was able to survive till now but now my resources are running dry if I did find the other way quickly then reaper would really pierce its blade into my head and eat my brains.

Looks like I finally have to use that thing! I thought but couldn't help grimace when I thought of that option.

I really don't want to use that option, I've only used it one time before which is get away from the Master stage monster but that place was the Mista forest while this is Minerva realm.

The difference is great between these two places, In miasta forest as long as you reach a safe place or to the bunkers placed by adventurers paradise you will be safe but here there is danger at every step, the most dangerous is the boundary of region and as no one knows where one will end up after crossing the boundary.

But who am I kidding with such thought, I clearly knew that is the only option I've left as for what condition I will be in after crossing the boundary, that is the I could not burden myself with, I will think about it if I were alive to cross it.

Grinding my teeth, I took out the gla.s.s bottle from my storage. This bottle is double the size of normal potion bottle and inside it contain blood-red liquid which is s.h.i.+mmering slightly.

This potion is forbidden potion, after drinking it will stimulate my body to the limit and not only that It will also keep proving me a huge amount of mana.

The effect of this potion should last about one and half hour, this potion seemed to too good to true as I won't have to drink string of potions every few minutes for one and half hour but there huge side effect of drinking this potion, that is why they are known as forbidden potions.

Sale of such potions is illegal in the Westblood but I've come to know about the place which sells this potions by one lucky encounter.

The potion will stimulate my body above its limit and also provide me with unlimited mana for one and a half but when the effects of this potion are over after a one-half hour, it will weaken me so badly that I will barely able to move my fingers.

It will keep me immobilized for at least six hours and after that, I will be in a weakened state for the day but I couldn't care less about that as, without this potion, I am a dead man anyway.


I gulp down potion in a single gulp, unlike one's imagination, it does not taste bad, it tastes quite good actually similar to that of tangy syrup.

After potion entered my body, for a few seconds I did not feel anything but a few seconds later its effect spread through my body.

I felt like I've boosted with the unlimited energy and next moment, I shot out like a rocket, Its good thing I've experienced this feeling before otherwise I would have surely not have controlled myself this properly.

When I had drunk this potion first time, I nearly collapsed many times due to a sudden rush of power.

With such rush of power my speed more than a double as I shot out like rocket through trees, I started to jump over the tree which I was going to jump before, I felt exhilarating.

When I looked back, I so The Reaper is still following behind me but the between started to grow larger.

I did not turn too much happy seeing that as I knew its speed will also increase soon, in the forest its speed is restricted due dense trees but ahead is plane wasteland where it will have no restriction in following me.


I jumped from the last tree with a thud and entered the wasteland and started to run with all my might as I could faint slithering sound not much behind me.

As I've expected, its speed increased suddenly as we got out of the forest and It now following me with frenzy in its eyes.

The distance between us also decrease and come it comes down to few meters, just slight increase in its speed could make it catch up to and that scared the h.e.l.l out me, that is why used all power I have to run fast as I can.

Two of my knight grade skill were also activated in full power, I never stopped them, even after drinking the forbidden potion.

"Zzzzzz!""Furfur fur fur..."

I was running when I heard aa faint sound from blade snake, almost instinctively I made jump sideways with my fire jets, only the find that snake is jumping toward my earlier place, if not I had jumped just now, its tail would have definitely pierced through my body.

Good thing I was vigilant, I will have to be vigilant as earlier to survive from sneak attack like these.

As time pa.s.sed, the sky had fully brightened but our my chase is still going on but this brightens sun also gave me the hope as I could see the faint outline of the spatial boundary.

A bright smile came across my face as I saw the spatial layer of the boundary, as long as I pa.s.sed through that layer, I will enter the Region 4 and I won't have to worry about the reaper the further.

I saw many tents across running through the wasteland, whenever I saw them I would always change my direction a little, so, the wrath of reaper would not befall on them because of them.

Normally I don't like to save others but I also don't intentionally harm them if they did not do anything to me.

In forest I had no choice but dived into battle as there was clearing on both sides and the only way to the front is through the battle, that is why I chose to go thought the battle, after all, my life more important than theirs.

Some people saw me running from the distance and when they saw what is following me, a look of extreme great appeared on their face and they started to run with all their might, some people even pack their camp as they ran in dread.

I could help but muse seeing them, if I were at their place, I would also doe the same but unfortunately,y I am not that lucky.


I again heard the sound and took a jump after activating my jets but I was little late as It tailstruckd across my body, the good thing is that it is not my head but the shoulder it injured it.

The cut was quite deep, its tail had cut more than half of shoulder had been little late, my whole shoulder would have fallen to the ground.

I quickly drank the potion before the injury worsened further but unfortunately what I drank is normal healing potion and not life potion which could heal injuries immediately as I have left with a single bottle of life potions.

As I times pa.s.sed frequency of its attack increased further and it keeps attacking every few minutes, most of the attacks are dodged by me but some of them I've received on my body, the only good thing that the attack of The Reaper did not touched my head.

My back is drenched with blood and also I am feeling little weakness in my body due to blood loss but I couldn't do anything else about it as there is a much bigger problem weighing on me.

The time of the potion limit is almost over, this raging power I have in my body could be gone any second but all hope is not lost as spatial boundary just front of me, in less than two minutes, I will able to pa.s.s through.

Its attack got more and more fierce ever since we got closer to the boundary and I am currently running in a zigzag fas.h.i.+on to avoid its attack.

1km, five hundred meters, two fifty meters, hundred meters, fifty meters, ten meters...

"fur fur fur fur….""Shar!""Zzzzz!"

Less than two meters distance is remaining and seeing that I took jump toward the spatial barrier, even if I lost all power in my body now, I will still able to cross the boundary, I was thinking that when I heard a noise that made shudder all over my body.

This is have heard this voice but I instinctively knew it was coming from The Blade snake and next moment I heard it coming towards me swiftly.

Its speed was so fast that I'll not able to dodge no matter how I tried to dodge but I am not worried as I am hand distance away from the spatial boundary but next moment I come across big shock as I felt, its speed is too great, It attacks going land on me before I fully cross the boundary.


I felt the sharp pain in my head when my head just touched the spatial boundary, it'ss tail blade started to go deeper and deeper and deeper into me but just as it were about to reach the critical point, the blade is repelled as my head fully pa.s.sed through the spatial boundary.


Pain is the only sensation I felt when I opened my eyes when I jumped through the spatial layer, I seemed to crash into something hard and because of that, I lost conscience for a moment.

I soon notice that forbidden potions power still coursing through my body, seeing that made really happy and I removed last life potion from my storage.

As I know, this power will not last long, it could be gone next second so, it is imperative for I heal my injuries quickly and activate my tent soon as possible before side effect of this forbidden potion immobilize me.


I drank life potion in aa gulp and its cool sensation spread through my body, I am just about to take out my tent from the storage when I've overcomes with sudden emptiness that I lost all control over my body suddenly.

Finally, It came! I thought as I lay immobile on the hard ground which I crashed against.