Monster Integration - Chapter 250 Preparations

Chapter 250 Preparations

They are best due to they used less mana than the neutral type skill and also easier to control.

Fire Flash, this skill which uses fire ability to create an aura of fire around the body which gave it a speed.

As I further read the introduction, I couldn't help but smile.

This skill provides an average speed but because of the aura it spread around the body, one can control this skill very easily, this indirectly meant that this skill is better at mobility.

After reading the description and watching it's visual one more, I decided to buy this skill.

The price of this skill us one hundred and fifty-six million.

The price of normal low-level knight grade skills is between one hundred to two hundred million and one hundred and fifty-six million seemed quite reasonable to me.

"Ting!" Without waiting, I flashed my holowatch in the crystalline surface and the transaction is completed.

I really wanted to buy one attack type skill but I am really short on the money.

If I would have not brought those fake potion in desperation, now I would had more than enough money to buy one attack type skill.

Jim had warned me many times to not to believe in any potion that could break the false limit.

There is no such potion, at least not in our continent.

Still, I did not listen to him and brought such potion and thing in my time of desperation.

I had opened more than a hundred million on such fake things.

As my power increased, I started to hunt powerful monsters from that earning money had become very easy.

Just two bodies initial level Specialist stage monster which I could easily kill with my fire strike would sell near million credits but earning money is what I was focused on that past year.

Breaking the limit is all I had in my mind and still is.

The reason I am buying the speed type skill because I am going to the Minerva realm and if I come across which way out my league, this skill would help me in running away.

Normally I don't fight using the skill like that will not help me breaking the limit.

Every time I went to the forest, I receive heavy injuries to the point all my bones are broke and I am bleeding from head to tow but despite I am gone through these experiences, suffering the inhuman pain, I can't seem the break the limit.

I shook my head to remove those sad thoughts out of my mind.

Now my main focus should be Minerva realm, I have a feeling that my this adventure going to change my life forever.

It is for good or bad only time can tell.

Seeing I still have enough time, I decided the roam the store to see what new it is offering.

I still have enough money to buy an artifact if something caught my eye.

At the end of the pet.i.tion, I had all the fighting artifacts I need for the fighting.

I even have three extra knight grade artifact as I got while artifact set from the training center, one as price money and last two were mine.

The three of them I left home in my parents care, my father could use them to protect his family in case he comes across any danger.

In here there is not only fighting artifact, but there is also utility artifacts as well.

Such as a tent, I had brought knight grade tent seventh month ago from here as sometimes I spend time at the forest.

It is very good, Grade one tent could not compare to it.

I browse many artifacts but none of them catches my fancy, buying any of them would be useless as they will not help me in any way.

After browsing artifacts, I moved back to the skill section to seen any if there is any new skill.

If something really did catch my eye, I can always borrow money from Jim and jill.

"Micheal!" I was just browsing through the strength type skills when I heard the sound behind me.

I surprised to see it is rhea who called me and even more surprised to sense she had already reached an initial level of sergeant stage.

The difference between our level had grown a lot, in the s.p.a.ce realm, there is only a difference of stage between us but now it had grown into the different two stages.

The difference may seem small but it is huge, even if I was able to break the false limit, I will still be behind her by two stages.

I will have to put double efforts, I am putting right now to catch up to her.

''Rhea, I haven't seen you in months!" I said as I gave her a light hug.

It is near six months ago, I'vee saw her last, that time she was at the peak of the corporal stage but now she is at sergeant stage.

"I was sent to the rhythm city branch," she replied.

She also partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion, the Corporal stage one in which she got quite a good rank in the top hundred which is comparable Top 10 in Specialist stage.

She got an offer from one of the Top seven organization The White Deer which she accepted.

She must have become even more powerful now that she got formal training from the organization.

"Are you here to buy skill?" I asked, with her being a member of the organization, she can get better skill and artifact from her organization.

Only the stuff on the second or third floor might interest her a little.

''No, I am here with a friend, he wanted to make a bid at totem artifact!" Said and pointed toward the boy who seemed to be making a big.

He is tall and quite handsome as well, a perfect choice of boyfriend and top of all that, he is at the peak of Seargent stage.

We talk for a minute before the boy came back after making a bid.

"Steve this my friend Micheal!" rhea introduced, steve just nodded at noncommittally and left toward the second floor.

All rhea could do is flash me an apologetic smile as she went with her boyfriend.

I shook my head seeing this, I am not new to such behavior, I've experienced it many times.

Those with higher stages would always look down on others especially when the difference between the two stages is great and have no affiliation with any organization.

Finding nothing interesting, I got out of the store and went back to my apartment.

Having brought the most important thing, I just have to buy some miscellaneous things before my preparation is complete.

The next five days, I plan on studying and practicing the skill until I am becoming proficient enough in it.

Time pa.s.sed by and in these five days, I did nothing but practice the skill and got a result better than I expected.

Soon the morning of the sixth day came as I am checking things one mire time in my storage and backpack.

Seeing all things are ordered, I wore my backpack and walk out of my apartment for Minerva realm.