Monster Integration - Chapter 249 Fire Flash II

Chapter 249 Fire Flash II

All the stores that sell the knight grade skill are in the central ring, there are no such shops like that in the middle ring.

Only the sergeant stage or above could enter such stores freely while those below that have to have a members.h.i.+p of the stores.

Thankfully I got the members.h.i.+p with the help of jill's reference.

I had taken a fast hovercar but it would still take me fifteen minutes to reach the store.

I hope the wait worth it, it would be very sad if there is no new good skills appeared on the stone.

The hovercar flew through the big wall gate of the central ring and whole view in front of me completely changed.

It's not my first time coming to the central ring but every time I see it, I couldn't help but take a sigh of admiration.

The central ring feels like a completely different city, compare to skysc.r.a.pers in the other two rings building in the central rings were not very tall.

The tallest building in the central ring is fifty stories tall but each every building elegant and beautiful.

The one who resides in the central ring is the real powerhouses of the westblood city.

The people in the single block of the central ring are capable enough to raze the other two rings of westblood.

It is the people of the central ring which are the main force fighting the monster horde that attacked the city while others act as a force to deal with the fodders.

Soon my hovercar reached the store, The store is egg-shaped building which is only seven stories tall.

I get out of the hovercar and walked into the building.

There are usually a lot of people can bee is seen coming and going out of shop seeing that, I am not surprised.

Like me, they also waited this day so they could buy the best skill that the store has to offer.

There are two Master stage guards at the front entrance, one of them started to lift his hand to stop me but before his hand fully upped, I projected my store members.h.i.+p card in front of him.

He dropped his hand and let me enter the store un.o.bstructed.

The first floor has the beautiful crystal interior, whoever designed it is very talented.

The low-level Knight grade artifact placed on the crystal shelves while information and visuals of skills are projected from the crystal pillars.

There are seven floors in the shop but my access would let me only buy things from only the first floors.

Only those with special members.h.i.+p like jill could shop on the second floor or above and those who do not have a members.h.i.+p will have at Master stage at least.

As I entered the first floor, I heard the loud murmur and when saw the reason behind it, I myself couldn't help but shocked.

Totem Artifact!

There are nine crystalline cases are floating in the air and inside it are Totem artifacts.

There are a sword, saber, spear, armor and other type of Totem artifacts.

One can clearly differentiate totem artifacts and normal artifact after taking one look.

Totem artifact is just different and they also looked different.

Totem artifact is made by Lieutenant stage and above powerhouse and stage of totem, the artifact is dependent on at what stage their creator died, leaving them behind.

The Totem artifacts in front of me are clearly left behind Lieutenant stage powerhouse but that did not diminish their values.

Their value even surpa.s.sed Mid grade artifact, especially to who are below the lieutenant stage.

I am quite surprised seeing they selling them on the first floor, as normally on the first floor is just regular low-level artifact and skill are sold.

The better low level of artifact and skills are found in the second level and Totem artifact usually sell at third floor with medium grade skills and artifacts.

Of all nine different artifacts, one I liked most is simple while armor dress.

It looked like, it is made using pearl while scales of some monster, the owner of this totem artifact must have paid a really high price for materials to create such a beautiful dress.

This simple while armor dress but If its owner would have more time, she should have made it even more beautiful than its current form right now.

The armor dress is still beautiful and that is the reason why the bidding on its is highest.

It had already reached four billion credits.

Normally Lieutenant stage totem artifact sells around two to four billion but its bid had already reached four million.

There are five days, in those five days, it bid would definitely rise near the six billion.

Moving my gaze, I checked the other totem artifacts.

They are good on their own right.

Totem artifact created by lieutenant stage powerhouses and he or she would always choose the best materials for their Totem so they could give them the best enhancement.

I hope, I will able to enter the lieutenant stage, after studying that book, I have a pretty good idea about the whole totem making the process.

Seeing these totems, I also wanted to create my totem and sometimes I even think about what type of totem, I would create.

Sighing, I looked away from totems walk towards the speed type knight grade skills section.

I had already seen all the old skills so I did not waste my time and directly walk toward the new arrivals.

On the new arrivals, there seven skills are placed which projecting their information and visual.

Of seven skills three are neutral which could be used by anyone, no matter which ability they have while the two needs wind type ability and one needs fire and lightning respectively.

I read the description of three neutral type skills first, reading their description there is not much change in my expression.

The power of the skills is withing my expectation as they do not offer much enhancement compare to other skills on the old shelf.

I was not hoping for a skill which gave me faster speed compare to other skill in old shelf as I know that is impossible.

Those skills which could give faster speed are on the second floor.

The main reason I was willing to wait, to wait as I am hoping for the skill that would offer something different than just fast speed.

Like a higher level of mobility, even if that came from sacrificing speed a little.

That would help in dodging a lot of attacks from the opponents and monsters.

Most of speed type skill provide high speed but gives very less freedom of mobility.

If you want mobility, then you have to practice until you can enough control over skill for you to perform some mobile actions while using the skill.

The other three skills are no use to me, as they need lightning and wind ability.

Now the only skill left is skill name Fire Flash which uses fire ability for speed and I hope it will be good as it is common sense the best skill for you is a skill that uses the ability you have.