Monster Integration - Chapter 251 Entering The Minerva Realm

Chapter 251 Entering The Minerva Realm

I got out of my apartment building and sat on the hovercar that I had already booked three days ago, so on time I didn't have to scramble for the hovercar to reach for the place where Minerva realms entrance is.

This hovercar is special as it will not stop outside the city gate but will directly take me to the place where the entrance of Minerva realm is.

Minerva realm is one of the realms that are open to all, anyone can enter it as long as they buy the ticket of price 50 million.

Hundreds of thousands of people enter Minerva realm each time it opened, some go for a fortune while others go adventures and some like me go for the training.

The realm is extremely dangerous with the master stage as its limit and the most important thing about it that it hadn't been completely explored. Minerva realm is dividiiintoiple regions and crossing off each region became unpredictable as It could send you to any part of that region.

Thank G.o.d Jim and Jill both had given me the best map their organization has compare to their map, the map I brought from the market is absolute s.h.i.+t.

It would take me one and a half hour to reach the entrance, plenty of time to take a nap. Last night I didn't get much sleep as I was busy studying the maps that my friends had sent me.

'Zzzzzzz' I got awake by shaking off the hovercars seat, Yawningly I opened my eyes but when I saw the scene in front me, my eyes couldn't help wide opened.

What I see in front me is a sea of people, there must be more than two hundred thousand people here and thousands are coming minute.

What Jim said is really seems real right now, he said there will be near million people will be entering the Minerva realm. I did not believe it when he said that but seeing the numbers I couldn't help but believe it.

The s.p.a.ce realm that appeared in the green hills couldn't compare to the Minerva realm where about eight thousand people had entered.

I wore the while ceramic style mask on my face before getting out of the hovercar, this time I plan adventure alone, at least before I level up I won't be teaming up with anyone, teaming up will waste my time and create only obstructions.

There may be many people here everything is well organized, any trouble maker would be dealt with in the minutes.

I walk toward the Stand No. 243 as this is where I have to wait, from what Jim said, the entrance will materialize sometime around afternoon and that will be our time to enter the realm.

The atmosphere is fully charged with the excitement, fights of words or fist are seen now then despite having strict security around.

After reaching Stand No. 243, I quietly sat on the empty seat in the corner away from any disturbance.

Seeing this place has a network, I started to browse through my social media account as I wasn't able to do that in the past week. The whole week, I had been fully focused on training with my skill, I wanted to be proficient in using it before entering the realm.

I liked and commented on photos of my friends that I like and also make a short chat with them, Everyone had posted something on their account except one, her feed had been empty of any content for two months straight.

Two months ago ellen said that she had been going to enter the private s.p.a.ce realm of her organization for a few months but it had been little more than two months but there is no sign of her.

Well, it would have been nice if she had come to the Minerva realm as many members of the organization from other branches had also come.

Two more hours pa.s.sed and the intensity of people coming had increased more if they kept coming at this speed, the numbers surely would cross Jim's estimation.

League of Heroes! This is an indirect reason for this much of crowd, League of Heroes happened during every 10 years and is most-watched compet.i.tion across the republic where millions partic.i.p.ate across their cities for qualification for the main compet.i.tion in the capital.

People partic.i.p.ate in the League of heroes not just for glory and fame, they partic.i.p.ate for the rewards as well.

In the league of Heroes, even those at Top 1000 receive Totem artifact as a reward, which is ten times better than the ones I've seen in the store six days then one can imagine what one will receive after entering top 500 or 100 much less after becoming a champion.

Now there is little more than three years till the compet.i.tion but people had already started making the preparations.

My greatest dream is also to fight in League of Heroes, fighting on that level of the stage is all I've dreamed since I saw the final fight of the compet.i.tion.

More and more and more people kept coming and it started to get crowded, the Minerva realm should open at any minute.

The wait going for another hour before I heard that the gate is opening.

"Please keep an order, those who break it or create an obstruction for others would be dealt without mercy!" a loud voice rang out in my ears, the voice was still bearable but just as the voice stopped speaking, I felt suffocating pressure on my body.

The pressure stayed for less than the second but it was suffocating enough that it made my breathing stopped for a few seconds, I remembered to breath when I felt suffocating in my chest.

I thought it was my imagination but when I looked around, I found everyone around me stopped in their tracks and the only sound could be heard is the sound of the rapid breathing.

It took nearly minuit for people to came to themselves but when they did, they did not dare to make slight noise especially adventurers as they know, if this powerhouse killed them no one will question his decision.

In front of a powerhouse like this, they worth nothing.

Everything went orderly after that, people started the move toward the the the the the the the the the the thee d the entrance as their number called out.

I cant see the gate of the realm from where I am sitting but one thing I am sure that it is big by the rate of the people disappearing.

The crowd started to thin out at the amazing rate but It will still take some time as there million people here.

"Buzz!" The buzz sounded on my stand and it also lit up with the green light that means, it is our time to go.

I and people of stand lined behind the huge line and speedily move toward the entrance of the realm.

A few seconds later I saw the entrance of the realm and as I had expected, it is big. It about twenty meters wide and more than a hundred people could easily go through it at the same time.

Soon it is my turn to enter inside the gate, taking a deep breath I took the step inside the gate.