Monster Integration - Chapter 248 Fire Flash I

Chapter 248 Fire Flash I

I am leaving today by the evening train, it been quite good to spend some time with the family but now it is time to back to the real world.

Minerva realm would open in six days and for that, I still have many preparations to make, most importantly I have to buy a speed type of skill.

Currently, I have three knight grade skills combat type, strength type, and defense type.

After the compet.i.tion over, the training center had given me a knight grade skill as they promised.

Just that, the skill was little peculiar, that skill said to be one of weakest skill but also one of the strongest skill amongst low-level knight grade skill.

The skill they gave me is Strengthening the type of skill, which uses mana and vitality both to activate and the amount of vitality is to become sufficiently powerful can only be gotten by ten or more seals of supreme combat exercise.

Currently, its power barely reaches the power of knight grade skill, it will only its full strength after I create ten or more seals of supreme combat exercise.

My second skill, I brought about a year ago from the money I got from the sponsoring and little monster hunting.

It is defense type skill which I had desperately needed it, it cannot be said to be best or worst amongst the knight grade skill.

It is medium but it does quite a good job protecting me from the dangers.

The last skill I have attacks type skill Fire Strike which needs no introduction.

Now the only skill I need is speed type skill if I can combine the speed of my fire jets with speed type skill that I will buy, then I am confident no one could match my speed within the same level as me, no matter how powerful their low-level knight grade skill is.

I sighed and walk out bed to freshen up.

This will be last time, I spend some time with my family before going to the Minerva realm.

The realm is very dangerous and I also wish to take risk of my own to make the breakthrough.

Minerva realm is the best chance for me to break false limit if I hadn't able to do it their then I don't know how much time it will take for me break the limit.

Shaking my head, I walk toward the kitchen to make breakfast.

It is still early morning and my parents should wake up soon, I should start making breakfast.

Time pa.s.sed by from morning came afternoon and finally the evening.

We just finished the early dinner and now I am packing my stuff as I have to leave for the railway station.

I finished packing everything and now it is time to leave.

When I went to the hall, I found my parents already sweating and Alice playing with Ashlyn.

"All ready?" Asked my father, I nodded.

My mother picked Alice in arms and we all walk out of our house and entered the hovercar that is already wearing outside our house.

The ride to the train station is silent, the only one who made the sound is Alice as she looked outside the window.

In ten minutes we reached the railway station and sat on the bench waiting.

There is still forty minutes till the train arrive, to pa.s.sed the I played with Alice who is in my arms.

'How cute!' said a boy of nine years seeing Ashlyn.

I am not surprised by hearing such praise as Alice received it a lot.

With her big green eyes, chubby baby cheeks and small ponytail Alice looked very cute that everyone wants to pinch her cheeks and shower with her kisses.

Time pa.s.sed by and I saw the train leading in the station.

"Umma ummma…." "Brother will miss you!"

I showed her cheeks with multiple kissed and handed her a small exquisite box into her chubby hands.

I gave quicks hugs to my parents and walk into the train while waving my hand at them.

"brother! wahhhhh wahhhh….." I heard Alice calling me in her toddler's voice before started crying loudly.

All I could do wave through trains gla.s.s and hope she would notice a small exquisite box in her. It is a box of her most favorite sweets, the sweets she liked most.

A minute later the train started and next second, I lost the sight of my sister and parents.

Wiping the tears that formed in my eyes, I walk toward my seat.

I've come to town more than ten times in near two years but tears could help but form in my eyes every time I've left.

Getting my emotion in control, I sat back on my seal and just tried to sleep, so when I woke up tomorrow, I will be near westblood.

Usually, I don't sleep early but due to being emotionally tired, I fell into sleep in minutes.

Next morning, I was awakened by Ashlyn pecking on my cheek and when I checked the time, only half an hour remain till the train reached the westblood stadium.

Seeing that, I got up and freed up to get rid of the sleepy feeling.

Soon we the train reached the station and I get out of it with Ashlyn.

The hovercar was already waiting when I get out of the station to take me to my apartment.

Ten minutes later the hovercar stopped front from of silver skysc.r.a.per and I get out of it.

This is my new apartment building, I had rented an apartment in it when I moved out of the training center two-month ago.

Through the elevator, I quickly reached my apartment on the 121st floor.

This is the most expensive apartment I've ever rented if my parents heard it they will surely be shocked.

It's rent alone cost me two hundred thousand credits but it's worth it seeing the services the building offers.

It had a training facility compare to the training center, not only that it has a spa and other beauty care facilities as well.

This apartment is also a studio style apartment but it has three times more s.p.a.ce than that of my old apartment in the training center.

Here I can walk around without any stuff obstructing and s.p.a.ce congestion.

The most distinctive feature of my apartment is the view, I get quite a good eastside view of the westblood from my apartment.

Putting down my backpack, I directly went for the bath, I have a lot to do today and the most important thing of all is buying the skill.

I would have brought it a week ago before going home but jill stopped me saying every time before any big realm were to open, new stocks of skills appear in the market week before it.

That it is the reason why I did not bring the skill week ago despite having the money.

I hope the weight of the week will worth the skill as I will only have six days to learn the skill before Minerva realm opened.

After coming out of the bath, I changed into new cloths finished the lunch that I had ordered before getting out apartment with antic.i.p.ation.