Monster Integration - Chapter 247 Fourteen Months Later II

Chapter 247 Fourteen Months Later II

Note: This Ark will worth your time and spirit stones.

He had created and surpa.s.sed the ten seals, which stumped all the people.

Creating the tenth seal is not a simple thing. After one created eight seals, one starts to feel like some kind of resistance including pain.

That why after I created my eighth seal nine months ago, I am now stuck in the second move to create the ninth seal.

No matter how much I try circulating for supreme combat exercise, I felt that grueling resistance whenever I circulate the exercise and as the time pa.s.sed the pain became even more intense that one cant continues after that.

My father said that this resistance is a natural barrier and the resistance is even greater for those whose age in less than twenty.

The reason because our mana veins hadn't fully developed yet and circulated mana into undeveloped mana veins going be difficult than normal but also became of that when one lesser than twenty able to create the tenth seal, he gets more benefits than the adults.

After creating the tenth seal, all seals of supreme combat exercise go through change and they brought immense benefits to the creator, my father is a clear example of that.

Then the tenth seal brought visible change in his body, not only he looked much younger than before, he is very much stronger.

In terms of physical power, my father is way stronger than me.

It's a blessing that my father has no interest in fighting and all he did that for the sake of his research.

He had even converted shed in the backyard as his lab where he could daily circulate supreme combat exercise and collect data with tens machines which are lying around in the shed.

"Dinner ready!" I shouted and started making a table for everyone.

''What a feast!" Another feast said excitedly as she came holding alive in her arms.

I've come home every month, especially stay for a week since my precious sister is born.

So, ever since I've taken cooking, I've always cooked whenever I come home.

I've most of the time brought cooking ingredients from westblood but sometimes I hunt for them also, like today.

"It's tasty as always!" ''Chew chew!"

My mother and Ashlyn praised as they started to eat.

All of them very concentrate on enjoying the food except for my baby sister, she is playing with her food and eating only when mom glover at her.

"How long your special training last?" asked my father while taking the bite of his food.

I had already told them that my fake organization sending me to the special training in the s.p.a.ce realm.

I can't tell them that I am going to the Minerva realm, a simple search on their holowatch will tell them how dangerous the Minerva realm is.

I don't like lying to my parents but sometimes lying is better than telling the truth.

"A little more than a month," I replied.

The timing which Minerva realm open for isn't fixed, sometimes it opened for twenty days, sometimes thirty and thirty and thirty-five days.

I will only know the definite answer on the day of the opening which is a week later.

''Brother leaving!" Alice said in her toddler language, her cheeks are puffed red and little water in her eyes could be seen.

If I didn't say something good to pacify her next moment, then I will have heard her cry.

"Of course not precious, I will never leave my precious sister!" I said and pinched her cheeks lovingly.

Her cheeks turned normal and she started to eat her food again seeing mom is looking at her.

Rest of dinner went well as we did not talk about a heavy subject as leaving in front of Alice.

Every time I've come to visit, Alice became very happy but the time of leaving is a nightmare.

She always cries when she saw me leaving and that time making her quite is a really tough job.

After dinner, I played with Alice for a while before she started feeling sleepy and mom took her to her crib to sleep.

"How is your research going?" I asked my father.

"It going quite great, I should be able to finish preliminary in half a year!" said my father.

"Well it's good," I said with a smile, my father research speed faster than expected and if higher-ups are not that dumb then he will receive a certification of Grade 2 doctor in six months also.

This is the only preliminary research and he wishes to do more.

I have already transferred ten million into my parents account forcefully month ago, which will be enough for his take coursed and do research for his Grade 3 doctor certification.

Unlike my father, my mother did not have much interest in the field of medicine, she became a doctor just because it gave her a normal and simple life but now I could see lodging in her eyes to do something fruitful seeing my father pa.s.sionately pursuing his dream.

I hope she would find her pa.s.sion as well just like my father.

I talk with my parents for an hour more before going into my room to sleep.

'Hum hi hunn….' Humming my favorite tune, I change into my pajamas and laid on the bed.

It is quite early for me to sleep and even if I tried, I will not fall asleep this early.

Knowing this, I opened one book from my holowatch and started to study it.

In this past year, except for the crazily pursuing level up, the thing I most did is to study this book.

The Complete Mysteries of Totem, I found this book on remains of the human body, at the start of my adventure in the westblood city.

Ever since then, I would study this book whenever I got the time and in the past year, I keep studying it even more.

It a very complex book and I had to spend more than one and a half year just to understand the introduction but now that part is over and studying of runes has finally begun.

After studying the runes for a few days, one thought came into my mind that I've had underestimated these runes way too much.

Runes are a representation of world laws, each and every rune is very complex and elusive, I have spent days just to get a basic understanding of these runes.

They are equally exciting as they are difficult and studying them aid me a lot mentally as it zapped all my mental stamina in an hour of just studying them.

After constant studying of these runes, I had noticed a small change in me.

I have become a lot calmer and my control over my ability also increased as well.

As I was studying, an idea flashed through my mind.

Why don't I give this book my parents to study, especially my mother to see if she had any interest in studying it?

It would be good if she produced some interest in it.

I studied the book for an hour and unconsciously fell into sleep without closing the book in my holowatch.