Monster Integration - Chapter 246 Fourteen Months Later

Chapter 246 Fourteen Months Later

"Puchi!" My sword pierced through the eye of peak level Corporal stage monster.

I have been fighting it for ten minutes and only now I was able to kill it.

This time fighting it, I did not use any skill or ability but purely killed it with my physical strength, that is quite an admirable feat even for myself.

It has been fourteen months since Westblood compet.i.tion had ended but there is not much change in my strength on the surface.

I am still at the peak of Corporal stage, the biggest was that knowing fat monster syndrome.

Ever since the compet.i.tion, I found Jill was acting little weird, I felt like she is hiding something from me.

Finally five months ago, I wasn't able to control myself and asked finally what is wrong with her.

Only then did I come to know about the fat monster syndrome.

I didn't react much after hearing that as that time first thing on me is to break the false limit and level up.

Even now I still haven't felt the gravity of the fat monster syndrome as I still occupied in breaking the false limit.

When Jill told me the way to break the limit, I thought it would be dangerous but I will able to do it within six months but now fourteen months had pa.s.sed and I am still at peak of the corporal level stage.

The monster I just killed now is one of the subspecies of flaming bull, other than its anger, it is known for being delicious.

I had searched for it the whole afternoon and only fifteen minutes before I was able to find it.

I had planned to make a dish out its meat in the evening.

It has been five days, I've returned to my hometown to relax as a week later, the Minerva realm will open and I plan to go inside it despite it being dangerous for a specialist grade.

Now Minerva realm is my only choice, it contains both ways of me to level up.

It has sufficient danger which could help me break the limit and also has mana dense enough to produce a miracle fruit.

In this past year, I've tried all to break the limit, I've even gone against Master stage monster and barely able to survive.

I've tried all the ways I could think of, some were even downright crazy but despite all that, I wasn't able to break the limit.

In this process, I've killed thousands of monster and most of either peak corporal or sergeant stage monsters.

I had become an obsession of me which sometimes drive me mad, made me do things that would do when I had a sober mind.

What made it worse than all of my friends of had reached a peak of Corporal stage.

Even Ron, whom I have seen only one time since graduation had reached a peak of Corporal stage unexpectedly while I am still stuck at the specialist stage, trying my all to level up so I could keep my head high and walk equally with them.

Taking a sigh, I started to skin the monster.

"Dhub!" I released the fireball to burn the parts of the useless monster parts and started to run back toward the town.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn who sitting on the branch also followed me seeing me running back to town.

The monster around my town really weak, for Corporal level monster I had to enter a little deep.

At my current speed, it will take me two hours to reach the town, I should be able to return home by the evening.

In the way back, no waker monster than corporal stage dare to come close to me or attack me.

Well, In my somewhat crazy obsession to break the limit, I've killed so many monsters that I've developed some sort if threatening aura that kept the monster away.

That's not all, I've made improvement in all except for level up.

My fighting style is best amongst my friend including jill who had become super elite unsurprisingly.

I've created two more seals of supreme combat exercise and even brought a very good knight grade speed type skill from the money I earned from killing the monsters.

All my aspects improved except for the level up that I desperately want.

After running for two hours, I saw the faint outline of the town wall and five minutes later I entered the town.

Walking fifteen minutes from the town wall, I reached my home.

'Click!' I enter the house from the front door, only to find a very cute toddler playing with the blocks.

''Brother!" She said excitedly in cute toddler voice and ran toward me with unstable steps.

I swooped her in my arms before she fell on the ground in her excitement and injured herself.

''Give a brother some kisses Alice!" I said and toddler in my arms started to shower my cheeks with the kisses.

The cute toddler in my arms is my sister Alice who was born a year ago.

We celebrated her one year birthday just yesterday.

''Brother sweets!" Alice said cutely in her toddler's voice after she finished giving me her kisses.

"Anything for my cute little sister," I said and gave her a small packet of jelly beans from my pocket.

Her already puffed cheeks, puffed even more as she started munching on the jelly beans while still in my arms.

"Micheal doesn't gave her snacks non stop!" said my mother as she came holding a bottle of milk.

"Ok, mom!" I said but we both know that I didn't mean that even a bit.

We both know that I rarely said no to my sister, whenever she asked for sweets I gave it to her, especially when it comes to food, that is why I have tens of packet of her favorite food in my storage.

After giving her some kisses and I put down a little bundle of joy and went to freshen up.

When I came back from freshening, I found Alice is playing with Ashlyn.

Ashlyn did not like other people much but she like my sister very much that is why she will let Alice smolder her with an embrace and wouldn't fly away like her parents when her smothering gets too much.

Seeing it started to dark, I unloaded some monster material on the kitchen table and started to cook.

A few months ago, to divert my stress and frustration, I started to take a weekly cooking cla.s.s and it turned out, I am quite good at it.

The cooking instructor even praised me and said I should become a chef if retired from adventuring.

"Need any help?" I heard my father's voice behind me.

''No, all is done!" I replied as I nearly finished cooking.

My father nodded and took seat chair and started to read something from his holowatch.

In the whole year, the biggest change occurred in my father.

Due to him fanatical about his research, he went beyond my imagination is circulating supreme combat exercise.

Even my progress which is quite good according to my level seemed quite puny in front of him as crossed the magic line that stumped a lot of people.