Monster Integration - Chapter 245 Finale

Chapter 245 Finale

Jill asked her aunt, she wanted to bring Micheal to her organization for some time because potential she saw in him but she didn't get a chance till now.

Her organization is a little different from other organizations, it is a neutral organization which always stayed away from power struggle of other organizations.

The process of recruiting of their organization is little different than others that is always why they have very few numbers.

Their numbers are even less than shadow rogues who have minimum numbers than any other organizations.

"Your friend is quite good, he would have been very suitable for our organization but sadly, he has no future." Her aunt said with a sigh.

Jill's shocking hearing this, it is Micheal potential that made her want to recruit him in her organization otherwise no matter how good friend he is, she would have not forced her aunt to come here to see the performance of Michael.

''He hasn't received an invitation from the seven organizations right?" said her aunt.

I could help but nod hearing this as Micheal also lamenting how he did not receive an invitation from the top seven organizations.

"What is the reason?" I asked, I huge potential Michael, the only flaw he has is that monster of his.

As long as he overcame the false limit, which she had full confidence in him, he can bond with another monster which had a high-level bloodline.

Now, that my aunt is saying that he had zero potential and not worth recruiting, this really stumped me.

"Fat Monster syndrome!" said my aunt, just as I heard these words, my body shook heavily.

These words could produce terror in anyone heart.

Those who fell into this syndrome are very unlucky especially those who have low strain monster.

I don't quite remember the technical name of the fat monster syndrome but it isn't a syndrome that one is born with but a syndrome one gets after one bonded with the monster.

Normally before the bonding, the human had a single box of mental s.p.a.ce which is then taken by the monster after one had bound with it.

After one level to Corporal stage, one produces another block of s.p.a.ce which can house another monster.

Normally people won't bond with a monster right away after leveling up to Corporal stage as mental s.p.a.ce little weak and put a lot of strain on one's progress but one can still bond with the Corporal stage.

As for what fat monster syndrome does is that the first monster you had bonded would take over the second place also.

Leaving no s.p.a.ce for another monster.

Not only it occupies second s.p.a.ce that opened up at the Corporal stage, it even occupies s.p.a.ce which opens s.p.a.ce at the lieutenant stage, colonel grade or so.

Once s.p.a.ce is occupied, it can be returned even if the monster were to die.

One can't know before bonding that monsters would be a fat monster which took all the s.p.a.ce.

Also, this condition also sensed by lieutenant stage or above powerhouse.

Micheals future is really bleak to bond with a fat monster and which have low-level bloodline at that.

The fat monster would have been fine if the monster had a bloodline of corporal level, Michael still would have had bleak future but with his low-level monster, his future is really bleak.

With little hard work and luck, he would be able to break his false limit but breaking the true limit is near impossible.

I didn't hear anyone till now had broken the true limit on their monsters bloodline.

Such a waste of potential by the wrong monster choice.


The compet.i.tion had resumed and all ten of went to the stage for the draw.

The thing about bloodline limit, I had already put it in my as all my focus on the black jar placed in the center of the stage.

Six people had already taken out their draw and now it is my turn.

'Gurgur' i put my hand in the opaque black jar and took out the first ball my hand touch.

I kept wis.h.i.+ng for the good opponent as I took out the ball out of the jar.

No. 3

My heart took a huge beat as I saw this number.

Elle Cooper, she will be my opponent as both of our names projected on the screen.

As I turn my neck to look at her, I also found her looking at me.

Both of us looked at each other before looking away.

I will have to try really hard to beat and the best time would be the start of the battle.

As long as my firebolt pieced her vital parts in the first three seconds, only then I will have a chance to win the battle.

Soon after everyone got their turn at the draw and returned to their seat except for the two who got No.1 in their draw.

The first match is between perfect scorer Hermon and Reynold who just entered the top 10 after winning a match last round.

The match was not that interesting as Reynold was not really an opponent of Herman, after barely surviving a minute, he had to surrender as Hermans sword on his neck.

The second fight which started had become one of the best fights in the compet.i.tion.

It is Magnus versus Richard the perfect scorer.

Most of the people were betting on the Richard being winner seeing he perfect scorer but they couldn't be more wrong.

As the battle started, it started going according to audience wishes.

Richard started to suppress every move of Magnus, not even giving Magnus chance to react.

I thought Magnus would lose a battle in a minute or two but suddenly Magnus's power soared and battle reversed.

It was now Richard who was having a hard time, not only Richard able to launch an attack but he kept receiving injuries and in five minutes, he was thrown out of the stage by Magnus.

This fight was really amazing, the best fight of compet.i.tion so far but now is not the time to think about it as it was my time to battle.

As long as my firebolt hit her vital spots then I am the winner.

Jill earlier had said that no in the compet.i.tion had the defense skill which could stop my Firebolt.

So, my best strategy would be to attack her head and chest before she could launch an attack at me.

Soon I and Elle stood in the center of the area and activated our artifacts.

Elle's weapon is a little uncommon, like normal weapons like sword, saber spear, etc she used a whip as her weapon.

I didn't underestimate it seeing its unconventional, seeing many people whipped by it very badly.


The tong rang out and without waiting I started to circulate supreme compute exercise to the fullest and swung my sword to launch my attack.

"Fire strik!" I was halfway into activating my fire strike as it took a fraction of second to launch when I found something black coming toward me and next moment it gripped my neck very tightly which broke my activation of skill.

Before I know it, I felt the heavy strain on my neck and before I could do anything, I found myself flying in the air.


I wanted to use the sky steps to stop my momentum but it's too late as I crashed out of the arena with the thud.

What just happened?

I asked myself as I dazedly went back to my seat in the partic.i.p.ant area.

The fight is over in a second and I still have no idea what happened.

Only when I watch my battle in slow motion on my holowatch did I understand what happened in the arena.

It turned out just as the battle started both of us activated our skills.

Her skill activated faster, her skill was the rare supportive type which merged with her whip which made it faster and stronger.

Before I know it, the whip gripped my neck and flunked me out of the arena.

It's really humiliating, though I did not have any anger toward Elle as she did what she has to do to win the battle but I still felt humiliated for being so weak, that I couldn't lunch the single attack before being defeated.

The compet.i.tion pa.s.sed in a blur as I watch the fights without much concentrating on them.

When I fully came to myself, I found the final battle is being fought between Magus and Elle.

Their fight really did justice to final and lasted for fifty-five minutes with Magnus being the winner by a small margin.

I stayed till the end and got my reward and when I went back to my apartment after much difficulty of my new fans, I found the same lady from the training center waiting by my door.