Monster Integration - Chapter 244 Bloodline Limi

Chapter 244 Bloodline Limi

Note: Tomorrow will be the last episode of this ark.

I hope my fight was good enough to let me skip the next round and get me directly into the top 10.

I shook my head at such thought, mine was the first match, there is eleven more before I can say my performance is good enough to get me that spot.

The next match started as soon after I sat back on my place.

I watched them carefully as I will fight one of them for my next fight.

When I finally saw the trump card of partic.i.p.ants, I got quite startled.

I have to say my initial a.s.sessment of them quite wrong after some of them revealed their final trump cards.

They are stronger than I had imagined but I am still confident in beating them.

One by one all the matches are finished and list for the next round announced.

A bright smiled appeared on my face as I saw that my name is not on the list.

I am one of lucky seven people who will not fight the next fight as I directly got an entry in the top 10 because of a good score in a fight.

Being in Top 10 means, all artifact I am wearing is no longer a loan, they have become mine now.

Not only that I will receive a knight grade skill from my training center and one knight grade artifact from the compet.i.tion.

I can believe the city council had been so stingy with price, especially against our specialist stage like us.

Giving Top 50 just ticket to s.p.a.ce realm and Top just one knight grade artifact even normal sponsor offer more than that.

Soon the six fights are over and Top Ten had been decided.

The next round in little different as who your opponent would be decided by you and your luck.

As all ten partic.i.p.ants have to take the ball from the jar and those two who will have the same number will have to fight.

There is still an hour break before fights of the top Ten begins.

There is a message from Jill, telling me that she is in a private lounge cafe.

Seeing I have enough time and already studied my opponent enough that I can recall everything about them, I decided to meet and might as well use this chance to ask her about how to break the strain limit.

In two minutes, I reached the cafe and spotted jill sitting on the table alone drinking coffee.

The jill I am seeing now is completely different than the one, that the one three months ago.

All the extra fat she had on her body is completely gone, transforming her to the slim beauty, same level that of Sarah and Ellen.

She still looked cute though, because of those beautiful big blue eyes of her.

''You battles were really amazing!" Said jill as she hugged me before sitting back on her table.

"Well thank you!" I replied and ordered something for me.

"How's your brother, still grounded?" I asked both siblings were grounded to the s.p.a.ce realm fiasco three months ago.

When she met me a week ago, she told me they will have a chance to get released from their punishment as both of them had made sufficient progress.

''No, aunty is still not satisfied, my brother will get free from a week or two but I will have to keep training for a few months more as aunty thinks I am still not powerful enough to pa.s.s super elite training successfully!" Jill said complainingly but her expression seemed pretty shrugged about it.

I am shocked hearing that, from what I know from here and there.

I know that super elite training has only three months of training and 90% percent of it nothing more pus.h.i.+ng people to create maximum seals of supreme combat exercise.

It is not a big secret, the big secret is rest 10% of super elite training as that is what makes them super elite.

Only high echelons of organizations and those who experience know about it.

As for what jill said, means she had a chance of clearing super elite training, that is very rare.

Most of the no one clear super elite training, clearing it means becoming super elite right in the training.

Even her brother wasn't able to do that, he was only able to become a full super elite after he ate a piece of mystical medicine I gave him and be able to finish some last condition became super elite because of that but what jill is saying that she has a chance of becoming super-elite in the training and that's really something.

''Keep up the hard work!" I said and did not ask about that subject anymore.

We talk some light subjects before I remember that I remember the important question that I have to ask her.

"So, now that I finally level up, won't you tell me how to break the strain limit," I asked, heavy antic.i.p.ation could be heard through my voice.

He faces somber as I asked this question and place the spoon back in her plate before taking a sigh.

"I would have preferred to tell you this after the compet.i.tion but now that you asked, I might as well tell you here," she said.

This secret must involve something important to make her this series.

''The strain limit is you know is actually called bloodline limit and the limit that experiencing on level up is the false limit." She said.

I looked both startled and skeptical, startled because it is my first time hearing word Bloodline and skeptical because she said the limit on the level is not the true limit.

"False limit?" I asked her to clear away my doubt.

"I don't know much about, just that the first bloodline limit of monster is a false limit, only several stages one will experience the true limit, that is the limit near impossible to break," she said while looking me intently.

I can understand her to look, she looks probably saying that couldn't I just take a better monster.

A monster with on stage higher strain that Ashlyn would have been fine as at corporal stage I would have been able to bond with my second monster by then.

I gave her a smile and didn't say much, true limit is not important to me as long I able to break this false limit, I'll be able to level up to Corporal stage.

The main focus of my should be breaking this false limit on Ashlyn's strain.

"To break this false limit, you have to create a very deep body where the death of your is the death of it and the death of its death of you and had to overcome a danger together with your monster that chances of you surviving is very minute," she said.

Her description is not perfect but I understood the gist of it that is why probably most of the people bond with the monster that had corporal stage strain.

Only in a remote town like ours, people bond with minster low level as their as they had no aspirations for the future.

Jill later explain the whole process in details she got from her father which she proudly declared one of the most knowledgeable men in westblood.

As for what jill said is simple, Ashlyn I have to walk into the death's door, an impossible danger that we had never experienced before and try to break limit in that condition as only in extreme life and death could one break the limit.

"There is an easy way where you can save yourself such trouble and relaxedly level up!" Jill said smilingly.

My heartbeat accelerated hearing that the first way had very had a very high chance.

If there is a way where I could save myself from near dying then I will be very happy to do that, no matter how expensive that way is.

"What is it?" I asked hastily, unable to contain my voice.

"Eat a miracle fruit that helps you level up!" she said in a serious voice but soon started laughing.

"Don't joke!" I said annoyingly and admonis.h.i.+ng myself for getting too excited.

"It's not a joke, miracle fruit really helps in breaking the false limit, breaking true bloodline limit is a completely different matter though," said Jill confirming the joke she is not but the truth.

I was a little annoyed at first but soon though, it might be possible for me to eat miracle fruit with Ashlyn help.

To others, it might be difficult for others to encounter the miracle fruit but I have a slight chance with the help of the Ashlyn.

But I don't think I will able to find miracle fruit in the republic. The environment is not suitable enough for miracle fruit to grow.

Only s.p.a.ce realm where is dense mana exit, only such place can produce a miracle and currently only s.p.a.ce realm I could enter Minerva s.p.a.ce realm which will open in fourteen months.

Looks like I have no choice is but do it the hard way.

After talking a few more minutes with, I walk balk to partic.i.p.ant area as a compet.i.tion about resume in a few minutes.

Unbeknown to Michael when he left jill walk to the corner of the cafe sat next to beautiful women in her thirties.

The women are so beautiful to topple the cities but not a single person chose to talk to her.

They would even skirt around to avoid her table for some reason.

"So, aunty what do you think of my friend?" Jill asked excitedly to the beautiful women.