Monster Integration - Chapter 243 One Minuit I

Chapter 243 One Minuit I

As I go over the opponent, I thought they are not as difficult as they used to be.

This was probably because I leveled up and power of my knight grade skill's power had increased exponentially.

Of the twenty-five opponent, only six till now had shown enough power to block my fire strike.

I try hard enough and my luck is good, I may have a chance to beat them all.

Before leveling up, my only dream to reach the level up but now I am dreaming about being champion.

It all happened because of single level up and distance between me and other opponents had shortened exponentially.

It would not have been possible before but now it is possible.

As time pa.s.sed, I saw many holowatches of partic.i.p.ant around me kept buzzing so is mine but the buzzed I've been waiting for did not come.

My holowatch currently buzzing with many sponsors.h.i.+ps offers an invitation from the organizations but the invitations that I had been waiting for did not come.

I did not receive the single mail from the top organization, not even mail for regular members.h.i.+p much less an elite one.

I can't seem to understand this, from common sense, I should be able to revive the elite members.h.i.+p of Top 7 organization as soon as I got into the Top 50 but I've received none nada.

I first did not have much interest in a becoming member of any organization but after knowing the benefits one received, I could help but want to be their member.

The one point sold me out most is being a chance to became the super elite.

Other organizations also have super elite but their quant.i.ty and quality could not compare to the Top 7 organizations.

I have a dream to became stronger that super elite but in order to surpa.s.s the super elite, I first had to gain the power to contend against the super elite.

Times pa.s.sed and soon the half hour is over and compet.i.tion started again.

I was quite laid back on my seat but just as I saw my name, I jumped up.

I did not expect to be the first one to fight against in Top 25 round would be me but I am happy it is me.

I have to win this fight and do well especially if my performance is good enough then I could be one of the seven who could skip the next round.

As after this Top 25 round, there will be 13 people remaining but there is only s.p.a.ce for ten people to make up for the Top 10 and revive its price.

So, those six people who have the lowest score will fight each other and three winners will be added to the rest of the seven top make the ten partic.i.p.ants for top 10.

My opponents previous rank 15 in the a.s.sessment of Top 1000.

He is the same age as me and is elite of Top 7 organization.

He had shown five knight grade skills so far and his most distinctive is his speed types skill which accentuated his lightning ability.

He is one of the fastest partic.i.p.ants amongst the twenty-five people.

I smiled seeing his info, let's see if you are capable enough to dodge my fire bolts.

As I got into the area, I found he is already there waiting.

He did not say anything except for giving me a look which I can't seem to identify.

As I reach the center of the arena, I activated all my artifact, covering my body fully with the layer of protection.


The tong rang out indicating star of battle and without waiting my opponent came toward.

As mana fluctuation spread out, I saw his legs covered in lightning as he came toward me with his b.u.t.terfly sword.

'He really is one of the fast partic.i.p.ants!' I exclaimed as I saw him coming toward.

George speed who I though am really fast is really pale compared to him as my this opponent speed is about thirty to forty percent faster than him.

Seeing him coming toward me, I launched my attack, a single moment of lateness could cost me this battle, especially against an opponent whose speed is so d.a.m.n fast.

Fire Strike!

I launch six bolts of fire strike together, unlike last time, this time I did not launch my firebolts at a different part of the opponent's body.

If I do that, there is a slight chance he will be able to dodge my bolts in time seeing his speed and reaction.

This time I launched the six bolts widely, I launched them wide enough to cover all his exits.

No matter how fast he is, he will surely be hit by at least one fire bolt of mine.

He seemed to activate his defensive skill as soon as he sensed fluctuation from me.

When bolts lefts my sword, he was only two meters away from me, the lateness of a single moment and attack of that b.u.t.terfly blade would be on my body.

Just as I release bolt I took the huge sip of mana, the biggest one I've ever taken as next few attacks would take a lot of mana and I will not have enough time drink the potion for mana.

He had quickly changed his direction in the intention of surviving against my attack but his speed is too slow compared to my bolts.

No matter how much he tries to dodge, at least two bolts will definitely hit him.

"phus Puchi!" I am right but also a little sword.

At last moment, he dodges the bolt which going to pierce his waist and bolt was only able grazed by the defensive layer of his armor.

He was lucky at one bolt but he was not lucky for another, that moved toward his shoulder.

When it collided against the defensive layer of skill, it was not able to stop it even for a moment.

The defense type skill of his clearly inferior that of George which able to stop the bolt for the slight moment.

After breaching defensive layer of skill, the bolt completely disregarded defense of his armor and pierced his shoulder.

Just as bolt pierces his shoulder, a clear look of horror appeared on his face and he ran away without waiting.

Fire Strike!

I again launched the attack, he made a mistake running away if he had continued with his attack, he would be pierced by some of the bolts of mine but his attack also landed on me and at such close distance with his attack type skill.

My injuries would have sure greater than his and by luck, it had to launch the second attack then I would have been finished by him.

This was a risky gamble for me but it paid off as he ran away, now I can comfortably launch an attack on the single spot while he tries it all do dodge my attack.

With mana, I have in me and lethality of my mana bolts, this match should be finished in a minute.


Cheer cheer!...….

I walk out of the arena enjoying the cheer of the audience while my opponent lying on the ring with numerous holes in his body.

Who told him to run away, that was the biggest mistake that cost him his defeat within a minute.