Monster Integration - Chapter 242 Future

Chapter 242 Future

His whole head is completely bloodied, one can not any dry spot or hair on his body.

He looked like a red devil with his face colored red with his own blood!

Small streams of his blood could be seen wetting the floor of the arena.

If I did not see his nostrils flaring and chest heaving, I would have definitely thought, I'd really killed him, seeing all this blood dripping down on his body.

I know he is very alive but some people in the audience did not seem to think so.

I could hear people talking I killed him and some people are not nondescript about it, even seeing medics feeding him the mana.

While they were busy accusing me, I am busy thinking about how all my shots landed on his head to make him directly unconscious.

After thinking for a while I came across the most probable answer.

Most likely, after I leveled up and launched my first attack, it probably pierces through the defense of mace which he used as a defense and defensive mask he was wearing.

After seeing the power and speed of my bolts, he knew there was no chance of running away as my bolts will easily catch up to him.

So, he decided to use his trump card which is his sand globe defensive skill and pa.s.s the time, till our match became a tie.

This skill of his provided 360 protection but remembering is size, I don't think one can move much when inside the sand globe.

One cant even relives itch when one inside that is how compact s.p.a.ce inside the globe would have been.

The guess I made about the position of his head was accurate, that is when I launched an attack after attack.

My bolts pa.s.sed through the defense without feeling obstruction of his head and his mask, injuring his head for good.

He endured a few rounds of bolts but after some time, he wouldn't able to endure anymore and fell unconscious.

So, this much be what happens, I thought as walk toward waiting area amidst the cheer of the crowd, with the smile of earning one artifact that I am wearing on my body.

I have to say, it felt really good to receive cheer of tens of thousands of people at the same time.

I can now slightly imagine, how would it felt to this on the stage of the league of Heroes where the audience is ten times more than this.

I walk back to the training area and sat back on my seat and at that time, robots have already cleaned the George blood off the stage.

I can't image how George would feel after he woke up.

Beaten till he became unconscious, even leaving his blood on the stage, that out to heart his self-esteem a little especially when the opponents rank is much lower than his.

A minute later another match is announced and surprisingly it was that of a perfect scorer and unsurprisingly, it ended within a fifteen second.

It was an absolute crush despite having a three-layer defense of defensive skill, knight grade artifact and rock skin ability he did not last for more than fifteen seconds.

That was really a battle!

Battles were fought to get into the top twenty-five, some were interesting while some downright bored where a partic.i.p.ant did nothing more than make use of the huge area by running around it.

I also got many congratulations from many of my friends, the one surprised me is from Rhea.

We kept contact even after getting out of the realm and some talk on social media.

She is also partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion of Corporal stage and hoping to take the place in Top 100.

I sent good wishes to get into Top 100 which qualifier matches are happening right now on the different venue.

The compet.i.tion for Corporal stage is even harder than that of the specialist stage.

Higher the stage is, tougher the compet.i.tion became as it involves many stakes.

The only compet.i.tion of Specialist stage is most carefree among all four compet.i.tion but the reward we get peanut compare to what they get.

I took a sigh and did not think about that as I now had a more important topic to stress about than this compet.i.tion and its prices.

I now finally had leveled up to the peak of Specialist stage and this is also the limit of what Ashlyn can reach due to her strain.

Now, I have to find a way to break that strain limit.

It is not impossible to break the strain limit, many people had done that and I can do as well.

The important question is how. I had searched on the web for days but it was futile and when I asked Jim and Jill, they always said I had to reach my limit before they could answer the question.

Now that I leveled up to the peak of Specialist stage which also may limit, I can know the answer.

I plan on asking them tomorrow, the quicker I will know the answer, the quicker I can try to break the limit.

Right after I had won my match, I had reviewed the congratulation message from Jill and Jim, who are sitting in the audience.

Both of them had come here to support me despite their busy schedule.

More and more matches went on and in the blink of an eye, twenty-four matches are over.

Only one match remaining to be fought before the top 25 could be announced.

Because it is the last match before the top 25, it's hyped increased more and the audience started to cheer loudly before they could even reach the stage.

The match started with great applause and both of the partic.i.p.ants had started with their best move.

There is another aspect of this fight that made it more interesting that the difference in strength between two opponent is really less.

There is only a difference of one rank between them and both of them own five skills each.

This probably is the reason the organizer chose to be the last match in the Top 50.

Both of them didn't disappoint and started fighting tooth and nail, never stop to amaze the audience with the fight.

While watching, I also compare myself to them and thought how would I react if this move used against me.

This is had I had picked up in recent days and I think it helping a lot.

It is already proved that visualizing the fight in mind help a little but one also had to strength to back it up moves he visualize otherwise it can only become one's fantasy.

The fight went on for straight twenty-five minutes before the girl revealed her trump and struck viciously, ending the fight single move.

I cheered loudly seeing her move, this is called the real trump card.

When you used it, it will strike the opponent dead before he knew it.

Next second the list of Top 25 is revealed, with my name also in it, with many familiar faces that won their matches earlier.