Monster Integration - Chapter 241 Win

Chapter 241 Win

"Bam!" another his attack hit my s.h.i.+eld but this time I did not move from my spot.

My level up has completed, now it is time to fight battles on equal good.

"Now you are acting like a man!" George said, seeing me contracting the s.h.i.+eld.

He said that attack me again with his sand spiked skill.

"Furfur fur fur…." I ignited the fire jets behind me, with my instant movement, I put the distance between us.

Seeing me moving away, he followed behind me, he launched his sand needles skill again.

I brace myself for the pain seeing the needle but this time is not like a last.

This time, I just ignited jets for a moment before tuning then off, the speed I am moving is all because of the momentum it produced but my speed is still faster than before.

The needle will give me pain and reduce my speed a little, other than that, it won't able to do much.

The real use of that needle skill is distracted one, as long as one had a good defense and endure the pain, there is nothing fearful about that skill.

Earlier it able to harm me because I have been igniting the fire jets constantly and need huge concentration for that.

And luckily he happened to have a skill that able to retrain my jets the best, if not for that skill, currently my speed would have been so fast, that he wouldn't able to catch me.

"Pic pic pic pic…" the barrage of needle came at me, I protected my head and chest with my s.h.i.+eld but other parts of my body were not so lucky as I felt piercing pain through them.

It really hurts so bad, if I had a choice, I would have experienced the blow of his other skill than this harmless pain.

Soon all the needles clashed against me but I kept feeling the pain but I surprised as this my chance to attack.

I would have attacked earlier and would not have to experience such pain but that time he was able to put up the defense as he was extra vigilant but now it is completely different.

He is currently thinking his needle attack had worked since my speed is decreased and expression of pain on my face.

In the feeling of trump, he again activated his sand spiked skill and coming at me to launch the attack but this time, he is going to get a big surprise.

"Fire strike!" I said and launched an attack when the distance between us is only two and a half meter.

This very short distance to dodge my fire bolts and after leveling up, my firebolts experienced change both in strength and numbers.

Earlier when I was mid-level specialist grade, my firebolts were already able to pierce through the attack of the Knight grade armor and only combination knight artifact and knight grade defensive skill were able to stop them completely.

Now their power had increased even more and I was able to launch six bolts through the skill.

Seeing six bolts of mana coming toward him, his att.i.tude quickly changed to the defensive.

The Sand layer on his mace started to spread to cover his body but unlike last time, this time the mana bolts are a way to fast.

The Sand layer of his, only able to cover his head and chest while other parts of his body will be the mercy of my fire bolts.

I was right, my fire move toward him piercing through the air, by the time they had reached him, the sand layer was only able to cover his head and chest.

''Pic pic pic!" "Puchi Puchi Puchi!"

Three of my fire bolts that were attacking toward his chest and head collided against the sand layer which only able to stop them for short while piercing through it.

I am not surprised seeing this but these three bolts were not my main focus, my main focus was the lower three bolts which are piercing through, his stomach and legs.

His stomach and leg were only protected by his knight grade armor.

The three mana bolts were felt the small obstruction of armor defense which took away their 40% percent of the power.

They traveled through his body as if lit was b.u.t.ter, leaving a sharp burning smell behind.

Whenever the mana bolts touch the skin, they will change their property.

At that time they will less focus on piercing and more focus on the burning the path they are traveling, dealing maximum damage this way.

They just feel very painful as looking at George's face, he looked like he is facing the torture of the lifetime.

I can even see light smoke coming from the small holes that my mana boys had made on his stomach and his thighs.

The only disappointment that I can see the effect of three bolts which I launched towards its head and chest.

I really want to see if they were able to pierce the two layer of defense or not.

"Fire strike!"

I launched an attack again as soon as I got enough mana as those six bolts of fire nearly took ninety percent of mana.

I had to drink mana potion right after launching the attack as I'm doing right now.

Six bolts again traveled towards Geroge but unlike last time, this time, I sensed the mana fluctuation and next moment a ball of sand covered George.

I got quite shocked seeing such skill, one look at such skill and one will know that this one of the best defense skill.

This is one of best defense skill not because of its defensive power which I had no idea about it but the area it covered.

The defensive skill of George gave his defense 360ⁿ, he will able defend against any attack which came into his way.

I am a little confused though, this skill may be one of the best defensive skill but from what I am seeing, one can't move while using it.

While activating this skill, George had made himself a sitting target, I can't seem to understand why he did that.

The only plausible explanation is that he wants to make this matching tie, after defending using this skill for an hour.

I will think about why he did this later but now I had to use this golden opportunity and launch as many attacks I can.

Fire Strike!

I attack again with fire strike, this time little differently than before.

Instead of attacking different spot like last lime, I released all the six bolts at the same spot, so, my mana bolts could leverage on the power of each other and my target is supposed place of his head.

"Pud puff puf…."

I did not hear anything except for my mana bolts piercing through the sand layer.

I got a little disappointed seeing there is no change in my attack but I did not get disappointed by it and launched another attacked as soon as I had enough mana.

Fire strike! Fire strike! Fire strike….

I kept launching attacks one after another and after sixth time, I felt it is not going to work and to attack after getting closer when the sand ball suddenly collapse.

After collapsing of the sand ball, I saw George lying unconscious, at first, I did not understand how he became unconscious but after getting a clear look at his head, I understood all.