Monster Integration - Chapter 237 Foundation

Chapter 237 Foundation

"Today is the Day!" I said out loud as I got up from the bed.

Today is the final day for Specialist stage compet.i.tion.

I am in full spirits as I freshen up, I already made as much as preparations as I could and will give my all in the matches.

I became ready within an hour and get out of my apartment wearing my mask.

I all alone today as Lily's parents came in especially to watch their daughter on the big stage.

I also wanted to ask my parents to come but decided not to think for several reasons.

n.o.body has given me second, d look as I come t wearing the mask, if I had not worn a mask, I would have now hounded by the crowd that is waiting for the the the lobby of training center like eagles.

I called the hovercar for the venue of the compet.i.tion while I checked miles on my holowatch.

As I kept reading the emails, two emails had made me extra happy, one is from jill while another is from Jim.

Both of them said that they will come personally to cheer from me.

I felt happy reading that as I know how busy both of them are.

Jim is busy with his alchemy, whenever I saw him in this past three months, he seemed sleep deprived to me.

As for jill, she is taking hard training from her aunt as punishment.

Her aunt is punishment for her and her brother with hard training as both of them went to s.p.a.ce realm without informing.

In this few moths jill hardly got time to go out, whenever we met, she always complained about how hard the punishment is.

The punishment must be really hard as whatever extra fat that had on her body whittled away.

The first jill was beautiful in a cute way as she still has some baby fat on her but now she became beautiful like an idol, same level as Ellen and Sarah.

She may have become a little beautiful but she did not lose her nature, she is still lively and full of life as before.

Soon my hovercar reached the venue and just as I got out of the car, I became shocked seeing the scene in front of me.

Earlier the arrangement of compet.i.tion could say to be extravagant but now they became Uber.

They had upgraded the whole arrangments, there are more idols performing an airs.h.i.+p flying in the sky, showering people with confetti now and then.

Not only that, there are hundreds of projection could be seen displaying fights off the top fifty while experts giving their opinion in each and every fight.

It feels really amazing, I enjoyed quite a few performances of the idols before going inside.

I get out of my apartment too early as there is still one and half hour for the compet.i.tion to formally start.

'Gasp!' A gasp comes out me involuntarily as entering inside the venue.

The place where used to tens of fighting rings is now had a single fighting arena.

one can easily run around it.

This arena is very big, one can fight here at one's heart content without caring for s.p.a.ce like in fighting rings.

People could be already seen coming into the venue as 20% of it is already filled.

I also walk toward the partic.i.p.ate area, this time it is closer to the fighting arena and the audience could get a clear view of the Top 50 finalists.

As I got near the waiting area, I removed my mast so that guard by the door would not stop me.

After confirming my id, I took the seat in the partic.i.p.ant area.

There are eight people sitting already and with me here there are nine, others would come as time pa.s.sed.

Today I have to win only one fight to get into the top 25 and one artifacts I am wearing would be mine.

As for getting into Top 10, it is a little complicated.

They will take the highest scorer of Top 25 out and 25 people will fight with each other.

Of the thirteen left them, six people who had the lowest score will fight each other.

Of the three winners will add into already seven, making them the Top 10.

The top 10 will fight for each other for the top 5 and in five leaving the highest score, four people will fight each other for two spots of semifinals, leaving last three people, who will two fights with each other, the one who will win most matches then will become a champion.

Times pa.s.sed by more and more people kept coming and by the one and a half hour pa.s.sed the whole venue became jam-packed.

It became very crowded, I've never seen such a crowd in my like if you ignore the clips of compet.i.tions I saw on my holowatch.

I can feel the gazes of thousands of people in my body, the feeling is really surreal.

This is just pa.s.sive gazes, I can imagine how it will feel when gazes of all stadium will train on me when I wi fight in the arena.

I calm my racing heart as I watch the beautiful performance in front of me.

All the performers are either master or lieutenant stage evolvers, every move of them filled with power.

Looking at them I wonder if I am ever able to reach the lieutenant stage.

This thought crosses my mind many times.

Before coming into Westblood, I used to think that lieutenant stage is everything as most of the partic.i.p.ant in a league of heroes are in the lieutenant stage but after spending time interacting with Jill and Jim, I come to know that lieutenant grade is only a step.

Jim even indirectly said that there are many more stages above twelve stages and these twelve stages are the only foundation.

Just foundations for future stages.

One can be only called powerhouse after he transcends the twelve stages.

Suddenly I heard loud cheering only to know that performance is over and the First fight had been announced.