Monster Integration - Chapter 236 Generous II

Chapter 236 Generous II

She seemed to in her mid-twenties, tall with a pretty face, the most distinguishable feature about her is amber colored eyes and the aura she is excluding is definitely that of the lieutenant stage.

Seeing me coming, she moved a little and that is when I am able to see the logo of the training center on the breast pocket of her blazer.

She must be sent by the Training Center.

"Mr. Zaar, I am Karen, I am from the training center," she said, I nodded and opened the door for her.

''Please come in!" I invited, internally saying it should not take much of my time.

"Thank you, Mr. Zaar," she said and took a seat on the chair next to me.

"What can I do for you?" I asked politely.

"Nothing, I am just here to give you this!" she said with a smile and removed the big case from her blazer pocket and placed it on the table.

I would have been surprised by seeing this if not I have the storage myself and as for her having storage, it is a normal thing for lieutenant stage evolver to have to it.

Normal s.p.a.ce storage and low-grade knight grade artifacts are nothing to them.

She opened the case and inside it were five things, neatly placed together.

I didn't have to thinks twice to know what they are.

The five of them are knight grade artifacts, mask, armor, weapon, s.h.i.+eld, and boots the whole gear.

I looked the looked gear with my eyes s.h.i.+ning.

The price of low-level knight grade artifacts starts from fifty million and the front of me seemed top of their grade.

This whole set, if I want to buy it from outside, would cost me around 350 million.

Ten minutes ago when got my specialized training fee returned, I was planning to call jill to buy a knight grade artifact but now seeing the whole set in front of me, I don't think, I would have to call her.

"What do I have to do?" I asked while look at my holowatch subtly.

Indirectly informing her that I am short on time and she should finish quickly.

"You have to do nothing but win fights!"

"This gear is a loan from us if you enter the Top 25 you can keep one artifact from this gear, if you can get into Top 10, the whole year will be your will be your including knight grade skill!"

"As for semi-finals, we will finance your training for ten years!" she said.

I got quite shocked hearing her offer but quickly controlled my expression.

She did mention me reaching semifinals but did not me being champion, looks like they also think my chances are too low to become a champion.

''Here, the copy of the contract!" She said and projected the copy of the contract while I was still in deep thoughts.

I carefully read the contracts, seeing if there are not any hidden loopholes.

After confirming the contract is fair and there are no hidden loopholes, I signed the contract without hesitation.

"I shall not waste your time more Mr. Zaar, Good luck with your matches tomorrow!" she said and left my apartment.

I nodded at her but all my focus on the five sets of artifact pieces one the table.

With full knight grade artifact set on my body, my chances of getting higher in the compet.i.tion increased further.

Without waiting, I quickly wore the artifacts and ran toward the training room.

I have to practice with them to get used to them.

I have to say the training center is been very generous, not only they have given me complete knight grade gear, they even gave me access to their best training room for the night.

It is the best, in the training room, I quickly selected the android for practiced and activated the whole knight grade gear.

As I fought the android with my full knight grade gear, I clearly felt a big enhancement in my power.

This gear gave me a major boost in my power, the biggest is the defense, now I didn't have to be very careful of the attack as I now have the knight grade armor.

I called the lily after my excitement of knight grade gear ran dry.

She said that someone from the training center visited her but the offer she got is somewhat different from me as she already has full gear of knight grade artifact but she rejected their offer.

As right after Top 50 list was announced, she got the Elite members.h.i.+p offer from Silver Spear which she accepted.

Silver Spear is one of the Top 7 organization of union, getting its elite members.h.i.+p directly is really hard.

They must see some potential in you to offer that.

She said she will sign final doc.u.ments tomorrow after the compet.i.tion and move into the grounds of organization.

I congratulated her on getting this opportunity before cutting the call.

I felt both sad and jealous hearing that, sad because she will be leaving tomorrow as she is an only good friend, I had in the training center and release because I didn't get any offer from Top 7 organization.

I had put a reminder on my holowatch, that as soon as something related to Top 7 organization came, it has to notify me immediately but nothing that sort rang out.

I got an offer from the normal organization but I did not get a single offer from the Top 7 organizations which is very weird.

From what Jill had said, she said that those unaffiliated people who were able to reach Top 50 will definitely get an offer from the Top 7 organization but I got none.

I am not self-praising but I know I am powerful that lily and could beat her within ten minutes despite her having that amazing knight grade skill.

I took a sigh and did not think about that much.

Now my main focus should be practice, for other things, I will think about them after the compet.i.tion.