Monster Integration - Chapter 238 Battles

Chapter 238 Battles

Herman Rock Vs Sylvester Band.

The audience cheered as both of them went to the arena, in previous round Herman had won nine matches while Sylvester had won eight.

The chances of Herman winning seemed great as his score was near perfect but one can look down on dark horse like Sylvester whose ranking was in the 300th but he still able to win eight fights and enter into the top 50.

"Tong!" the fight started with the tong and both attacked each other at next second.

There, not a shred of hesitation as they attack, one can see their will to win as they fighting.

The knight grade skill which is rarely seen in the outside, especially in the hands of Specialist stage evolvers now had commonly seen in the compet.i.tion.

On average every partic.i.p.ant in top fifty has two knight grade skills are least.

Only me, lily anananother boy you are the only ones who have one knight grade skill.

This data may still prove falls as I think Lily is still hiding some of her power which has toorevealedhe has to advance in the compet.i.tion.

Every partic.i.p.ant in the top 50 have to prove his mettle to gain the spot in the Top 50, even my sixth opponent who I thought is extremely lucky by fighting one weak opponent after another is also somewhat strong.

The arena is died colorful by varies skills and abilities released by two of my opponents.

They are fighting their hearts out especially Sylvester who is giving is all to defend against the attack of Herman.

As the fight went on for a few minutes, one could see Herman has an Upper hand, if Sylvester did not do something quick, then the losing this battle is the only option he has

The fight went on for another ten minutes and advantage of Herman became even more apparent as the trump cards used by Sylvester were useless.

He will have few precious seconds in the battle before being defeated.

"Bamm!" Sylvester hit by Hermans knight grade skill squirely on his chest and before he knew it, he found the sword of the Herman on his neck and Sylvester had to surrender as the sword of Herman was coated with knight grade skill.

One can't say Sylvester didn't try in the battle, It's just that Herman was clearly powerful than him with his six knight grade skills and amazing combat style.

The fight between two of them lasted for little more than ten minutes before Next fight is announced.

I ordered expensive treats for me and Ashlyn as I watched the fights.

Each and every fight is interesting, which make my blood boil and want to jump in the arena to fight but I controlled my excitement.

It is not my turn yet, I will get my chance soon enough.

The fights going on and soon five fights are finished and when the sixth fight announced, everyone in the audience let of big cheer.

It is a match of Perfect scorers, not only he is perfect scorers but he is one of seven people who won all ten of their matches to qualify for the top 50.

This is going to rile everyone up and I have to say, the fight did not disappoint.

The fight had lasted for only three minutes and perfect scores won but despite being such short fight it was amazing.

I felt a little depressed as eight battles had been fought right now and ninth being fought currently but till now my name hasn't shown till yet.

I was expecting that my turn will probably come after the fifth fight but till now, my name hadn't been announced yet.

Soon the 9th battle over and name of the partic.i.p.ant for 10th battle also announced but my name was not in these two s.p.a.ced but this time I didn't get disappointed because I saw two names that I overly familiar with.

It is lily and Magnus Wells, lily's luck is really bad to fight against him.

He is one of the strongest partic.i.p.ants in the compet.i.tion and also one of the seven people who won all their ten matches to qualify for the compet.i.tion.

If Lily wants to win this fight, she will have to perform a miracle otherwise her chances of winning are really low.

Her clear disadvantage is shown within second as their fight started.

She is barely having a chance to breathe in front of Magnus's relentless attacks.

As Magnus launched another attack, it clearly pa.s.sed by the defense of her whip-like skill.

When I thought it is game over for her as attack directly coming for her, a thin layer of water had covered her body and saved her from attack with a minor injury.

That defense skill quite good! I thought the attack launched by magus was very powerful, it was enough to heavily injure her despite her wearing the knight grade mask.

So, this is her trump card, it is very good if she were able able to prolong the fight for fifty-five minutes more, she will have a chance to make it a tie.

After the tie, if her luck is good, she could get a little weak opponent whom she could beat.

It turned out, I was too optimistic about lily as minutes later seeing the skill, Magnus swiftly launched an attack which was never seen before.

Despite having a very good defensive skill, Lily was not able to defend and against it and minute later, Magnus knocked her out of the battle.

I cheer with the audience, reminding myself that I have to be careful while fighting as many people are still hiding their trump card.

I am just relaxingly thinking of watching the next battle when I saw my name and image projected on the arena.

I wasn't able to react for aaew seconds after seeing my name but I quickly scrambled out of my seat, seeing it is my turn to fight.

Seeing me standing up, Ashlyn who is eating snacks on the arm of my chair went inside me without me asking.

Seeing this, a big smile appeared on my face.

I don't know why in these three days Ashlyn had been behaving properly.

She had not changed all her habits but she had become little accommodating and accepting.

It probably seeing me in stress because of compet.i.tion.

Seeing it is my turn to fight, I walked toward the arena, while going over all the details about the opponent I am fighting.

My opponent's name is George White, He is rank 13.

He is two years older than me, means he had abundant experience and to back that up, he had won ten out of nine matches to qualify for the Top 50.

He uses mase as the weapon and had shown four knight grade skills so far.

Most of the opponent he fought have become more injured than normal.

Looking at his all previous fight, I can tell he did that on purpose and he gets some sick sort of satisfaction out of it.

This fight is going to be very exciting, I thought as walked up to the centre of Arena.