Monster Integration - Chapter 235 Generous I

Chapter 235 Generous I

I am f.u.c.ked!

I thought to find arrows right in front of me.

Why the f.u.c.k did I move my s.h.i.+eld right now, it at least would have protected my head.

As for any other injury, it would have been healed by the potion.

This is all happened because of my carelessness if I hadn't judged my opponent by normal standard, then I would have had a chance to enjoy this fight more but now all the chance are lost.

I did not worry about the green arrows that came toward me.

"Dub dub dub!…." just as they about the touch me, a watery screen appeared in front of me saving me from the attack.

This is done by referee, his intervention means I lost the match.

"Winner Mark Forster." said referee.

Sighing, I walked away from the ring, I was too careless in this fight.

I made several mistakes, first and foremost is to judge my opponent strength wrong.

I could have easily defended against his attacks if I was little careful when I took the jump with the help of the jets.

The second mistake I made that letting my guard down too early, after defending against his first attack, if I had kept my s.h.i.+eld in front of me, a second more then the fighting would have lasted a few minutes more.

The longer the fight, the more precious experience it would have given me for tomorrow's fight as every opponent going to up tough.

''Congratulation!" I said as I gave a light hug to a lily, she finally made it.

Albeit barely but she finally made it unto the top fifty with seven win, one tie, and two losses.

"You too!" she said, the compet.i.tion is over for today, tomorrow the Top 50 will fight for them to places as rewards are tempting this time.

Top fifty will get a real ticket to Minerva realm, Top 10 will get one Knight grade artifact of their choice, Top 3 will knight grade skill and the champion will get chance to get another knight grade skill of his choice from the collection of any Top 7 organization.

That is a huge opportunity, as the best skill for oneself is not the skill that is most powerful but the skill that most suitable, only then one could make the best use of that skill.

I was just thinking that when I was pulled out of my thinking by request.

It was the request for a photo, the list of Top 50 is already out and those who were unknown like me and Lily became instantly famous across the city.

Now that we are walking out of the venue, we are asked by many people for a photo.

I had to take a photo every few steps, I wanted to reject as it was making me late but it did not feel the right thing to do that.

It took nearly for me and Lily to walk to the exit of the venue, it was a really scary experience.

I never felt so scared in my earlier fights than I am feeling right now where I could even walk freely as people forcefully bringing close to their body just to take a photo.

"It was really scary!" said Lily as we in a hovercar after much difficulty.

All I could do is a nod.

We both are relatively unknown, I can't imagine how it is for famous people, like perfect scorers.

''You should read the notification from our Training Center!" Said Lily happily as he faces glued on her hole watch.

I didn't have time to check my hole watch as it was constantly buzzing.

I quickly search for the mail from the training center and read.

My mouth couldn't help but form big O when I read it fully but after some thought, it seems normal and it is our training center that profiting most from it.

Our training center had to return all the fee we paid for our specialized training and also giving year pa.s.s from today.

From today we can choose any training program for a year and it will be free, they will not charge a single penny from us.

Not only that, if one of us able to get into Top twenty-five it will reward us with the Knight grade Artifact and if we got into Top Ten then it will give us one knight grade skill.

It did not mention what reward what we will get if we managed to get into top 3 as it was not expecting that much.

Still, these rewards are very alluring, enough to make one want to fight with his life.

Well, this is to be expected, the more we advanced in the compet.i.tion, the more prestige of the training center will grow.

Our training center is not the only one, many companies and people are sending an offer of sponsors.h.i.+p but I rejected them all.

The last of the compet.i.tion is tomorrow and nothing they will offer me a change of course of battle much.

Except for knight grade artifact and skill.

Knight grade skill cant be learned in one day and as for knight grade artifact, they are very useful to me but I will have to sign a bunch of contracts.

That will take time and I didn't have much of that as I still have to practice and for me that more important than wasting my precious time on contract for knight grade artifacts.

"They are really generous!" said Lily as she finished reading the mail.

"Yes very generous!" I also replied as I closed the mail and started replying the congratulations from my friends.

"Wear this, it will save a lot of time!" I said as I pa.s.sed the high-quality face mask to lily.

I had brought some face mask the same day that fatty tried to kill me for my skill.

It is one of the harshest lessons I learned and from that day on, l never left for outside without wearing a mask.

Lily did not question where I took out the mask from and she just wore after saying thank you.

When our hovercar stooped by the entrance of the training center, we spotted more than normal people there but no stopped us as a mask are a normal thing.

"Gasp!" I head loud gals from lily, just as we enter the lobby of our training center.

Not only she, even I could help but make a sound of a surprise seeing this.

Anyone in my place would make such sound seeing this.

80% lobby of our training center is filled with the projection of lily and me.

There are tens of them, we are standing, we are fighting.

Our most memorable moves in the fights, like the one which I launched fire strike while in mid-air.

There are many such movements, I can't help but feel my ego rise seeing such projection of mine.

They even added many special effects onto it, so it is seen more majestic than it already is.

We stayed watching the projection for a few minutes before walking toward our dorm.

When I reached the hallway of my dorm, I saw a lady by the door of my apartment and I couldn't help but question a reason behind it.