Monster Integration - Chapter 231 Top Fifty VI

Chapter 231 Top Fifty VI

"Which realm?" his friend asked, immense excitement could be heard from his voice.

I also felt excited waiting for that answer but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d deliberately did not say a word for a few seconds.

Seeing that I wanted to beat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d very much.

"Minerva Realm!" He said quickly as his friend lifted his hand hit him.

"is it really true?" asked his friend, not believing what he heard, I also felt it is not right, they couldn't give the ticket to s.p.a.ce realm like Minerve.

''It is true! My cousin told me personally." He said hearing his friend question.

Seeing his friend mention his cousin he seemed to believe it and fell into deep thoughts just like me.

From what I know, Minerva realm appeared some forty-some years ago.

It is one of few realms that are controlled by everyone and not a single organization.

Minerva realm is special s.p.a.ce realm, unlike normals s.p.a.ce realms which have fixed entrance and open all time, Minerva s.p.a.ce realm is not like that.

It is said that Minerva realms entrance opened one in every forty-five months and open for only twenty some days before disappearing.

I was shocked hearing the name of Minerva realm because it is way out of the league and very dangerous.

Normal they gave realm ticket of the realm which has Corporal stage as the limit, sometimes they even go fir realm which has a limit of Sergeant stage but the limit of Minerva realm is master stage.

From what I've heard, the Minerva realm is very dangerous, more dangerous than s.p.a.ce realm I went before.

Also, this realm hadn't been fully explored, there are still some parts of this realm that left to be explored.

This realm is full of fortune but very dangerous, especially to the specialist stage evolver like me.

I quickly did some search on my holowatch and knew that the next opening of this realm is thirteen, fourteen month away.

If I able to get into top 50 and win the ticket of Minerva realm, I will have a more than a year of time to prepare.

In that time, I will try to break the limit on Ashlyn strain to level up Corporal stage, only that realm will I have a chance to survive and gain fortune.

More than one year time is most probably the reason they are giving ticket of this realm.

It is enough time for nearly all of the specialist stage to level up to Corporal stage, so, the danger they will face will be little less than they would face at Specialist stage, though it would be still dangerous for them to venture into Minerva realm.

Waiting for my fight, I kept watching fights that are being brought on the ring and as I watch more fights, I thought my earlier conjecture is very true.

That the power that Anissa displayed could definitely place her in Top 50 and that means I also have the power to reach the top fifty.

As long I didn't have the worst luck, I am confident to get palace in the Top Fifty.

I have already fought four battles, twinsnss, and one tie, I have fought one more battle this afternoon and another five after that.

Time pa.s.sed by half-hour soon is over and I got information on my new opponent.

Her Rank is 129 and has both knight artifact and skill.

It is written that her knight grade skill is attacking type and knight grade artifact she has is Armor.

I should be able to finish this fight in a few minutes as I plan to give all.

The fight finished way more quickly than I expected, I thought I will take me a few minutes but it had finished in a few seconds.

I had planned before going into a ring that I will give my all and try to finish the fight quickly as possible as all my moves and skill were already exposed in the earlier fight, so, it will not affect much to my future fight if I show my full power.

So, as I went into the ring, without waiting, I lighten the jets and my sword to the limit while activating my speed type and strengthening type skill.

My speed was great that sheonlyonlyyyly able to react.

I swung my flaming sword at her head which is too fast for her to counter, hit directly on her head, sending her directly out of the ring unconscious.

By defeating her, I finished all five of my afternoon fights and more than one hour rest before I have fight more fights.

This time went back to partic.i.p.ant lounge seeing I have enough time to rest and ordered an expensive drink.

It'is really good! I praised ordered another two as Ashlyn come out me and demanded she also wants one.

I felt quite good after drinking two drinks, All the tiredness I was feeling mentally had gone in an instant.

No wonder it cost ten thousand creditswanwant want toted order another one but I can see one can order only three drinks and finished quota of my three drinks.

Sitting sparingly the chair, I watch the fight, the one lily is fighting.

Her chances did not seem good, the opponent she is fighting has 44th rank and quite expert in using hammer and s.h.i.+eld which has perfectly countered r whip skill.

Normally it was quite hard to defend against water whip skill as it is easy to manipulate and if one kept drinking mana potions, she can use the skill index indefinitely.

Her skill is nearly perfect attacking skill but it can still be countered.

As long as the opponent is agile enough, her skill is countered and that is what her opponent doing.

It is her skill that keeping her battle if she had any other skill, even if she had my fire strike, she would have lost five minutes after the fight.

Her skill is best used in restricting opponent and that's what is she is doing.

Despite him being agile, he is having a hard time getting closed to her but as time pa.s.sed, he is getting used to her patterns and it wouldn't take more than five minutes to Lily's defeat.

As time pa.s.sed on, her opponent kept getting more and more chances to attack while she was barely able to retrain him.

The injuries on Lily's body kept getting heavier and the opponent did not give her any chance to drink any potion.

A few seconds later, lily's whip started to flicker and stop due not having any mana and that chance used by her opponent.

He speedily came toward her and used his hammer to directly strike her chest, which made her flew off the ring like a kite.

It is not surprising results, her opponent is surely going to win, his win just got delayed due to Lily having a retraining type skill.

Lily seemed to become unconscious after the attack as referee fed her potion and medics took her away.

"Ting!" I kept watching the fight while waiting for mine when my holowatch buzzed, notifying me about my next opponent.