Monster Integration - Chapter 232 Top Fifty VII

Chapter 232 Top Fifty VII

"Well done!" said Lily as I sat back on my seat.

"Thanks!" I said I had just finished my eighth fight which I finished in within five minutes.

Of the eights fights, I had fought the most difficult is a 4th fight which I had a tie.

That was the hardest fight, I had to use my all just to keep to fend off against her attacks.

I couldn't help but sigh whenever I think about that fight.

Anissa is doing quite well, just like me except for our tie she hadn't lost any match either.

"You already have a 90% chance to get into Top 50, one more win and I will become 100%," said Lily.

I just smiled and didn't say anything on the mark.

What she said is right, as long as fights dint took sudden drastic turns, I have place into top 50 and if I won another match then it will become confirmation, then no matter how good one perform, they will not able to take my place.

"You too, as long as you win or tie both of next fights, you will also have a chance in Top 50!" I said.

Lily had six wins and two losses, as long as she does not losses two of her fights, she will have a chance to enter in the top 50.

"Well, I can only do my best!" said Lily with hope in her eyes.

From what I am seeing, the last two fights would be difficult for me.

I order a drink and started to read the details of my opponent, which I will have to fight in the next two battle.

It is not difficult to predict my next opponent as my group had only fifty people.

I already made a list of nine people, if my guess is right then my two opponents would come from those nine people.

Of the nine people, three people I have no chance to beat as all three of them in the top 10 and perfect scorer is also in the list.

Still, I am not worried about the next two fights, I already have a chance to get into Top 50.

Even if both of my opponents are from Top 10 and I did not get into Top 50, I will be a little sad but not overly as this compet.i.tion had already marked my way.

The only regret would be that I will not able to get the price of Top 50, the ticket of Minerva realm but no worries, I have confidence in myself to ama.s.s enough money buy a ticket of that realm.

I watch every fight and a reading summary of their every fight, so I could get a clear picture of their ability.

Only info of two people really surprised me while others were in my realm of understanding.

It can be said that those two people were really something.

Time pa.s.sed by as I kept reading the info of my opponents and before I know it, the bell rang on Holowatch informing me of my opponent.

This is the strongest opponent, I will be fighting.

His name is Orvin steel, rank is 19 and he only lost one fight till now, which he fought against one in top 10.

"Good luck!" said Lily, I nodded and walk toward the ring.

I had already read the details about him and now I just have to give my all and win this fight.

I think I will have a chance to wing the fight.

My strength had increased a little by experience since I fought with Anissa, the mistakes I made fighting against her, I will not make fighting against him.

As long as I play my cards right, this fight will I win.

As I walk near the ring, I spotted my opponent.

His looks average with average height, he would have been called somewhat handsome if not for his big nose which ruined it all.

He is twenty years old, one month away from twenty-one if he had been a month older, he would not be able to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.

"Kid, I advice you to give up right now if you waste my time, I will beat you really well that even healing potion won't able to heal your injuries in short amount of time!" he threatened, just as I entered the ring.

I am not surprised by his threat, he had a habit of threatening his opponent before the fight.

He not only threatens his opponent but also acts on it and because of that two his previous opponent had already followed his kind advice.

''Thank you for your kind advice!" I replied smilingly as stood on my position in the ring, seeing me talking back to his face contorted into very angry expression as if I had just made out with his girlfriend.

"Good! I will have fun breaking this spine of yours!" he said, he tried to smile while saying that but failed miserably as anger clearly shown on his face.

"Both of you ready?" asked referee as we were activating our artifacts.

"Fight!" said referee seeing no objection of us.

I covered my sword with swirling flames till there is no sign of sword could be seen and stayed on my spot while my opponent comes toward me.

My opponent used a battle ax which is more than more net long and one of the best weapon for cleave.

He had activated his knight grade speed type skill and strength type skill as a light layer of blue and orange had covered him.

His two skill augmented each other and give him boosts.

I did not move to see him coming close to me.

Seeing this he let out a weird smile thinking I was paralyzed in fear because of his strength.

He swung his sword with all of his strength as he came near me.

"Furfur!" As his ax about to reach me, two big jets of light under my feet, shooting me up directly in the air like a rocket.

"Fire strike!" I swirl in the air and launched three bolts of fire while going up.

This is an unavoidable attack, he is still in the momentum of his skill, no matter how much he tries, he won't able to stop all three of my fire bolts.

He sensed three bolts of fire coming toward him speedily, he instinctively swung his sword back toward his head while leaving his other parts of the body with the only defense of his armor.

He couldn't do much also in the momentum, as an activating s.h.i.+eld would take time and as for knight grade defense.

He had to activate it just as I launched my fire bolts, after that it would be useless.

"Clank! clank!" I have to commend him, I thought he would only defend against only one of my firebolt but he defended against two with the help of some luck.

Defense of is the knight grade armor is less compare to knight grade s.h.i.+eld, it would maximum able to block 60% of my firebolts power but it is enough for them to pierce through his body.