Monster Integration - Chapter 230 Top Fifty V

Chapter 230 Top Fifty V

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Jill had told me that my Knight grade skill is one of the best and she only has one skill of that level.

It was given to her by her parents if one wants to get such skill, one will need to make a special contribution to the organization.

Anissa still looked quite shocked to get by such powerful skill but that didn't stop her from coming at me.

"Fire Strike!" I again launched the attack with fire strike and to defend against it, she had to slow down her speed and that is a chance for me to strike.

Three fire bolts traveled towards her and I followed behind, using my knight grade skill will help me, bridge the gap between us and let us.

She has three knight grade abilities while I only have one, its good thing I've created the moves, otherwise I wouldn't have stood a chance against an opponent like her.

"Dub dub dub!" she defended against the sliver fire bolt while I followed behind with my flaming sword.

The jets are blasted behind me at their full might while I also activated my strengthening skill and speed type skill for enhancement so my power could reach near knight grade skill.

As I grow closer, I swung my sword at her, seeing my sword coming at her, she swiftly moved away from her s.h.i.+eld and clashes against me with her sword.

Normally using the s.h.i.+eld to defend is a good choice but in a swift fight like our, it better counter with a weapon to stop your opponent from playing tricks.

"Clank!" our weapons clashed, I wanted to launch the second attack but a force of the clashed forced me to take a step back.

"Fire strike!"

I drank a potion and attack again.

We keep attacking in the same pattern, no matter how different way, I tried to attack she would counter it effectively.

I used whatever moves, tricks and skills I have to get an upper hand but I couldn't.

Not only me, but she also tried many moves against me except for slight upper hand, she wasn't able to do anything.

One thing is surprised me though is her power, her rank is 62 but her power is compared to those in top 20 minimum.

The two qualifying tests of compet.i.tion, one is a measured reflex and physical power while is other is fighting ability.

To give everyone an equal chance to enter the compet.i.tion, the test didn't include skills and skill are the most important thing that gave the most edge in combat.

It is skills that boost one's power, gives one enough power to cross the gap between the level even stages.

My opponent had three knight grade skills, all three of her skills suits her very much.

I would have fine if this is all that and was able to win withing within half an hour but what gives my opponent edge is her combat instinct.

Like me, she also started learning combat style recently, one can read her from the profile.

This would have been her weakness but this weakness is covered by her combat instincts.

No matter how differently I attacked her, I was never able to gain the upper hand she would always respond perfectly.

This combat instinct could only come from abundant fights, either she spends every night in forest training or she had joined some underground fight club.

Only through the constant fight could such instinct could be developed and because of that every attack of her skill at the perfect time, without any waste mana occurring.

I was used to quite proud of my fighting experience which I gained in just six months since I bonded but seeing her fighting with such a way, I felt cold water had drowned on my face.

Time pa.s.sed on and both of us kept fighting crazily, without caring for anything else.

In this fight, I kept pus.h.i.+ng myself higher and higher as I know, one simple mistake could make me lose me this fight.

As the fight became intense, it helped me circulate two moves of the exercise, reaching the eight circulations.

If I had seventh seals, I would have a chance to beat my opponent but I have not.

I tried very hard to create more seals of supreme combat exercise in the past three months but I was only able to create six.

Even my father had created seven seals in three months with his zeal of academic.

I wanted to use that as inspiration but the pain was too unbearable to create more seals.

One can only create them with time and not in the spur of the moment, no matter how dire the condition is.

I will know in soon future, how wrong I am to thought this.

"Bamm!" our weapons clashed against one more time while we both steps back.

We were just about to activate our skills and moves again when referees loud voice had rung out in my ear.

''Stop, Times Up!" Said referee loudly, hearing his voice, I immediately stopped my movement, so is my opponent.

"This match is Tie!" Said referee loudly in the center of the stage.

The crowd started to cheer right of that, the cheer I got this time is loudest but I did not feel happy receiving it.

This fight had made me think about future fights.

Anissa's rank was just 62nd and she may be little different than other opponents but she should not be alone.

There may be two or three people like her in front-ranking and if I come across them, then me getting into top 50 will become difficult much less into the Top 10.

I have to make some huge improvement, otherwise, it would be very difficult for me to level up.

The ball is in Ashlyn's court right now, a week ago she got the feeling of leveling up but she wasn't able to level up that time.

Normally after monster gets a feeling of level up, it would level up immediately and on the rare cases, in two to three days.

It is very very rare for the monster to not level up after it got feeling.

If I had been at a peak level of Specialist stage, I was confident, I would have able to win this fight with some efforts.

The thing makes me most confident is that my knight grade skill, its power would have increased more, not only that with an increase of mana and other little, the moves of ability would have also got an enhancement, increasing my chances more.

I took a sigh and not think about it, leveling up is not in my control or Ashlyn, especially in low stages.

I will have to think of a new way to increase my strength quickly but for today, I will have to do with the same strength and hope, I will not get opponents stronger than Anissa.

I have half an hour before my next fight starts, I decided to wait in the outer waiting area instead of going back to the partic.i.p.ant lounge as it wastes too much of my time.

I sat on the empty seat in the temporary waiting area.

Some were talking while others were silent like me, waiting for our next fight.

I closed my and took a deep breath to calm myself from the agitation of future fights.

There is nothing I could do, all I hope to win enough fights to get into too fifty.

After fighting with Annissa, I got few inspirations about my ability moves, tweaking them a little should able to increase their power by a few percents.

I can only make an adjustment in the training room as many times my ideas have failed.

"Remy, do you know which realms ticket they are going to give to Top 50?" asked boy beside me excitedly to his friend.

He sounds excited as he asked the question, he seemed to know the answer.

I also perked my ears in interest, I know the price Top 50 going get is the ticket to s.p.a.ce realm.

As for which s.p.a.ce realm, they hadn't disclosed yet.

The government and many organization control the s.p.a.ce realm and normally adventures have to buy a ticket to enter it.

The ticket comes with many conditions and lowest cost 10 million credits.

The reason for my interest is that ticket Top 50 will receive is come with the minimum condition and realms are also very good compared to normal s.p.a.ce realms.