Monster Integration - Chapter 2343: Stitching I

Chapter 2343: Stitching I

Chapter 2343: St.i.tching I

I looked at six parts of Justus Whitmore; the corrupted valley fire would have killed him already. If I was burning under such fire, I would have died within a minute.

As I had said, it is no common fire but fire from someone who is part of a coven. They are the most powerful Grimms that rule their whole race, and even to kill the weakest of them, the whole pyramid council would have to fight against them.

From what I could see, the only reason he was able to survive was because of the artifact. Even now, he is divided into six parts; there are tens of elastic strings connected to all of his six cut body parts of his.

Such artifacts are extremly rare, considering how they get suppressed the closer they get to the limit of the world.

"Many people have died under the corrupted valley flames, be it Masters or Grandmaster, and the only person who could heal such injuries is not available," Said Grandmaster Verma, mentioning the most famous healer before he turned to us.

"You both have to save, Mr. Justus; he is extremly important to Lord Whitmore, the only family he has," said the old man pleadingly.

"Grandmaster Justus, don't pressure Grandmaster Charline and Micheal. If they have a way of saving him, they will not back from using it," said Lord Chalice, trying to calm Grandmaster Verma but also looking at with expectation.

The medbed Mr. Justus is placed one of the best in the world; the corrupted valley fire, which is famous for interference, is not affecting its function, and so is the artifact that is keeping Mr. Justus alive.

The data is clear, and that is where the good news ends; his condition is very bad, and even with the help of an artifact that is keeping him alive, he won't be able to live more than an hour. The moment artifact dies, he will die too.

"Can we get help from a Grandmaster powerful enough to have power to deal with these flames directly or even a Grand Lord?" I asked the Lord Chalice.

"No, nearly every strategically important person is busy." He said, and I immediately understood what he was implying. While Lord Justus is important, his strategic importance is not that great as he is just a Master.

The only reason he was able to get help from three Grandmaster healers is that he is the husband of Lord Whitmore. This is a very important relations.h.i.+p, and they should be able to provide one powerful Grandmaster unless something else is happening.

"I suppose you are also not available, Lord Chalice?" I asked and to which he shook his head in regret immediately. "Grand Commander, Whitmore, Lenora, and Raibhan Solace are fighting against a lower coven powerhouse; Grand Lords have ordered all the forces on standby," He explained

Even Grandmaster Verma was surprised hearing it; a member of the coven had begun fighting, and considering it is Grand Commander leading the fight, it is a big thing; things could escalate dramatically from here.

With no help from the powerful Grandmaster, we will have to heal Mr. Justus on our own, which is quite a difficult task.

A few minutes later, I saw Grandmistress Charline signing off the gesture. "Yes, I was thinking the same thing; Macros-Driver formation would be best to deal with these flames," I said to Grandmaster Charline.

"Macros-Driver formation would take nine hours or even more deal with the fire; Justus did not even have an hour," Said Grandmaster Verma.

"I have a method to deal with that," I said, and six seeds appeared in my and flew toward the six body parts of Justus, carefully avoiding the parts that are covered in the fire.

"Now that I have used my seeds Grandmistress, we have to be quick," I said to Grandmaster Charline, but before I had even finished my sentence, she had removed her air pen, and runes began to come out of it at very fast speed.

It still took her nearly five minutes to draw the formation, which covered nearly the whole room, and just as she finished, I took out the resources.

The Macros-Driver formation is also known as whittling formation. It is very good at whittling away the energies, and for it, its huge amount of resources, lots and lots of resources; that bringing them out, my heart couldn't help but feel pain.

I am going to send the bill to the Pyramid, these resources are very precious, and I want them back.

"Grandmaster Verma," I said, and the old man nodded took place in the formation before turning to Grandmaster Charline and me. "Will we be really able to keep him alive till we deal with this flame?" He asked, and Grandmistress nodded without hesitation.

Keeping him alive while we deal with the flame is the biggest challenge; it is the sole reason he was panicking earlier.

The corrupting valley flames are dangerous, but there are ways to deal with them as long as one has time and corrupted valley flames are not famous for that. Most of its prey get consumed by it; in a minute, they get affected.

My seeds will keep him alive; there is something in them that will definitely keep the corrupted valley fire at bay. It would be my first time using that thing, and I wanted to test it on the Grandmaster in a hall of sleep, but I have been called here before I could do that.


"Lord Chalice, it would be great if you could provide us with any extra Grandmaster," I said and activated the formation.

The more Grandmaster we have, the quicker we will be able to deal with the fire. The formation worked better when there were more people to power it, and within ten minutes of activating the formation, Lord Chalice was able to bring two Grandmasters.

Their addition helped a lot as I immediately broke my connection with the formation and began focusing on the seeds, which are focused on prolonging the us of this single-use artifact Justus has in his body.