Monster Integration - Chapter 2344: Stitching II

Chapter 2344: Stitching II

Chapter 2344: St.i.tching II

"How is he?" Said the familiar voice as another projection had appeared. I did not have to look back to know who had asked the question.

"We are working, Lord Whitmore; you will know the answer in a few hours," I said as I turned to him for a moment.

He looked like s.h.i.+t; for the first time, I have seen him in such a state. His condition is so bad that he is having problems in managing connecting with his projection, which is flickering.

He did not say anything, but he did not leave either, and a couple of minutes later, his projection has stabilized, but he did not change his avatar to the pristine form which he could.

It had been five hours since we began healing Justus, and we are making good progress, better than I had imagined it to be; my seeds are working better than I had imagined it to be.

These seeds are a little special; I have added a tiny spark of white fire inside them. These sparks are not only keeping the corrupted valley fire at bay but also slowing down the burning of a single-use artifact by providing it a fire.

Of course, all of this would not be possible by little rule-bending.

If I had been more data about the fire and had been alone, I would use those sparks to burn the corrupted valley fire covering the cut body parts. I am sure the sparks have the power to do it, but I do not have enough control.

A single wrong step, and I might end up burning the body part of my patient with the corrupted valley fire.

Another three hours pa.s.sed, and not a single person in the room had made a noise. Even lord Whitmore has remained quiet in this past three hours as we were focused on whittling down the fire.

"Finally!" said Grandmaster Verma in joy as we have finally finished whittling down the fire. The joy had lasted on his face for a moment as worry again had shadowed it.

"Body part of Justus is heavily damaged by corrupted valley fire; st.i.tching them together would not be easy, and we have to do it in less than two minutes as the power of the artifact is about to run dry," he added worriedly.

"We have already accomplished the most difficult thing, Grandmaster; the st.i.tching is the easy part," I said.

He opened his mouth to reply but soon closed it, seeing what was happening; thousands of pink strings released from all the six body parts and began to connect with each other, and when they did, they began to move parts closer and closer.

A minute later, the body parts stuck to one another, forming a complete body. They have just stuck together but are still separated from each other. It is clear through the scan that the med-bed is projecting.

I placed both of my hands on the body and closed my eyes; a second after that, changes began to appear on the scans.

The bodies begin to connect to each other as if they are being sewn and they are being sewn, just in a different way that standard healer would do, as these strings do not leave a mark, but one could see what is happening.


Just seconds before the power of the artifact would disappear, the patient took the long breath that could be heard across the room before his breathing became slow.

It changed everyone's expressions as before the patient had stopped breathing, but now he had started breathing.

"We have done what we could, but the patient has suffered grave injuries, and it would take him at least a month or more before he wakes up naturally." "I do recommend for a patient to wake up naturally for the more complete recovery," I said to Lord Whitmore.

"Thank You, I don't know what I would have done if I had lost him," said Lord Whitmore softly as he appeared beside his sleeping husband.

We all walked out of the room, and to my surprise, Lord Chalice's projection has appeared just as we stepped out of the door. He had disappeared a few minutes after the appearance of the lord Whitmore.

"Lord Chalice, what is the result of the battle that Grand Commander and others have fought? Do we able to the b.a.s.t.a.r.d?" I asked.

Hearing my question, a mirthless laugh appeared on the face of Lord Whitmore. "Micheal, how easy do you think is to kill a member of the coven?" Lord Chalice asked back.

"The battle had ended up in a tie; despite fighting four against one, we were not able to gain the edge of over one of the weakest members of cover," Said Lord Chalice with a sigh.

His words couldn't help but shake me while Grandmaster Verma and Grandmaster Charline were not surprised, as if they were expecting to hear that.

It took me a few moments, but I was able to calm myself and understand why the result was not surprising.

Unlike the Grimms coven, where the strongest twenty-one of them rule the whole rare, in humans, it is little different.

The Pyramid council has the strongest twelve of each generation; these people are always Grandmasters, and their tenure is fixed. After their tenure is over, another twelve strongest people are chosen from the next generation.

Our strongest is our Grand Lords, equal to the upper coven members of Grimms. They have the highest decision-making power, but they rarely use it and let the younger generation make nearly all the decisions, including the decisions of war.

From the ten thousand years, this model of leaders.h.i.+p had always worked for us, and a few thousand years ago, the Grimms tried to copy it and failed.

It is not due to the race that this model had not worked; it is because the old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the Grimms have never given the younger generation true freedom.. There was always interference in the decision-making, and for that, they have paid a heavy price.