Monster Integration - Chapter 2342: Emergency

Chapter 2342: Emergency

Chapter 2342: Emergency

"This is what I wanted to talk to you about. If you agree, I will begin working on it from today," I said to Leonard, who was looking in utter shock.

He was not this shocked when I had handed him the art for study and told him my plan to not only make him practice the art but also make it merge with his const.i.tution.

This thing is very important to him, and he never had likely thought he would get such a wonderful opportunity.

"I have no words, my lord, but I would try my all to become worthy of the opportunity you have bestowed upon me," he said after some time, basically agreeing to be part of another of my ambitious project.

"Good. Since you have agreed, I will begin preparation, and you, too, keep working hard. If nothing went wrong, it would be ready within two to three months," I said.

"I will not disappoint you, Lord Micheal," He said, and he began to look at me with the expressions which scared me that even after he left, I couldn't help but shake off the feeling from my head.

I had been admired and even idolized but never been looked at with a gaze of wors.h.i.+p, and it couldn't help but unsettle me.


It took me a while to get over this unsettling feeling, and I stepped into the teleportation formation. A second later, I appeared in front of the hall of sleep and walked inside.

As I had walked inside, I found there were two women inside already. One is Grandmaster Charline, the leader of this place, but the other is quite surprising; she is also a Master, hall of sleep, rarely let a Master inside it.

"Grandmaster Charline," I greeted the old woman before turning to a beautiful woman with forest green hair who looked to be in her early thirties, a little younger than I had seen her last time, and she also made tremendous progress, which is not surprising seeing what had happened to her.

"Miss Maxwell, its been a while since we have met; I hope you have been fine," I said with the woman with vibrant green hair.

"Its all thanks to you, Grandmaster Zaar," She said with a bow.

She is Erica Maxwell, a niece of Grandmaster Maxwell of Blazing Sphere, a prominent healer who had made quite a mistake. That old man had given the wisp of contamination to his niece, making her bloodline go haywire.

I was able to fix those changes, which ended up benefitting this woman, and it also made enforce strict control over my substances and research of mine. Even well-intentioned people could make huge mistakes if they are too desperate.

"Grandmistress, Miss Erica here because?" I asked bluntly; we had an important discussion about the patients, some of which could not be heard by the outsides, so I have to know what she is here for.

Grandmaster Charline quickly signed off, explaining why she was here and understanding it; a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Welcome aboard, Miss Erica; we are always in need of more healers," I said with a smile.

Her change of path is surprising but very much welcome, and she is very suitable for it with her green element bloodline, not to mention she has a good grasp of healing knowledge since her Grandfather is one of the best healers in the world.

Grandmaster Charline had taken her under her wings with the request of Grandmaster Maxwell, who is her good friend and old women seemed happy by getting a new apprentice.

"I have studied the data of new patients Grandmastrss, and I think we would be able to heal at least one of them by evening," I said, to the old women's surprise.

She had given me the data when I was still in the hospital, mostly to pa.s.s my time, but I had studied it my core and already formulated the healing methods to heal them, and I began discussing them with the old women.

While I am very good, the old woman is extremely knowledgeable; she would make my healing methods even more efficient.


We were twenty minutes into our discussion when suddenly our holowatches rang out, and the face of a middle-aged man appeared.

"Grandmaster Charline, Grandmaster Micheal, both of you are immediately needed a top room of healing tower," Said the man, and immediately both of us moved with Erica following behind us.

If it had been any other person calling, we would have waited for at least a second or more, but the person who appeared on our holowaches is none other than the Sylvian Chaline, a member of the Pyramid council and leader of the most powerful supreme.

When we walked out hall of sleep, the teleportation circle was already active with predefined coordinates, and just as we stepped on it, we disappeared.

The next second, we appeared in one of the best healing halls in the world, and there were people inside it.

Lord Chalice, in projection, an old man with a very panicked face and a man who looked to be in his early fifties, divided into six parts, and those cut parts are burning with grey-green fire.

With Lord Sylvian calling us, we have expected someone very important had been gravely injured, and man cut in six parts may be a Master, but he is very important. He is the husband of Lord Whitmore, and his life is literally hanging by threads.

"Charline, Micheal, its good you have come. Its corrupted valley flames of Mnazar!" the old man explained hastily.

The man is a Grandmaster Verma, a healer from Silverstone Academy, and usually known for his stone face but now seeing the husband of his leader in such a state, he has lost all his composure, and I couldn't blame him.

"How did this happen?" I asked as I appeared Justus Whitmore, whose injuries are covered in the corrupted valley fire. A very dangerous thing which, if I touched it, would injure me gravely as it is from one of most fearsome Grimm Monsters.

It is from a member of the coven, the ones who rule the Grimms.