Monster Integration - Chapter 2341: Fixed

Chapter 2341: Fixed

Chapter 2341: Fixed

Diamond Energy is the most versatile energy that is out there; I did not find any other energy that is as versatile as diamond energy, and I am going to use this energy in the healing of her const.i.tution.

I did not waste any time and acted immediatly; I know how quickly body and soul absorb it. So, I moved the tentacles in the body and began to absorb the diamond energy and send it into the const.i.tution.

Like I had expected, as diamond energy entered the const.i.tution, there was no resistance from it; there was even a hint of acceptance.

It took me a little more than ten seconds to absorb all the diamond energy, and as I did, I retraced the tentacles back where all of them dissolved into the runes.


Dissolved runes had formed a vast runic formation across the const.i.tutional s.p.a.ce and activated a moment later.


Teacher screamed out loud again, and her screams were as loud as before, and they lasted for nearly three minutes before they stopped, and I finally took a sigh of relief as the most dangerous part was over.

For the next hour and a half, everything was slow and painless that half an hour later, teacher had even begun to talk to me while her const.i.tution healed.

Another twenty minutes pa.s.sed when everything calmed down; her const.i.tution had healed and changed. The changes that have occurred in it are much greater than I had imagined; it could be said that now, there is a huge difference between her old const.i.tution and this new one.

When I seeped a gem of malleability inside her, I did not have any wish to bring these changes. I wanted to give the properties of malleability to her const.i.tution, but now, I have ended up changing it, and the thing is, I don't know whether these changes would affect her positively or negatively.

"Is it over?" Teacher asked weakly; I nodded and helped her get up. I had asked her to seal her power, at least for a few hours.

She can begin using her powers tomorrow after giving rest to herself and her const.i.tution; they both need it.

"How are you feeling?" I asked as I helped her sit up. She did not answer me for a couple of seconds as if not understanding a question at all. "I felt like something that has been with me since forever had changed, and I don't know what to do with it," She replied softly.

"Give it a little time. If you notice any problem, give me the call immediately," I said; these are the only things I could say considering I have barely any data. "I don't think there would be a problem, but I would notify you if I see any problems," She replied as she got out of the medbed.

I will be performing tests on her daily; she is one of the most important people to me, and I would not let her suffer anything.

What happened to her const.i.tution is completely new, especially after she had merged with such a huge amount of diamond energy which I feel very bad about taking.

That energy would have helped her a lot advanced her body and soul tremendously, but it all went to her const.i.tution. I know how hard it is to create a diamond seal, and I hope she forgives for taking all her diamond energy.

The teleportation formation flashed, and she disappeared while I walked out of the infirmary. Today was a whirlwind of activities, and it had made me a little tired that I just wanted to eat something quick and sleep.

Thankfully, I was at home and did not have to cook dinner.

I quickly ate the dinner my father made and slept. I slept for seven hours, and when I woke up, I felt quite good, much better than yesterday. I could feel I had recovered quite a lot and would be able to use more power than yesterday.

It would take me a few more days to recover, and I wish I could recover in the piece, but I could not; there are many things I have to do.

The past two months have stumped my plans and progress; I am sure some of my friends have progressed a lot in that time. If I wanted to catch up to them, then I would have to finish up the jobs here as soon as possible before I joined back the field.

When I woke up, there was a message from the Pyramid; it is a familiar one which I have been gotten since I had leveled to the Tyrant.

It is about the special leaders.h.i.+p program, a special program where I would spend a week in the highest command center of Pyramid and would watch the biggest decisions of the war being made, many people dreamed about this opportunity, but very few get one.

Only the most talented and vetted those by the Grand Lords themselves get the chance to be in this program.

They have already invited me five times, and this is the sixth time, and like the previous five times, I quickly wroke the letter postponing it. While this program is good, I do not have time for it; there were tens of other things I would like to do rather than watch the council make the important decision about the war.

I have many important things to do today; aside from doing experiments and working on my Inheritance which I am doing every waking moment, I also have an important meeting with Leonard where I will discuss his future path before I have to meet up with Grandmaster Charline.

Few more people have appeared in the hall of sleep, and I have to heal them. It is one of the reasons why the Pyramid had not forced me into the special leaders.h.i.+p program, which they have done with many of my friends and people I know.

Even Elina had suffered through it, and her suffering has lasted for fifteen days instead of the usual seven days that most people had to stay there.