Monster Integration - Chapter 2340: Violent

Chapter 2340: Violent

Chapter 2340: Violent

"Bear it, teacher, I won't let anything happen to you," I said softly and placed my hands on her.

At the same time, hundreds of tentacles are released from the misty white gems and begin to spread across her unstable const.i.tution.

It is really surprising that most calm and gentle const.i.tutions would react in such a violent way for a slight tinkering.

It is not like I had not done any research on the teacher's const.i.tution. I had poked and prodded it hundreds of times over the years and gathered a large amount of data on it and not to mention the information I have got about it from teachers and libraries.

When I placed the seed inside her earlier, I had been fully prepared, but alas, this violent surprise had appeared.

I want to finish it off as soon as possible; the pain must be immense; I could hear the whimpers of the teacher and her circulating the supreme combat exercise to manage the pain.

The tentacles spread across the const.i.tution and begin to deal with the violent elements violently. Destroying the elements that were creating the trouble before absorbing them inside, but there were too many of such elements; I couldn't finish it quickly even if I wanted to.

Though it shouldn't take too long, I am casting a huge net of the tentacles and would be able to catch every unsavory element in it; I just need a little time.

Time pa.s.sed as the tentacles spread wider and denser, destroying and absorbing any unstable element that came in their way while the teacher was circulating the supreme combat exercise to manage her pain.

I don't know what circulation she is, but she is having quite difficulty finis.h.i.+ng the circulation; she wasn't able to destroy the barrier.

The problem the teacher's const.i.tution is having is not big; it is a simple problem; some elements of the const.i.tution had reacted violently when a foreign element had entered inside it, while I would be able to deal with it, it would end up weakening her const.i.tution.

I have to find a way for her const.i.tution to recover, as even if her const.i.tution would gain malleability, it would still ultimately decrease her power, directly dealing a blow to her healing ability, which is everything for a teacher.

Various ideas came into my mind, but not a single one seemed suitable, and each and every one of them seemed to have some drawbacks.

If this continues, I would have to choose the idea with the least drawback and then focus on dealing with a drawback. It might take a long to fix and would be uncomfortable for the teacher and even affect her growth.

Time pa.s.sed by as I continued to spread to create the net of tentacles, and I have reached very close to it; within the next minute, I would be finished with it and with a single common pull the net, capturing all the destructive elements and destroying them in a single motion.


A few seconds had pa.s.sed when suddenly, teachers' attempts were successful. She was able to break the blockage and charge through, and a moment later, energy began to move toward her temple in large quant.i.ties.

Looking at the quality, I know it is an amethyst seal that is beginning to form.

I wonder which amethyst seal it is; the teacher had told me about her progress in the supreme combat exercise a year ago, telling me she had created five-diamond seals. Though she did not mention her progress into the sixth seal.

It is impossible to see the progress of the seals of supreme combat exercise. They are hidden in such a way that I could not find their progress, no matter how many methods I tried. I have tried thousands of times in hundreds of people but have never been able to see them.

Soon, the amethyst seal begins to release its energies; they are puny in an amount that they barely give an increment.

Teachers boy quickly absorbed the energy that the seal had released, and that very moment, I finished with my next and immediately pupped it.


Teacher screamed finally as the pain became unbearable; the violet element is still part of her, and when tentacles begin to destroy them in doves, it begins hurting the teacher a lot.

Her painful screams are unbearable; it felt like I am bearing the pain instead of her.

I forcefully kept my mind calm and continued pulling the net and destroying the violet element, and at the same time, I noticed a huge amount of energy was moving in the teacher's body. I did not need to be a genius to know what was happening.

The amethyst seal would be the last in its group, and with it being formed, the ruby seal began forming.

By the time I had I was near destroying all the unsavory elements, the ruby seal released the energies, which is much thicker and more powerful than the amethyst seal and would help the teacher slightly.

A minute later, all the energy was absorbed by the teacher, but she did not begin to circulate again. She is barely managing to stay conscious with all the pain; she has no energy left for the circulation of supreme combat exercise.

A minute later, I finished crus.h.i.+ng all the unsavory elements and absorbed them in my tentacles. With that done, it is time to fix her const.i.tution.

I have decided to fix it with the way with the least drawback and instantly take out a few precious resources and crystal, which is the main ingredient that will help in fixing teacher const.i.tution.


I placed them around the formation, which I had drawn on the teacher's body earlier and was about to activate it when thick familiar energy appeared in the teacher's body out of nowhere; seeing the energy, I stopped on my tracks.

Diamond Energy!

It is without a doubt a dimaond energy; I had not thought teacher was so close to creating the sixth diamond seal, and seeing it, a bold idea couldn't help but appear in my mind.