Monster Integration - Chapter 2339: Suggestion

Chapter 2339: Suggestion

Chapter 2339: Suggestion

"You have reached the stage where I do not need to charter a path for you; you have become capable of creating your own path," I said to Danielle while my strings burrowed inside her, healing her.

"Still, if you are willing to listen, I have a suggestion," I added.

"Your words were never proven, wrong, Grandmaster. I will listen, whatever you have to say." She said; I nodded and prepared the words in my mind as they were sure going to shock her.

"From now, you should focus on your Inheritance. Most importantly, focus on using Inheritances's power with the art," I said. She would not have expected, I would suggest something like it, seeing the big surprise on her face.

Earlier, when fighting against Leonard, she had barely used the power of her Inheritance; she had used her art only. As her Inheritance is not powerful enough to contend against the power of Leonard.

If it had been regular apex Inheritance, I would not have given her suggestion as she would be better focusing on her art as much as possible. It is what provides her with the greatest strength, but her Inheritance is different.

Her Inheritance is the core Inheritance of Wisdom tower; the Inheritance used by more than 50% of members of wisdom tower including Grand Tower Mistress Angela Leon and current tower master.

It had two parts; one part is like convectional Inheritance, while the other part lets one create their own move.

If she could merge the power of Inheritance with her art, the strength she could burst with would be phenomenal, and most importantly, this way, she could progress further into her Inheritance, increasing her chances of creating the Inheritance core.

This had always been my goal which is why I had asked her to continue hiding the power of her art and only use the power of her Inheritance in front of the people.

This had forced her to dig deeper into her Inheritance when she had a difficult battle and could not use her art. It could be said she had already made quite a lot of progress with her Inheritance, but it is far from enough if she wants to create an Inheritance core.

"I was thinking of focusing on comprehending my art further," Danielle said after a few seconds of silence. "That is a good choice too, but with you focusing on Inheritance, your development would be more well-rounded and would aid you a lot in the future," I advised.

"I will think about it," She said, "That is all I want," I replied. As I had said, it is just a suggestion; whether she wanted to follow it or not is her decision.

Ten minutes later, I healed most of her injuries, and she left. She will have to rest for a day let her body recuperate naturally to make a full recovery.

After Danielle left, the teacher and I walked into the infirmary, where she laid down on the medbed.

"Have you really got it?" Teacher asked, "How can I not when I spent such a huge efforts," I replied with a smile.

Teacher had changed a lot; a year ago, she would have been slightly averse to the method I used to obtain that thing, but now she is fine with it. "Don't worry, there won't be any problem with it," I said, seeing the worry and expectation in her eyes.

I closed my eyes, and soon, I was in my core, and in front of me was a pink-violet egg is floating. The same egg which I have taken out from the Leonard is now just much bigger, the size of my palm.


I sighed, looking at this wonderful creation of mine before I tapped on it, and just as I did, a clicking sound rang out.

The egg split open, revealing s.h.i.+ning gems within. Each gem had a different color and contained something that was very precious; it would shock the world if they had come to know about it.

I had picked up a misty while gem; it is a gentle look at, and its aura is very calming, just like a teacher. This is for the teacher and contains a part of her or rather a part of her.

In the egg, I have added a small piece of her const.i.tution, and this small part fertilized when Leonard's const.i.tution and art was merging, gaining its precious ability, for which I had chosen Leonard, my mentee, the malleability.

This is an extremly rare ability that I have got for teacher, and now, I am going to merge it with a teacher's const.i.tution.

If it worked, then teachers' const.i.tution, which is pretty powerful, would gain the malleable properties. Though the chances of that happening are only 35%, I am not sure whether I would be successful in it.

I opened my eyes, and now I had a misty white gem in my hand, which I carefully placed on the teacher's temple.

The gem seeped inside her, and the very next moment, a dense white glow exploded out of her body.


The intense reaction has surprised me, as this should be a silent process. The fertilized egg should have merged with the const.i.tution of the teacher slowly over a period of days, trying to give it malleable properties.

Teacher has a healing const.i.tution, and it is a pretty good one; it is also fully awakened and greatly complements her Inheritance, which is one of the reasons why she was always able to heal above those of her level.

My tinkering, which was supposed to be silent, had made it react; her const.i.tution has become unstable within a second, and if continued as such, it might end up regressing or even destroyed, both of which are not good scenarios for a teacher.

I wanted this process to be long and slow, but it seemed like now it had to be quick and immediate.

Even though I had not expected something like this might happen, I had made contingency plans for such things, and now I am going to use them.