Monster Integration - Chapter 2338: Burst

Chapter 2338: Burst

Chapter 2338: Burst


Deafening sounds rang out across the arena as Leonard revealed his true power, immediately forcing Danielle into the defensive.

In the three minutes, she tried to go on the offensive, but Leonard did not give her any chance, as he attacked her from all angles, with each attack being stronger than previous against them, all she could do was defend.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing Danielle fight defensively, as she has grown better at it. It seemed like she had learned quite a lot from all those lessons I have taught her.

Her condition may look bad, and it is bad but not as bad as others might think; despite Leonard pus.h.i.+ng her back such hard, there was not a single injury on her.

She is smoothly creating one bubble defense after another to defend against the crazy attacks Leonard.

"Danielle is in deep trouble; it won't be long before Leonard defeats her," Ida said and looked at me. I kept my face straight without revealing anything.

The fight is far from being over; the current power of Leonard was only capable of suppressing her, and if he is thinking of her defeating her by it, then it would be a foolish thought. He would need to bring out something even more powerful to defeat her.

Time pa.s.sed as every minute Leonard would attack with hundreds of attacks, and every single one of them would get defended.

No matter what move he used, including the new ones he had gotten from his art, she would always defend, and that began to frustrate him. He is getting faster and stronger with every attack, but he still is not able to defeat her.

Little more than half an hour pa.s.sed by when Leonard had just stopped and looked at Danielle intensely.

"I had not throught you would be so d.a.m.n hard to defeat, even after the huge advancements I had made," He said.

"So, you ready to call a tie them?" Danielle asked back with a smile, to which Leonard shook his head.

"Today is the day I will defeat you, Danielle," He said, and before Danielle could reply, a great change occurred in his aura. It had simply disappeared, and for a moment, he looked like a regular person.


He suddenly shouted, and soul suppressing aura burst out of him; the aura was so powerful that even Danielle could not believe it.

His art and const.i.tution had merged, granting him the stronger abilities of both. This is 'Burst' the only ability of his const.i.tution which instantly increases his power, which after the merge have become even more powerful.

One moment he was a distance away from Danielle, and next, he appeared in front of her and swung his ax that looked like coming at her at a very slow speed.

It alarmed Danielle, and instantly, he used the most powerful defensive method her art had to give her. A huge bubble had enveloped her, and inside the bubbles, aside from her, were thousands of tiny bubbles.

She had never used this defensive method against Leonard and had only used it against me when I spar.

Unfortunately, it is not going to be enough; Leonard is not anymore. In this attack of his, he had used every bit of power he could muster, and it is immense, far more than what her defensive method was capable of defending against.


The ax struck against the huge bubble, and it instantly burst apart before the thousands of tiny bubbles began to explode as they absorbed the power of the attack.


In a fraction of a second, all the bubbles exploded, and the remaining power of the attack hit Danielle and sent her flying. She was only able to stop when she crashed against the wall of the arena.

Everyone watched in shock, even though they had sort of expected the result. It had still shocked them, especially the power of the last attack.

"d.a.m.n, you have hit me quite hard!" Danielle said, breaking the silence as she wiped out the blood from her lips.

She had received quite an injuries. Several broken bones, fractured skull, damaged internal organs, the list is quite long, but if one looked at the smiling face of Danielle, they would think she had received only a few scratches.

"Well, it seemed like I would have to work quite hard if I want to gain my edge back," She said as she tried to get up but fell down.

My strings picked her up before she could fall down and pierced inside her. Her injuries are severe but not complicated; it won't take me long to heal them.

"You both did good, but there are still quite s.p.a.ce to improve before you both can take the next big step," I said before I turned to Ida and Neela, "You too should also begin to work even harder if you want to achieve the strength they have while still being Master," I said to them.

"I will work even more harder from now, Lord Micheal," Ida said, "Me, too," added Neela; I nodded and dismissed them.

"Leonard, come meet me tomorrow evening; I have some important things to discuss with you," He nodded and left the hall, leaving Danielle alone with me and the teacher.

"I hope you are not disappointed in me, Lord Micheal," said Danielle, the first time revealing the effect of defeat in her eyes.

"Disappointed, G.o.d no! Instead, I am very proud of you; the progress you have made is shocking that very few could match," I said, and every word of it is true.

"I lost to Leonard!" She said, despite being a grown woman who had a child of my age, she is acting like a child.

"And you will win tomorrow," I said. "Remember, you have practiced a Grand Art, don't sully its reputation by saying those words," I said with a little strictness in my voice.

My words seemed to affect her, and her emotions calmed down soon enough.. Good, as there is something important I have to talk about her, the future path she should take.