Monster Integration - Chapter 2337: Spar

Chapter 2337: Spar

Chapter 2337: Spar

Bang Bang Bang

"My G.o.d!" Neela muttered in shock and horror as the thousands of bubbles rained on the Leonard like bullets, and as they touched any surface, they would explode like a bomb. Every single one of these bubbles could take the life of the master easily.

"This strength is horrifying," said Ida with the same expressions as Neela, but there is also a burning desire to get such strength.

"Both of you on the right path. If you continue to work harder than you are now, it won't be long before you gain such strength," I said without taking my eyes off the battle.

"Really?" Both of them asked in unison, with hope and desire burning in their eyes. "To be honest, both of you have a much clearer path than them, but you will have to work just as hard if you want to gain the strength they have," I said.

Ida had a bloodline; those with bloodline have the easiest chance to go above their limit; they always have the power; they just have to get it.

Those with Inheritance have a little difficult path, but Neela is doing great. She is revealing in her fleshmancer power; she is not only focusing on the healing part but also other aspects of her Inheritance.

In this past month, she had done more than a hundred cosmetic surgeries. Most of them were on the people who got inflicted with attacks that ruines their faces and other parts of their bodies, but she also had some purely cosmetic procedures for people who wanted to look more appealing.

Last month when I was in a coma, she had joined the extremely dangerous battlefield for three weeks, and from what I read from her report, she had done great.

Both of them have become Masters now, and through the regimen, I had prepared for them, they are improving every day.

I hope within a year, they will have the same strength as the two fightings have. It would not be easy, but I know they will be able to do it with a little help.

Fifteen minutes have pa.s.sed, and the battle became even more intense; one could white-red ax clas.h.i.+ng against the bubbles, which seemed to have myriad abilities, from bursting like a bomb to the binding like shackles.

Leonard is very familiar with these abilities, but he is still having a hard time against them as they are attacking him zealously from all angles.

I am having quite fun watching the battle, which is starkly different than their battle. Most of the moves they are using are the same, but they are thousand times more polished, and their fighting style is much more mature.

Danielle is doing good; the way she is fighting is clear that she had the experience to fight against Grandmaster, and she is using that to full advantage.

She is forcing Leonard to dig out more and more of his power to deal with her; it won't be long before he reveals his true power.

"It seemed it like, it won't be possible to defeat you without my real strength," Leonard said, and before Danielle could reply, an earthshaking aura exploded from Leonard's body at the same time, a phantom of a huge blood-red mammoth with ivory with big rounded ivory tusks appeared behind him.

"Bloodline! No, it does not feel like bloodline," Ida said as she shook her head in confusion. "It felt like the power of const.i.tution, but those are clearly the energies of art?" Neela said in a question and looked at me in answer.

I only smile at her; this is a question I will not answer, and also, I have decided to create something to make the aura of his const.i.tution art a little more ambiguous, so people cannot detect the truth.


The phantom of the mammoth let out a lifelike roar and merged back into Leonard, and what happened after that truly shocked me.

His helmet turned blood red, and two horns grew out of it; these could not be said to be horns as they are tusks, much smaller copies of tusks of the mammoth totem.

It has shocked me because the armor is a domain of Inheritance, but his const.i.tutional art had infringed on and changed it. I am not the only one shocked by it; the teacher also to is shocked as she understands what is happening.

I only remained shocked before a wonderful idea came into my mind. This had come to my mind before, but I did not think it was possible without paying a huge prize but now seeing it, my thoughts have changed.

This idea is grand as merging const.i.tution and art, and it would not take a while, seeing I already have more than enough data to do something like that.

Its just that it is a little time-consuming project, but seeing its rewards and being the only one with most familiar with the process, I think I could do it.

With that thought, I have instantly had a command to the egg that was still inside the Leonard. I have not taken out the complete egg from Leonard; it is still in the Leonard collecting data and doing other things.

With this command, I have already begun with my second most ambitious project, and I will be successful in it too.

I am already an expert in 75% of the thing required for this project.

I was in my thoughts when Leonard acted again, and this time, his speed was like teleportation. He is not only using his Inheritance energy but also his internal energy, which had been strengthened by the power of the const.i.tution.

He appeared in front of Danielle as if he had teleported and attacked. This attack's power was anything like his previous attacks, and it could be seen in Danielle's eyes.


A defeaning 'bang' rang out as Leonard's ax had nearly decimated the wall of bubbles that appeared in front of it and forced Danielle to take a step back for the first time.

The attack was just a beginning; while Danielle was just looking at Leonard with wide eyes, he appeared behind her and swung his ax at an even greater power, wanting to finish her off without wasting a second.