Monster Integration - Chapter 2336: The Prize

Chapter 2336: The Prize

Chapter 2336: The Prize

"How are you feeling?" I asked him as he opened his eyes. "Good, beyond good, it felt like I have a power of G.o.d," He said with a hint of amazement and some pride.

I smiled as I heard that and instantly appeared in front of him with a speed that had shocked the h.e.l.l out of him and touched my index finger to his temple. He became immobile with my touch, not able to even twitch.

A second later, I removed my finger from his temple, and now on the top of the finger is a pink-violet egg; it looked the same as earlier when I had inserted it inside him.

While it may look the same but it is not; it is now tens of thousands of times more precious than before, containing a think I had worked so hard and spent so many precious resources to get, and now I have finally got it.

It is going to help me extremely, not only me but also the teacher and those people I could help with the data and the things I have obtained through it.

"You may feel like you have the power of a G.o.d but remember, you have just jumped the pond. This pond is huge, but it also has much bigger sharks that could swallow you instantly if you are not careful," I advised.

"I understand," He said after a few seconds of silence.

Th power of Grandmaster could be intoxicating.

The difference between the Master cla.s.s and the Grandmaster cla.s.s is so big that when a new Grandmaster is produced and if they are especially young, their higher-ups give them counseling, and some even straight away beat them up to make them realize their mortality.

Leonard is intelligent, so I just showed him a little bit of my power to make him understand the difference between us and how much he has to grow if he wishes to catch up to me.

"So, are you ready to test your new strength?" I asked as Leonard got up, "Yes," he said excitedly, "Though, beating you with my current strength would be near impossible," He added with a sad smile.

"Don't worry, I will not be your opponent. It is someone who you will much love to fight," I replied and walked toward teleportation formation.

Teacher and Leonard followed behind me; as they appeared in the formation, it lit up, and we have disappeared from our spot and appeared in a huge arena. It is an arena for the Grandmasters; I have specially booked it for today.

The arena had already people waiting, my three mentees. Neela, Ida and Danielle.

Danielle had been out of much of the two months but just returned three days ago, and she had made ma.s.sive improvements which had transferred her to the true upper echelons of the world, though she had kept her real strength secret as she usually does.

Seeing Danielle's fighting spirit couldn't help but light up in his eyes. In nearly a year, they have fought over a thousand times, but not a single time Leonard was able to win against Danielle, but soon Danielle would make strides in her art and beat him black and blue.

"Leonard, Danielle, the center of the arena now," I said as I usually do when I want to make them spar. At my command, both of them nodded and instantly appeared in the center of the arena.

"This spar is different from all the other spars you have before, so don't hold back if you don't want to lose instantly," I advised surprising Danielle a little.


I said, and just as I did, an ax appeared in Leonards's hand, and he moved toward Danielle. I was a little surprised seeing his ax as it seemed to have changed a lot; the biggest change was its head which had turned bone-white from the blood-red, which is a color of his ax.

It is clear that changes had happened to his totem artifact. I am not surprised seeing I have sensed those changes; I just did not expect they would be this big; once I finish with my work, I am going to take my sweet time in a.n.a.lyzing the data I have got from Leonard.

While the speed of Leonard was nothing special to me, it had shocked those who were watching, especially Danielle, as he had directly appeared in front of her and swung his ax at her at a blurring speed.


A deafening sound rang out as the clash clashed against the wall of bubbles that had appeared in front of Danielle.

"Grandmaster! You have gained the power of Grandmaster!" Danielle said in shock. "It seemed like I am not the only one," Leonard replied with slight sarcasm.

While Danielle was shocked, she was able to defend against his attack, and it did not seem like it had taken her much effort to defend against the attack. As Leonard had said, he is not the only one who has gained the power of the Grandmaster.

Both of them looked at each other before a powerful aura burst out of them; the aura is Masters, but one could feel the earthshaking power in them, especially of Leonard.

The thing that is most surprising is that Danielle had already reached the limit of Master through her Inheritance, and considering her Inheritance, gives her huge power and this is the strength she showed to the world, but her real strength lies in her art, through which she had already slain a Grandmaster.

Leonard went toward her again with aura blazing while Danielle summoned thousands of tiny delicate bubbles around her.

The contrast around them is opposite, delicate bubbles against the crus.h.i.+ng power, but one would be surprised to see that both of them are nearly equal in power and would have a hard time gaining an edge against each other.

I am quite excited as well; for the first time in quite a while, I couldn't predict who would be the winner of this spar despite all the data floating in front of me.