Monster Integration - Chapter 2335: Totem

Chapter 2335: Totem

Chapter 2335: Totem

Four hours pa.s.sed when a white dot appeared on his body, right below the chest, and it began to expand; it stretched all sides before becoming curvy and then filling out.

I recognized the shape had formed and was just looking at it when another white appeared a little below it and expanded into a nearly similar white shape. Looking at the two white shapes, I became even sure of what totem Leonard is creating, and I have to say, it is a little surprising.

Lines of different colors begin to appear around the Leonards body, connecting to each other, filling parts, making a drawing more and more complete.

"Mammoth," the Teacher said one and a half hours later when a drawing of a majestically crowned mammoth with two huge tusks appeared on Leonard's body.

I am a little surprised seeing Leonard imagining the mammoth as his totem. While his const.i.tution is called 'swallowing mammoth.'

It is nothing to do with 'mammoth beast.' The name of the beast is added due to the property of the const.i.tution to grow after swallowing the resources. Though the mammoth suits Leonard and it would also pay homage to his const.i.tution, which has merged with the art.


We were just looking at the mammoth when suddenly I felt the strange energy gathering around Leonard. "Teacher, let's take a step back," I said, and we went back to the end of the practice room.

The energy of the art began gathering soon; it would fill the room. I had brought out more than enough resources for the first stage; if it needs to be, I will add some more.

Like my art, this also has four levels in the Tyrant stage, but unlike my art, the first stage should be practiced completely in a single session. The strain of that would have killed a Master, but he would be able to bear it barely now that the art and const.i.tution have become one.

Even if the strain became bigger than what he could bear, my egg would handle it. The most difficult stages have already been over; what had remained is the most painful one.


Leonard let out the scream as the art energy entered him or rather the mammoth totem in his body.

As the energy and resources begin to enter the mammoth, changes begin to appear on it. It begins to appear more and more realistic till it begins to move.


It had a really shocked teacher when it moved and shocked her further when it opened its mouth and began to consume all the resources and energies through it, which began to increase rapidly that within a few minutes, the energy had filled the room densely still continue to fill rapidly.

Nearly an hour pa.s.sed, and the energies have become so thick that one would not be even able to see themselves.

Fortunately, I have created the bubble around Teacher and me, and now we are looking at the live metaphysical scan of Leonard that I am projecting and the great changes happening to him every second.

"I had my doubts, but it seemed like you have really done the impossible," said Teacher with slightly watery eyes. "It is not impossible, Teacher; rather, no one had ever attempted it," I replied with a smile.

I am very confident, in the bigger worlds where there are innumerable powers, and vast resources, something like that had already been attempted, and many people would have succeeded since I had succeeded.

"No one had attempted it because no one had the capability," She said without taking her eyes off the scan. I did not reply to that.

The changes that are happening to Leonard are shocking, much greater than I had imagined. The synchronization between Leonard and his art was 100%, and when it merged, both abilities merged too and came out stronger.

It could be said that Leonard would get a far greater boost through the art than a person of the same level would get after practicing the art.

His art has become his const.i.tution and spread into the very core of him, even to the places where not even an art could get. It became very part of it that it would not be able to discard, which is an advantage but also a great disadvantage.

People have the freedom to discard their art and practice another, though it is a very costly affair that very few choose to do due to the price one would have to pay; it can be done. Leonard can't do that; he is fixed on this art forever.

Also, this art is not complete; the pillar is broken in half, and of the twelve stages of the art, five are missing.

Thought, it is not a much of thing for Leonard; as even practicing the four stages of art is going to be a huge challenge for Leonard, and to practice the other three stages, he will have to break out of the shackles of the world, a feat very few able to achieve throughout the history of the world.

Half a more hour pa.s.sed, and the energy had thickened so much that I could solidify it if I concentred it.

Leonard also finished consuming nearly all the resources, but I do not think I will need to add more; looking at the scan, he had nearly finished, within a few minutes, he will be completely finished.

Seven minutes pa.s.sed by, and barely any resources had left; he had nearly consumed all the resources; they were really precious.

Well, it will be the last time I would be spending such resources on him; with his current strength, he is now more than capable of collecting the resources for his practice.

It took a while, but the energy cleared and formed of Leonard have appeared, and to be honest, I couldn't help but be surprised seeing the physical changes that have occurred to him.

He has buffed up, and every muscle on his body looked like they had been carved up from the steel, and the mammoth on his body looked alive as it moved around his body. The aura he is releasing is still that of Master, but there is heaviness.

Still, the outer change is just the fraction; the real deal is hidden inside.