Monster Integration - Chapter 212 Preliminary Rounds III

Chapter 212 Preliminary Rounds III

Lily was not in the waiting for a booth when I have returned, she had left for the second round ten minutes ago.

She had messaged me that, she will meet at the mess at evening and sends her good luck for the second round.

I have to wait for another forty minutes for that.

I pa.s.sed my time reading feed and messages before the time of my second round come and walk toward it.

A few minutes later, I stood in front of a large hall, there are hundreds of such halls around me.

People could be seen coming and going inside them.

When they go inside they looked normal but when they come out, they looked really wretched.

One couldn't help but imagine, how hard the beating they must have got inside it.

I scanned my compet.i.tion I.D. to the door and the door opened.

"Welcome Partic.i.p.ant #739GSJDV." A voice rang out in the hall.

The hall is stark grey, there is nothing in the except for five fighting Androids and a small table on which the artifact is placed.

"Partic.i.p.ant #739GSJDV, Your opponent is those five fighting Androids, which will attack one at a time."

"The battle will last one hour while fighting, you are not allowed to use the skills."

"I wish you good luck Partic.i.p.ant #739GSJDV, the battle will start after five minutes, please wear artifacts before that!" A.I. Said.

The five fighting Androids look the same as I have seen in the training center except for they have 1 to 5 printed on their head and each one had a big screen on their chest, showing a 100.

Defeating each fighting Android, one will get a hundred points.

Fighting it, you have to make that 100 to 0 and Android considered defeated.

There is another interesting rule, even if one cant defeat the android fully, the numbers you have shelved on his screen would go to your score.

Each fighting robot has different fighting strength.

Android 1 has the lowest strength while Android No. 5 has the highest strength.

From what I have read on the feed, Android No 1 strength relate to average mid-level Specialist grade Evolver, Android No 2 strength relate to Peak level Specialist Evolver, Android No. 3 strength relate to Initial level Corporal stage, Android No. 4 strength relate to Mid-level Corporal grade evolver and Last Android No. 5 strength relate to peak level Corporal stage evolver.

This is the reason why those who come out of the hall were looking, so wretch.

The reason would that three Corporal stage strength robots.

Seeing the clock is ticking, I started to wear the artifact on the table, they are all Grade 1.

Thank G.o.d that they at least let us were an artifact or most of the people would have come out of the hall with broken bones.

As I wore the artifacts, the table folded itself and fit itself plainly against the wall.

I will now have a perfect fighting s.p.a.ce without any obstruction.

"Fight Start!"

Rang out in the hall and Android 1 come out and jumped at me for the attack.

I didn't move and just swung my sword at the Robot with my full strength.

"Clank!" My sword hit directly in its neck and his chest which shown hundred on its chest is now showing zero.

It expected, with the power I have now, I just have to swing my sword an average Mid specialist stage would be dead on the spot.

Android No 1 went back to its place and android No 2 come out without waiting.

It swiftly ran toward me, wanting to punch my chest but I dodged its move when it about to touch and swung my sword at its back.

''Clank!" Some spark flew as my sword hit against its back and when I looked that number it turned 69 from hundred.

My one sword attack had taken 31 points from it, I will have to attack two or three times more to defeat it.

After my sword, Android did not put some distance between us but whipped it hand back like a hammer.

Seeing its hand coming toward me, I crouched down and hack my sword toward its waist.

It wanted to dodge but my sword is too fast for it a dodge.

''Clank!" Anther my attack hit it perfectly, taking another its forty points out.

I did not get enjoy my attack as I saw its kick coming toward me, seeing it very close to dodge, I chose to defend, with a small s.h.i.+eld on my left hand.

"Bam!" its kick hit squarely on my s.h.i.+eld, my body shook a little by kicks power but nothing else.

While it was attacking me with its leg, I also prepared an attack as my sword slashed against its another leg.

"Clank!" with another metallic clank, the android stopped and started to walk back toward its place.

The real challenge starts now! I thought as the next Android which will attack me have the power of initial level Corporal stage evolver.

I had not used the full power of my body till now but to fight against initial level corporal I have to use the full power of my body and keep circulating supreme combat exercise.

"Whoos.h.!.+" As Android No 2 went back to its s.p.a.ce, Android No. 3 to step out and came toward me like a rocked with his fist out.

''Clank!" The metallic sound rang out as its fist and my sword clashed against each other.

I had to take a step back to diffuse the blow.

A smile appeared on my face seeing its power, this the challenge, I want.

I hadn't had a chance to test my power against any Corporal stage evolver.

Although this android could never be able to compare to the human evolver, it is still good to test my power.

As I am taking a step back, It attacks me again, this time with the kick.

Seeing the kick is coming toward me, a smile appeared on my face.

I swiftly dodge its kick and attack its leg with my sword, even it is android, it will still have a problem stopping my kick.

"Clank!" I used my whole power in this attack, I wanted to take out as much as the points I could by this attack.

This is android, the more I show my attacks, the more it will be to predict it, so, I have to finish this fight as quickly as possible.

''Clank!" My attack landed on the Android thigh and it zapped 26 points directly.

If I am able to do more three-four such attack, it would be wonderful but I know, it will be hard.

It had calculated my moves and power into its database, to launch another attack like this, I have to use my wits rather than power.

"Bam!" It's furies attack came which, I was late to defend agents as it hit me at my shoulder.

"f.u.c.k!" I cursed as I felt stinging pain across my shoulder but I have no time to mull over it as another of it fist coming at me.

''Clank!" I defended against is fist attack and launched mine but it had dodged before my attack could land on it.