Monster Integration - Chapter 211 Preliminary Rounds II

Chapter 211 Preliminary Rounds II

The crowd did not dissipate even after Magnus Well sat down and started to disturb others who were at sitting same waiting booth, like me.

Finally, guards have to intervene and shoo away the big crowd of girls.

He is sitting not far away from and when I looked at his face, I was quite shocked.

I know he is very beautiful as I saw his photo in his profile but now that I see with my own eyes, I have to he looks more beautiful than his photo.

He has the same level of beauty that of Ellen and Sarah.

The reason girls so attracted to him because of his Masculine beauty, no one can say he looks like a girl.

He has a gentle masculine feel to his beauty that attracts girls most.

He was not alone, his two friends were also sitting beside him and talking softly.

As time pa.s.sed more and more people could be seen coming and going out of the venue.

About fifteen minutes later, I saw Lily come back, seeing the smile on her face, I can she had done quite well in preliminary.

"How is it?" I still asked when she sat near me, "The round was tough but I think, I did well!" she said smilingly.

''Good luck for a second round then!" I said.

We kept talking as she gave me detailed explaining of how the first round is and what mistake one should not make.

I had read thousands of feeds about it but it still good to hear from those personally, who had experienced it firsthand.

"Ting!" a notification rang out on my saying, it is time for me to attend the first round of preliminaries.

"Best of luck!" she said as I was preparing to go.

"Thank You!" I said and walk to an area where the rounds held.

I had to walk for five minutes to reach the area of the first round.

What I see in front of me is a giant fool of water, which is five hundred meters long and two hundred meters wide.

Inside the pool, there are many blocks could be seen on the floating.

The rules of this round are very simple, one has to cross the pool while jumping on the blocks.

One block will be used for only one jump and after jumping on it will stay floated for only one second before popping.

That not all, one has to do all this while dodging the targets that came toward you.

If you hit by the target, it will take ten points out of your score.

Your score will depend on how much distance you have covered if you have coved two hundred meters before falling into the water, then your score is 200.

Points will be subtracted from your score if you had hit by any target.

You have to run with other 199 people, jumping on the blocks that that will pop next second you jump while doing that you also have to dodge the target that came towards you.

This is not the tough part, the tough part, you cant use your abilities or skill.

You have pa.s.sed the round with your physical ability, the only fun thing about this round is you can use violence.

You can hit anyone but very few people would resort that as maximum people will focus on finis.h.i.+ng the distance.

In ten minutes all two hundred people have had formed the line, I was quite surprised to find Magnus was also in the line.

Eyes of many girls could be seen tracking his every moment, if not for the scary looking man sitting beside the pool on the chair, they would have surely near him to hover around like bees.

''You must know rules already but I will still repeat it..." he said and started to state the rules.

"The round will start after the buzz, I wish all of you best of the luck!" said the man and next moment, loud buzz rang out.


Hearing I took a jump onto the pool, my right foot just leverage in the block for a moment before taking jump toward another block.

The floating blocks felt like I've stepped on the wooden block but it popped like a balloon.

'Pop! Pop! Pop!...' loud sound of popping could be heard anywhere but I did not mind that keep my full concentration at jumping.

This whole round will be over within five minutes, what I have to do now is to focus on crossing the distance.

I am one of the few people who are at very front and there are only three people who were, one is while two are boys and amazingly Magnus Wells is the front.

He looks like he is using some sort of technique for jumping, his jumps seem slow but they very fast.

'Whoos.h.!.+' I saw the first projective coming from the front, it is fast but people can dodge if they are swift enough.

I heaved a sigh seeing it is not coming toward me but suddenly that sigh stuck in my through as I red projectile is coming at my head, while I am in mid-air.

'whoosh' without thinking, I craned my neck at maximum and that projectile just went past ear.

"f.u.c.k!" I heard from behind, that projectile must have hit someone behind me.

After two projectile more, more and more started to come from the front, I sometimes have to move my body unnatural angle to dodge the projectile.

''s.h.i.+t!" The beefy looking guy front of me hit by a projectile but that didn't decrease his speed as he kept jumping on the block.

It may seem quite a while pa.s.sed but only thirty seconds had pa.s.sed since the start of the round and fighting had already started.

As the blocks popped by every jump, there is less block to jump to those people from behind that made them fight for s.p.a.ce.

I heard many splashes every few second as more and more people started falling into the water.

It good for me though, being fourth, I don't have to worry about s.p.a.ce to take my steps, there are more than enough for bocks in this hundred-meter wide pool.

"Thud!" "f.u.c.k!" I cursed as a projectile hit me, this was near impossible condition to dodge as there were two projectiles and I could dodge only one of them.

The projectile is a soft cushy ball of fist-size but it felt very painful after being hit.

Nearly everyone is got hit, especially those who were at very front, of the three people who were in front of me, two were also got hit, only Magnus is the one who was able to dodge all the projectile that came in his way.

Currently, I am not jumping at my highest speed, most of those who are front are not using their full speed either.

Using my full speed will be a disaster, with me jumping on the full speed will make very difficult for me to dodge the upcoming projectile.

I am fast to be at the front but slow enough that I could dodge, the projectiles that are coming in my way and there is no prize in finis.h.i.+ng first.

'Bam!' Magnus finally hit by the projectile, we had covered nearly half distance and this is the first projectile he had been hit.

After I crossed half the pool, I noticed that the number of blocks is sharply decreasing.

It showed a sharp reaction in the back as many people started falling in the water.

I am fine right now but in a few seconds, even I will have have to be careful.

'Whoos.h.!.+' i dodge another projectile by bending my leg, it cost me little disbalance when I landed on the ground, if not for quickly jumping naturally, I definitely would've fallen in the water.

Currently only I and Magnus were the only ones, who were hit by only one projectile while others had already hit by more than one.

I have to keep maintaining this steak, I was just thinking that when I felt someone attacking me from behind.

Craning my neck, I saw a boy had taken the high jump and wanted to use my body as leverage to take another jump.

If he was successful, he would definitely make a jump but my chances of falling into the water would also increase.

'Idiot!' he said performed kick in the mid-air, it would have definitely difficult three months ago but with h.e.l.lish training of Combat style, I can definitely perform that skill.

'Bam!' i launched kick mid-air used that force to dodge the projectile that was coming toward me.

The jumping going on for another twelve seconds before Magnus landed on the opposite side of the pool, followed by other two and them only two seconds later I was able to do it.

A big smile comes across my face as I stood another end of the pool because I only lost ten points.

In this all two hundred people only I and Magnus able to score 490 points.

The whole two hundred people that stood on the other side of the pool, less than twenty were able to reach the other end while everyone else had taken a dive in the water.

"Ting!" I got the notification of my score in my Holowatch.

"The first round is over, you all are free to go!" a voice rang out from another corner of the pool.

From the start to the end of the round, the examiner never brings himself out of his comfortable chair.

How lazy he can be, to not even do his job professionally! I said in my mind as I walked toward the exit.