Monster Integration - Chapter 213 Preliminary Rounds IV

Chapter 213 Preliminary Rounds IV

"Clank!" I clashed with the Android one more time, this android is very resilient.

If it was normal initial level specialist grade evolver, he would have defeated by me but this android is kept defending.

I have to say this androids database is quite good, many moves that I've tried were effectively countered by it but that is making me happy.

The more difficult the opponent it, the more excitement will I feel and wanted it to defeat even more.

"Clank! Clank! Clank!….." my sword and it's first kept clas.h.i.+ng, my sword clashed tens of times in few seconds against its fist.

One thing I am liking most about this android that it is fighting within the limit of the human body but it is stretching its limits, that only a few people are able to do that.

He is performing such moves that are possible for the human body to perform but can only be performed by those who have trained with the best combat style.

"Clank clank!" ''Clank!" My sword cut through its chest, though, not a scratch has appeared but the decrease in the number of its chest is proof that my move was lethal.

This time I did not do anything else but kept cras.h.i.+ng my weapons against it and suddenly increased the speed of my sword doubly, that made Android impossible to defend against my attack.

This was quite a good move but it will not be effective again as its system will be alert against such moves.

Its chest screen showing it has only 61 points remaining, I've already zapped 39 in my two moves, now I have to zap the rest.

"Whoos.h.!.+" Putting some distance between us, android jumped toward me and performed the flying.

Its kick was so that even air is making the sound as it piercing through it, toward me.

If this kick really hit, it will hurt like h.e.l.l.

"Bang!" I used my s.h.i.+eld to defend against it, this was really powerful as I had to take two steps back and I was still feeling shaking across my body.

I am lunch attack at android thinking, it will land on the ground after performing such kick but it did the opposite.

It used the force of my s.h.i.+eld to perform flip and launched another skill which is more powerful than kick earlier.

I had no chance to muster the defense as a kick swiftly came at me while I was preparing to attack.

Looks like I had to use my full power now! I thought.

I hadn't been using the full power of my body that six seals of supreme combat exercise granted and there are moves of my Combat style.

I was keeping them all for the fight against Android No. 4 but now I had to use it all.

My sword that was slow earlier had become had suddenly swift and fiercely clashed against the kick that was coming at me.

"Clank!" the force of collusion would have made me take two steps back but I used that force of collusion to take a spin as Android did earlier.

It's just that my spin was faster than it, so when my sword moved against it, ut did not have any chance to dodge or react.

"Clank!" my sword attacks its thigh again while it was mid-air, with this move some of the points on its cheat had decreased again.

It tried to put some distance between us but I shot toward it with full force and which my sword at it.

"Clank!" At last, moment when my sword about to clash against its chest, it crossed both of its hands and used them as a defense.

"Bam!" My third fiercely whipped at its arms which is used to defend, taking out some of the numbers more.

I again move toward it, this time it was prepared and moved its fist to intercept my sword.

My sword going to clash against it but it suddenly my sword became like a snake.

It moved around the incoming fist and move toward its neck, like a snake taking its poisonous bite.

"Chank!" The clank produced as my sword stuck its neck and android still as a screen in chest shown three zeroes.

The Android lay stilled for a few seconds before it started to going back to its place.

Defeating Android are easy but if at its place were real revolvers of the same stage, that defeating them this early would be really hard with just power of physical strength.

As android no. 3 went back to its place and Android no. 4 come started to come.

My heart started to them loudly seeing that, this android has similar power that of mid-level Corporal grade evolvers and according to the feed, those who able to defeat it, will have 80% chances to enter top 50.

Seeing it is coming out of its place, I finally used the last trump card that I haven't used till yet.

A silver fire comes out my hands and it its started to sword around my sword.

It is swirling so fast, that whatever that comes in its way will get crushed.

It is a product of my three months training, from the day I heard the announcement of the compet.i.tion, I started to work on it.

Normally my plan was work on my ability only three days a week but after hearing the Compet.i.tions announcement, I started to work on it every day.

I worked on it every day, no matter how tired I am from training, I will practice my ability for two hours every day.

I took the inspiration for this move is from one of the memorable beasts in the s.p.a.ce realm.

Swirling tail Hound, It was bipedal hound type monster, which has sharp claws and sharp teeth but its specialty was its tail.

End of its tail has air swirling very fast, so fast that air around it also used to swirl.

It did not look lethal at first but whenever it hit, it was used to make a loud band.

One scene I still remember, its tail had one hit the unprotected shoulder of the boy and next moment, it had grounded the shoulder of the boy to fined pieces.

If not for his teammates saving him on time, he would have surely been dead as the tail next going hit the boys head.

Nothing much happened to that boy after, he had drunk the regeneration potion from the Rachel and shoulder he had lost grew new in days time.

The swirling fire around my sword is inspired by that, not only the fire is concentrated but it is also swirling at very fast speed.

Although, the swirling speed of my fire could not compare to the Swirling tail hounds, swirling tail the lethality of fire would definitely make up for that.

One day, I want to be so proficient in controlling the fire that I will able to make a swirling whip of my concentrated fire.

That dream for another day, I now had to give it my all defeating this Android No. 4 which will be my ticket to main fights of compet.i.tion.