Monster Integration - Chapter 200 Specialized Training V

Chapter 200 Specialized Training V

"Choose your weapons." He said waving his hands toward the shelves where weapons are kept.

"We don't want you to get hurt too much to get sued!" he joked in his jovial tone.

My heart thumped but I also took a sigh of relief seeing we are going to practice with real Grade 1 artifact.

If we had sparred using practice weapons, without using protection artifact, there still would have been many injuries, even without using skill, especially to specialist grade.

But now we are using real weapons and also using protection artifacts like armor, s.h.i.+eld, masks.

There would be injuries but this will be very light, as long as one doesn't use skill, even if there is a difference of level, one would only feel a painful sting even if one, used his full power as attacks without skill wonts able to penetrate the defense of the protection artifacts.

I quickly covered myself with artifacts and stood beside the ring with rest.

"All right now everyone had covered themselves well, it is time for a real fight,"

" You only have ten minutes, you have to defeat your opponent as soon as possible," he said but suddenly his jovial face turned serious.

"And remember, don't activate your skill and use your abilities in heat of the moment, you will regret it right after that!" he said in extremely serious voice before his face turned jovial again.

Is he psycho? I thought to myself seeing his quick change in tone and expression.

"Now is the fighting time, you and you, get into the ring!" said the instructor pointing toward two mid-level Corporal stage evolvers.

"Fight!" said instructor and both mid-level Corporal stage evolvers started to fight in the ring.

One is using a sword while another is using a saber.

As the fight started, the saber user took the initiative and launched the flurry of strikes against the saver user.

The Sword user is not week either, he started to counter each and every strike of the saber user.

The fight will look dry at normal looks as there is no colorful skill and abilities flying around but after taking closer look one will see the real fight.

This fight may not be eye-catching as another fight I've seen but it is a lot more helpful.

One can see the true limit of ones combat in this type of fight as our mind is not obstructed by skills and abilities.

Although skill and abilities are very important more important than actual combat but without the help of actual, one will not survive for long in the fight with only help from ability and skill.

It is necessary for every evolver to fuse and synchronize one ability and skills with the actual combat.

Few minutes pa.s.sed as combat in front of me going on and superiority of saber user is clearly shown.

Although both of the users didn't seem to know, any actual combat style but saber user seem to have more fighting experience.

His every strike is precise and forceful, not giving any chance if retaliation to his opponent.

Beads of sweat could be seen on the sword user, he is having difficulty dealing with saver user as he was already been hit by his opponent many times.

"Bam!" finally his used his saber squarely and hit the chest of the sword which directly took him out of him.

The fight had lasted for less than five minutes, the sword user could able to fight the half the given time.

"you are good, very good. You used your saber precise and forceful, you just now had to work on speed of your strikes, it will make you faster and even more powerful!" advised the instructor.

"Thank you for advice instructor!" said the saber user grateful.

The instructor then turned to the lost sword user, who was hanging his face in shame.

"And you, you would have easily able to win against him if not for to not taking initiative to attack!"

"You already have speed, you now just have to gain more fighting experience and work on your offense initiative." instructor advised the sword user.

He was even more grateful than the sword user receiving advice from the instructor.

Normally the people who come for specialized training in a training center like this are normal adventurers.

They had to earn money by themselves from monster hunting to get Specialised training.

These tips may simple words but they are very useful as normal adventurers barely have anyone to guide them and receiving advice on strength and weakness is very important.

"You and You, get into the ring!" the instructor called another two people in the ring to fight.

This time it was girl and boy, the girl is at the mid-level Corporal stage while the boy is at a peak level of the corporal stage.

Both of them started to fight after the instructor said.

Seeing their difference in the level, I thought the girl would be a disadvantage but I got surprised seeing she is not about a disadvantage against the boy, who is one level above her.

She is equal to him in fighting the power, he many times tried to get the upper hand but countered by her quite effectively.

One thing I noticed about this girl is her footwork, her footwork is really amazing.

That amazing is footwork is one of the main reason she is able to fight against him equally.

"Times over!" said instructor and stopped the fight seeing ten minutes are over.

After that, he elected two more people to fight before giving advice to the previous two who fought.

Times pa.s.sed on as more and more people fought but all them were Corporal level evolvers, only after two hours did he elected specialist stage to fight.

I was a little surprised, I thought he would make Specialist grade evolvers fight each other seeing there only three Corporal level evolvers are here but he made Peak level of Specialist stage evolver fight Initial level Corporal stage evolver.