Monster Integration - Chapter 201 Specialized Training VI

Chapter 201 Specialized Training VI

There are only three Specialist evolvers in the cla.s.s, two of them at the peak of the Specialist stage while me at the mid-level of Specialist stage.

The peak-level Specialist stage girl and Initial level Corporal stage boy went into the ring.

They both had activated their masks so I can see their expressions but I can guess Specialist stage girl is feeling startled and frustrated.

If it was me, my favorite opponent would have been a Specialist stage, at least for two or three

''Fight!" Shouted the instructor and both of them be started to fight.

As expected from the starting of the fight level of difference in power could be seen between them.

The first time their swords clashed, Specialist stage girl have to take the step back to diffuse the blow.

As the fight had progressed, corporal stage evolver started to use more and more power, but what startled is the Specialist stage girl's response.

She is very skillfully adjusting to the pace of the fight.

She is still at a disadvantage in the fight but she is handling it carefully by very skillfully diverting the incoming attacks.

If I had her such mastery in diverting the opponent's attacks, it would have saved me a lot of beating from monsters.

Seeing his attacks hadn't been working much against his opponents, he suddenly increases the power of the attack.

This caught the Specialist girl off guard and she had to take several steps back and then was able to balance her footing, she saw a sword attack coming toward her.

It was at the same level of ferocity at the earlier attack.

The girl held her sword diagonally with what limited time she had and their sword clashed with a loud bang.

I thought this girl would directly throw out of the ring but what happened clearly surprised me, not only I but other people as well as the small sound of surprise came out of their mouths.

As their clashed, the next moment, the girl used the momentum of the attack to take a spin and launch an attack of her own.

This completely startled the Corporal level and evolver as he scrambled to fend off against the attack.

That attack did not much affect Corporal stage evolver but if this fight had been real, then she would have easily able to to use the skill with that attack and would have posed a life-threatening danger to the Corporal stage evolver.

The fight did not last long, the Corporal level evolvers attacks became even more forceful and in the sixth move, she was out of the ring.

I have to say she performed well, I don't think, I can perform the same way as she does and she is able to last against Corporal stage evolver for five minutes and that is quite commendable.

The instructor gave both of them advice on their strength and weakness and quickly elected new pair to fight.

The fight was interesting and opened my eyes to many new combat techniques.

Some techniques were straight but some were a downright sneaky that they are able to defeat their opponent with it.

It gave me enough knowledge if I saw that someone is performing that technique against me, I would be cautious.

More than twenty pairs had already finished their fights, my turn will come soon.

As the fight progressed, the instructor called second Specialist stage evolved to the ring and his opponent was also Initial level Corporal grade evolver.

The fight was not as interesting as another one as Specialist stage evolver did not last for more than two minutes before thrown out of the ring.

The fights progressed and only four people remain to fight, the instructor will can now to fight or ten minutes later.

"You and you, go on the stage." said the instructor finally, my number came finally and unsurprisingly, my opponent also initial level corporal stage evolver.

I walked up in the ring, so is my opponent and we waited for the instructor to start the fight.

"Fight!" said instructor and Corporal stage evolver attack my next moment, his speed is fast and his sword directly come toward my chest.

I quickly move my sword to counter it as dodging is not possible, I will definitely get hit by it.

"Clank!" our sword clashed and I took a step back, a look of clear surprise appeared on my face.

Not because the power of the sword is too high but it low compares to what I've expected.

If I had known the power of the attack going to be this much, I wouldn't have taken a step back to manage its power.

Unconsciously, I've been expecting this sword attack as a monster attack full of vicious power, prepare to take many steps back to diffuse the power but ive totally miscalculated it.

I subconsciously forgot I am fighting human as it's been near a month since I've fought human again, the closest thing I've fought to humans were Bipedal monsters, to which attack I was comparing the earlier attack.

I have to remember that humans fought with brains rather than their strength and they use skill to increase their power exponentially.

He did not wait for the moment and launched another attack at me but this attacks power obviously more than the previous one.

"Clank!" My sword clashed against it and I took two steps back, I did not take to step back because the attack is too powerful but I want my opponent to think that and want to get chance to land a blow at him.

This is one of the things I like against fellow humans, they are smart but you can use their smartness against them.

Monsters are completely different, they are an instinctive creature, they will act in their instinct.

As long as a human is smart and have enough power, he can beat the monster that stages above him.

There are no limitations to humans but monsters always have one due to their lack of intelligence.

That is why the bonded monster many times powerful and evolve quicker than their unbonded counterparts.

He keeps launching an attack and I kept responding accordingly and as the fight progressed, I was able to identify his attack rhythm which really helped me in deflecting his attacks.

Every attack of his is slightly powerful than others and I didn't think, I would last more than two and a half minutes.

Everybody learned something watching the previous fight, my opponent also did.

I have to quickly find a chance to attack him if his attacks became powerful then I didn't think l will get a chance to launch an attack.

He knew he could beat me any time as long as he used his full power but he is not doing that.

He is using me as grindstone to try out many different types of attack which he could not against the same stage evolver but he is also cautious as he keeps increasing power of his attack at every move.

As time pa.s.sed, his attacks had become powerful enough to make me take a few steps backs even if I wanted or not.

"Clank!" our swords clashed against and I took four steps back and while I am stabilizing myself he came with another attack but this he attacks different ways.

Now is my chance! I said in my mind as I saw his sword horizontally come toward me.

If this sword pierced toward my armor, it would really hurt like h.e.l.l.

I let the sword came close to my sword, close enough that it a few inches from my sword.

My sword position looked like, it was to counter the sword but as soon as the sword got close enough, I flipped.

I flipped with the speed that I've never shown before and used my sword like a whip as I stuck against the shoulder.

It may look like the same attack, the specialist stage girl performed earlier but it is not, she did not hide her full power from her opponent while I did.

My sword is so fast that he didn't have a chance to dodge or counter with my sword.

This is why I chose this moment, without using skill, he won't be able to avoid my blow.

"Clang!" My whip-like sword stuck against his shoulder without any suspense but next moment I felt heavy shock against my waist.

"Bam!" His sword struck me like a hammer and I flew away from the ring and crashed on the floor.