Monster Integration - Chapter 199 Specialized Training IV

Chapter 199 Specialized Training IV

I quickly chose the sword from the shelf which is behind her and took eye band from her, before walking toward the empty white circle.

I stood in the center of the while circle and wore eye band.

It feels quite uncomfortable wearing eye band. It has become dark, I can't see anything, everything had become dark in front of me.

I now only had a sense of hearing and sense of touch.

The voices started to quite a down one by one.

The training will starts soon, I thought in my mind.

I gripped my sword tightly and relaxed my taut muscles, ready for anything that comes to my way.

"Buzz!" the buzz suddenly rang out in the hall. 'The training started finally,' i said in my mind.

"Dhud!" "f.u.c.k!" ''s.h.i.+t!…." I heard varies noises, the next second the buzz rang out.

The projectiles seem attacking people and from the cursing sound I am hearing, I think they are hurting a lot.

Just as I thought that I felt like something is coming toward me and I swung my sword at that direction.

"Bam!" ''f.u.c.k!" My sword had hit nothing but next moment, something hit my cheek sharply.

I did not receive any injuries as whatever hit me was made of soft material but the stinging pain I felt on my cheek is sharp, it was like a hard slap.

I just wanted to remove my blindfold and see what hit me but I stopped myself.

Removing the eye band will make me disqualified in cla.s.s.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed myself and readies myself to face against, whatever projectile that is coming toward me but all that was nothing.

I could sense that projectile coming toward me, I try to dodge or hit them with my sword, they would always crash against my body.

"Pa!" I hit the projectile with the blade of my sword, I expect to miss this one also but luckily, I was able to hit it and saved myself from some pain.

It was the lucky shot, I did not hit it with my ability, only with luck.

I want to hit shot with my own ability, not by some random luck. I want to predict the path of the projectile and hit or dodge it with my own ability.

I can dare to imagine, how much my power will increase when I will be able to respond to any incoming attack, even with my eye closed.

It will be amazing but it will be very hard to reach that stage.

For me, this Reflex training is the hardest one, in the other three, I have a clear direction on what to do.

I had a path laid out in front of, I just had to follow it with persistence but this training, all is blurry.

I will have to find my own path and I think the training of the other three will help immensely.

As time pa.s.sed by I got hit by hundreds of projectiles, not only me others also, that why kept hearing many curses.

I got also lucky many times and was able to thwart the projectile but that did not give me any joy.

I started to use my scenes at their maximum and I made little progress but I was never able to currently predict and hit it.

Progress will not be made in one or two, it will take time some time and I am confident that this training will help me better utilize my senses.

This cla.s.s is two hours long and because my eyes are blindfolded, I can't see what time it is but I am sure, the cla.s.s is reaching its end.

I'll just have to experience some more beating of this projectile before the cla.s.s is over.

"Buzzz!" suddenly A buzz sounded and just as I hear it, I tore out off eye band, off my eyes.

These two hours were really something, I felt really good, seeing colors again.

"Please put back the practice weapons and eye bands where you took them." said the pretty instructor with a robot-like voice.

I put back eye band and practice sword back where I have taken them from and walk out hall feeling tired.

Its been nine hours since the start of first cla.s.s and I still have, one other cla.s.s left.

It is Combat Training cla.s.s and from what I am hearing from people around me, in this cla.s.s we will have to fight each other.

I ma.s.saged my temple just thinking about the beating I will receive, I just shudder thinking that.

I really don't want to be beaten by the Corporal stage evolver.

I don't think there will be more than six Specialist grade evolvers while the rest are at Corporal grade.

There is a clear difference of one Stage, this gap could not be filled by two are three seals of supreme combat exercise.

If we were to use the skill, there is a chance of beating those above our level but I don't think, in this training, we can use our skill.

On one hand, this will be some sort of h.e.l.lish experiment for those at Specialist Stage but on the other, this cla.s.s will also where Specialist stage will learn more.

Fighting Corporal level, I will get a clear look at their ability and experience it first hand.

It will very helpful experience if I come across any Corporal level evolver outside.

There is another that is most important, this combat training cla.s.s will put immense pressure on us specialist grade and will be the best training to advance our ability in the short term.

Soon we entered the combat hall, this quite small hall compare to others.

This hall just had one medium size fighting ring, which little bigger than the fighting rings that used to be in Training facility of my old apartment building.

The instructor seemed to be in his forties with a chubby build and jovial face.

He looked like a comedian on tv rather than the instructor of the combat training cla.s.s.