Monster Integration - Chapter 198 Specialized Training III

Chapter 198 Specialized Training III

'Blub!' I jumped into the pool as the instructor said with the rest of the people.

The pool seemed to be about ten meters deep and water is crystal clear with room temperature.

I swam downward till I reached the six-meter deep, it is the perfect spot to dodge against any water jet attack comes in my way.

"Boom!" I felt a loud water boom in the water and next moment I saw a ball of concentrated water flying above me but I didn't get a chance to relax as I heard another two loud booms and one is coming toward me.

I quickly swam away before it could hit me but its speed was so fast that the water current surrounding it grazed my shoulder, I did not receive any injury but felt sharp pain.

I have to be very careful, not to let these jets of compressed water hit me or I will be in serious pain.

The time pa.s.sed more and more water jets attack come, some even hit people, so far I am lucky.

It is a good thing, I chose my location near the center of the pool, I can see any water jet attack coming toward me.

'Boom!' a water jet attack that comes from the base of the pool, hit one girl squarely, sending her out of the pool.

When I expected her to fall back into the pool, that did not happen. So, this is what the instructor meant by disqualified.

In the pool, you can hit by as many water jets you can but you can't hit by those, which came from the ground.

If they hit successfully, they might send you out of the pool and you will be disqualified.

"Bam!" suddenly water jet him my back when I busy thinking implication being hit by.

The only good thing that this water jet attack came from left and not from the ground but it still hurts very dearly though.

These water jets designed this way, that they will not cause any injury if get hit, except for some soaring, I will not receive any other injury but it will sure hurt like h.e.l.l like it is hurting right now.

As time pa.s.sed, I got hit by more and more water jets till now, the only good thing that I had saved myself from cras.h.i.+ng out of water.

To survive against the water jets, I have to make use of every part of my body.

In the water, making instant movements is many times harder than on the surface but it is also the water that let me the projectile clearly that is coming toward me.

This training may not seem much but is us clearly as important as the other two.

This exercise help gains better control over the body actions and that is very very helpful in the final battle.

As more time pa.s.sed, both the quant.i.ty and speed of attacks increased, it became a little harder to avoid all the projectile that is coming toward me.

I dodge them with my all while giving priority to those which are coming from the ground.

'Gurgle!' Suddenly the attack of water jets stopped and waster started to shake loudly creating many waves both above and below.

First, the shaking was small but soon its frequency increase.

The waves inside the water grew bigger than I am having difficulty maintaining my position.

I am still doing fine but those few who were very close to the surface were directly swept by the wave.

They definitely got disqualified as their bodies got out the water.

I started to dive deep despite facing the resistance, these waves are produced this way, that they will try to sweep everyone to the surface.

As I am trying to dive deep, the waves had been trying to take me to the surface and their force is increasing.

I started to circulate moved of exercise for more power seeing I won't able be able to resist even for a second.

I just have to survive for ten minutes, in ten minutes, everything will be over.

'f.u.c.k!' i was just thinking about the surviving ten minutes when I saw a big wave coming toward me from the down.

I circulated exercise more ferociously and tried to move out of the waves way.

I can tell, once that wave touched my body, it will definitely take me to the surface, making me disqualified.

I tried to get off of its range using my all, but I know it will difficult seeing its speed, the only way, I can increase my speed is use the skill but that is prohibited.

'Bam!' That waves clashes against me and swept me with it, I wanted to get out of it but I can, I am incapable to resist against this force.

"Dhub!" I reach the surface before I knew it and next moment something enveloped me and brought out of water.

It is air cover! I said in my mind, the cover of air covering my body and taking me toward the ground.

A few seconds later, I gently landed on the ground.

"Thank you, instructor!" I said, he just nodded and didn't reply.

I removed the air mask off my face and sat on the floor watching many people getting out of the water every minute.

By the time the hour was over, only nineteen people had been remain in the water.

This training cla.s.s which seemed easiest is the one which eliminated most people than the other two

Seeing there are only fifteen minutes before another cla.s.s starts, I got up and walk toward it.

Next cla.s.s is Reflex Training Cla.s.s like its name suggests, it is used to train reflexes.

Yesterday, I didn't get time to research on this cla.s.s, so I am a little excited.

When the fifteen minutes over, we come across another large hall, it is one biggest indoor hall I've ever seen.

The hall is very big and it has more than fifty white circles had drawn on it.

These white circles are about 2 meters in diameter and there is s.p.a.ce of five meters between each circle.

The instructor seems very young, around twenty-two, twenty-three year-old. She is very pretty, so pretty every boy keeps looking at her without pause.

"Cough cough!" she had to make loud coughing noise to wake up boys who were rudely looking at her face.

"Please select the weapon that suits you and wears this eye bands on your eyes before waking to the center of the white circles."

"You will be attacked by many objects while your eyes are closed, you will have to fend them," she said.

"This exercise will help you train your senses and reflexes."

"Those who get out of the circle, takeoff eye band or use skills, will be disqualified."

"I wish you the best of luck, I hope this exercise will help you immensely," she said.

Her voice is like a robot, without any expression on her face.

She is probably doing it on purpose so the boy could approach her, she is an only year or two younger than the boys of my cla.s.s.

So, obviously, she going to be approached by many boys, this is why she is doing it save herself from hara.s.sment.

I can guess it clearly because I've seen Ellen make a similar face to save herself from constant hara.s.sment for the boy, who didn't know she didn't have any interest in boys.