Monster Integration - Chapter 197 Specialised Training II

Chapter 197 Specialised Training II

I collapsed on the floor like the rest of the people, who were able to persist until the end of the cla.s.s.

I did not have any feeling in my body for five minutes after collapse, only after five minutes did I able to twitch my fingers and move my limbs.

Ten minutes later did I able to get up and felt like a normal person, all the energy I had lost performing the exercise seem to return in my body.

It is a good thing that I wore a practice suit which sucked all my sweat but my face and hair are still a little wet due to the sweat.

Seeing there are only fifteen minutes remaining to the Gravity training cla.s.s, I hastily walked toward it.

I hope the gravity cla.s.s would be not exerting as this but that just a fools dream.

I reached the hall of gravity when there were only five minutes are remaining.

I spotted some people who are in my Combat style cla.s.s were also waiting by the door.

Soon the door of the gravity chamber opened and we come across large hall.

There is no decoration what's so ever in the hall, just a young man in mid-twenties who seemed to be at Master stage.

His body is quite buffed, his bulging muscles could be seen through the tight t-s.h.i.+rt he is wearing.

"I am Adam Neeson and I will be your instructor in the gravity cla.s.s," he said.

''Formed the lines, keep enough s.p.a.ce between yourself that you will not obstruct others by your movements."

"We will do a simple exercise that we have learned in the school while gravity keeps increasing till you feel the hundred kg weight in every cell of your body," he said.

"Oh and the whole 100kg will activate in half an hour," he said and tapped something on his holowatch.

Suddenly I can feel, the gravity is increasing and it's affecting every cell of my body.

"Start!" he shouted and started performing squats while we all followed behind.

There is no need to give direction about these exercises as everyone had performed them at their school.

As minutes pa.s.sed, I feel like I've become tens of kilo heavy.

First, I didn't feel much about increasing gravity despite feeling kg's of weight on my body but after ten minutes are over, I felt the real weight and it's still increasing.

The increasing gravity making me use more and more energy to perform movements of my body.

The weight I am feeling is not on the single part but every single cell of my body.

As time pa.s.sed, the pressure and gravity increased more and by the time half an hour is over, I could feel a hundred kg on every part of my body.

Everybody is taking heavy breaths bearing the force of hundred on every part of their body.

The only mercy in this training cla.s.s that after half an hour, the gravity will not increases but the bad thing is that we have to perform exercises for one and half hour in this gravity.

Fifteen minutes later when I started to feel very tired and started circulating supreme combat exercise for the energy.

"Thud!" one girl collapsed on the floor doing a push-up and it was again Corporal stage evolver, not Specialist stage.

She was so stuck on the floor due to gravity that looked like someone had pasted her on the floor with glue.

Despite her whimpering, the instructor did not help him. She had to crawl slowly to the outskirts of the hall to get out of range of gravity field.

These specialized training, not only help one to refine one's power but also forge ones will, which in my opinion is way more important than the refining one's power.

The people who collapsed, it's not like they are less powerful, they just aren't able to persist.

I am definitely sure that if I fought against any Corporal level without my skills, then I will definitely lose, I will lose very badly.

Not only I but the other two Specialist grade will also lose as long as they have not created eight seals.

The difference in power between the Socialist stage and the Corporal stage is great, especially when comparing to fellow humans, who both have similar skills.

It's very different compared to fighting monsters, who are very dumb.

Humans are intelligence creature and beating that above stage who have a similar skill as you is very difficult.

Especially here where everybody had at least created five seals of supreme combat exercise.

'Only chance to beat who is level above you and has the same skill as you, is to have something special.' This what I've read somewhere years before but didn't understand the meaning of it till now.

"Thud thud thud!…." more and more people kept collapsing on the ground, some even had broken and dislocated their bones but instructor still did not help them, they have to crawl themselves to the boundary of the gravity field.

I kept circulating the 11th move of the exercise while trying to advance to 12th as I kept performing push up, squats and others exercised without collapsing.

It is very hard but I kept persisting, no matter how much pressure I felt, I kept persisting.

Whenever I feel like I was going to collapse, I picture the first battle of super elites I saw in the s.p.a.ce realm, where Rachel and Max fought against the Giagantified Sawtooth Earthworm monsters.

I didn't want that happen but gaining the power of super elite had become the goal of mine.

I wanted to reach their height and then surpa.s.s it, whenever I think about this goal of mine, my blood started to boil and all the fatigue and weakness go away.

With this goal in mind, I kept persisting and when I felt the hope of that goal started to dwindle down, I use the fury of my biggest nightmare, that always boils my blood to the extreme.

I persist and persist, I use every method at my disposal, that is why, when only ten minutes are remaining for the cla.s.s to be over and half of the people had collapsed, I still kept going.

Like last time, seeing it is only ten minutes are remaining, I kept performing even when I feel extreme weakness taking over my body.

Suddenly the gravity field deactivated and I barely stopped myself from falling on the ground.

"That is for today, tomorrow we will increase the pace of exercises a little, be prepared for that!" Said our instructor and sat on the lone chair which is by the wall.

I wanted to sit so bad on the floor and take time rest but I can't, I have hydro training cla.s.s in fifteen minutes and from what I've read it is not as taxing as two

And I was right when I reached the hydro training hall with other people what I saw is a gigantic pool.

"Hear, wear these air masks!" said the instructor who looked to be in the mid-thirties who's level I cant able to sense properly.

"Enter the pool and survive against the various waters jets and current for an hour." He said curtly, he seemed a fan of not many words.

"One more thing, you are not allowed to use any skill and are not allowed to come out of waster as long any current or jet didn't throw you out!" He said loudly.

I quickly wore the water mask and activated with my mana as I jumped into the water with the rest.