Monster Integration - Chapter 196 Specialised Training I

Chapter 196 Specialised Training I

The day slowly pa.s.sed, after I had taken little rest, I took a small tour of the training center to get familiarise myself with it.

I got a little starstruck seeing how many facilities it offered, some of them I've never heard of.

I will try them if I have time later, i my package I have full access to four training facilities and if I have to use others, I will have to pay extra.

The whole day pa.s.sed and evening came, it is time for dinner.

There is two option to eat here, I could either eat in my room or eat it in the mess.

For today, I decided to eat in my room, it will eat in the mess from tomorrow.

The night pa.s.sed in the dreamless state and when I woke up in the morning, I felt quite refreshed.

I quickly ordered the meal before going to freshen up.

My schedule is jam-packed, once I leave, I won't be back till the evening.

My Specialised training includes five

1. Combat Style Cla.s.s

2. Gravity Training Cla.s.s

3. Hydro Training Cla.s.s

4. Reflex Training Cla.s.s

5. Combat Cla.s.s.

These whole will take thirteen hours of my day, I have to attend these four days a week while the other three days free, I can do whatever I want.

By the time I finished eating and changed into the practice suit, only twenty minutes are remaining to my cla.s.s.

"here!" I said and placed a mini tag on Ashlyn's neck, she did not resist as she knew what it is for.

I've booked the special monster training room for Ashlyn, it is specially designed for flying monsters.

Yesterday when we were roaming the training center, we came across it, I and Ashlyn loved it after taking a small tour of it.

I am going to train all day till evening and I don't want to keep her cooped up inside me.

She had trained a little when we were in my hometown but without guidance, she can't do much, no matter how smart she is.

The monster training facility is specially designed for the monster, in that facility, they can develop their strength freely, through the various methods offered by the training facility.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn flew from the shoulder as we reached the monster training facility, the forcefield didn't stop her seeing the tag on her neck.

I can see many bird monsters are training their and Ashlyn quickly joined them in.

I have to walk for a few minutes before reaching the area where I am going to learn the combat style.

There are still more than ten minutes before the cla.s.s but forty-something people were already waiting there.

All of them looked me as I entered and some of them had startle color on their faces.

I can understand why is that, all of them were at Corporal stage except for one Specialist stage girl.

Including her, we are only two specialist stage evolver signed up for this Combat style cla.s.s while all other are at Corporal stage.

There are still ten minutes are remaining for the cla.s.s to start but I don't think there will be more than five people from the specialist stage.

It is very hard to create the seals and further you go, the more painful it became.

The time pa.s.sed and more people come, most of them are at Corporal level and there is only one boy, who specialist stage as me.

"Sup!" the gla.s.s door of the training hall opened and all of us went inside.

This time my combat style instructor is lady, she seemed to be in her late thirties and her face is little pretty but most importantly the aura she is excluding is definitely at the lieutenant stage.

I was little started seeing lieutenant stage instructor, not only my others are also startled.

For powerhouse like Lieutenant, stage revolver had no need to teach, killing simple lieutenant grade monster can ear her million credits.

There is must be some other reason for her to teach.

''I have to say one thing before starting the cla.s.s." Said the instructor in her soft voice.

"This cla.s.s going very strenuous, it will stretch you to your limit, especially those who have only Five seals."

"Persistence is necessary if you are able to persist for two months, not only you will successfully learn the Wind slayer style, you might able to create one or two seals extra," she said.

Hearing they will able to create a seal if they persist for two months made a lot of people energized and eager to learn but they failed to notice underlined meaning of instructor words.

She said those persist for two months will able to learn this combat style fully but there is another meaning hidden in her words that a lot of people won't able to persist.

I also became energized hearing this but completely different reason, I took the instructors words as a personal challenge.

I took challenge upon myself that I will persist two months in this combat style cla.s.s and learn this combat style fully in six months.

"Follow the projection, perform as it does!" said instructor and big projection of women appeared in the hall.

Everyone can see it without obstruction and start to perform every move that projection is performing while our instructor softly guided those who made a mistake in their posture.

She is completely different from the instructor I had for Night Blade Style, who used to use curses and kicks to correct student while this instructor is using her soft voice and stick to correct who had performed wrong.

It felt like a normal exercise first fifteen minutes but soon I felt like my body is becoming heavy, the simple movement which used to take no efforts is beginning to take efforts.

As the more time pa.s.sed, I felt like my body becomes that of mud, each movement of my body feeling very strenuous.

The more movements I make, the strenuous they become but I still kept following it.

Its been only forty-five minutes since I started following them weird movement of projection.

I didn't make mistakes as others as I have a habit of doing these weird exercises from Night Blade Style.

As the more time pa.s.sed, moving my limbs became more difficult, now I understand why this combat style needs five seals at least.

Without the enhancement of strong body that five seals of exercise gave, it is nearly impossible to perform their exercise for more than forty-five minutes.

One will be zapped out of all the energy he has and his body will start to collapse due to extreme pressure.

'Thud!' the first boy collapsed at one hour and twenty-five minutes, it is not a specialist stage but Corporal stage revolver.

This combat style has a minimum requirement of Five seals but that is all, the power of five seals can help one till seventy-five minutes after that, its all depend on one's willpower.

Just like the instructor said, only those can persist for two months will able to learn this combat style while those who don't will have to quit this cla.s.s.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed and two more people collapsed, both of them were at Corporal level.

As time pa.s.sed, moving a single limb becoming difficult for me and when I thought, it will difficult for me to persist anymore, I started to circulate the supreme combat exercise.

Just as I started it, I started feeling pain but also refres.h.i.+ng energy which gave me the power to keep persisting.

I didn't circulate the supreme combat exercise at the beginning, I wanted to see how long can I persist without circulating it.

It turned out to be one hour and forty-six minutes.

While circulating the exercise, I kept trying to advance the circulation, currently, I am stuck at the 10th move, advancing to the eleventh move felt like more and more painful.

I had already created five seals and if I was able to circulate all 24 moves again, I will able to create the sixth seal.

By the time two hours are over, more than ten people had already collapsed.

I am not in a much better condition either, the circulation of supreme combat exercise is not enough, the only that kept going is half an hour.

This is two and half hour cla.s.s, I kept saying in my mind that I just have to persist for half an hour, as long as I persist for half an hour, I've completed the today's challenge.

Nearly twenty-five of sixty people already fell, I think only half the people will last, till the cla.s.s end.

As the minutes pa.s.sed making the single movement of my body had became difficult but I kept persisting while counting every second till the cla.s.s is over.

Not only that but kept circulating the supreme combat exercise more and more ferociously.

I hope to circulate at least eleventh move before this cla.s.s end and I am trying with all my heart.

The last ten minutes! I said in my mind, I didn't know how I am able to persist till now but I am definitely not going to collapse seeing I have to persist for only ten minutes.

Every second feels like minute and minutes felt like hours as I kept performing the moves that performed by the projected figure in front of me without making any mistake.

"Huu!" I make sound by taking a forceful breath as I am able to circulate 11th move, the pain in immense but in front satisfaction it is nothing.

"All right stop, All of you did well!" sounded on the hall and I collapsed on the floor below me.