Monster Integration - Chapter 1838 - Sacred Sacrifice

Chapter 1838 - Sacred Sacrifice

Chapter 1838 - Sacred Sacrifice

The vines are spread all over the temple; they have also covered its body about 30%. I wanted to cover it by at least 50% before showing them, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had discovered them before that could happen.

It moved its hand to remove the vine of its body, but as it tried, it found out it could. The thin vines would always slip away from its finger; it was bȧrėly able to touch them before they slipped out from its finger, and that is making it very, very angry.

I closed off my domain since there is no use to it; I mainly used it to cover my vines. Without it, my vines would have been discovered long ago.

With a lot of energy freeing, I focused it all on my vines. The 30% is not enough; though my vines are consuming the energy from it, it is a slow process due to the suppression of the domain. So, I am using my own energy to make them grow.


Suddenly, the Bugman stopped struggling against the vines and let out a huge angry, frustrated raor before it turned its focus at me. Seeing those blazing eyes, I couldn't help but shudder.

"Human, Die!" It said each word with gritted teeth and came at me. 

That moment, I commanded all my vines to bind it with their full force. They have already covered it by 33%; for most Grimm Monsters, it is enough to bind tight enough that they could twitch their finger, but against this powerful b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it is far from enough.

It came at me with rage and exploding aura, resisting the power of binds. While I have not been able to restrict all its movements, they have still suppressed it, and that is enough for me.


My sword clashed against its halberd, and for the first time, the Bugman shook. I could see how great a surprise it is for it. If I had defended this attack without the interference of my vines, it would have made me crash against the wall with hundreds of my bones breaking.

While my vines were able to restrict more than 50% of physical power, they are able to take only 30% off the energy attack, which left huge energy for me to deal with.

The tsunami of Bloodline Energy came, mixed with the divine energy which had made it even more powerful; it entered my armor before getting divided into the hundreds of streams which are then broken into specs before getting absorbed into my runes.

"Fanatic, you have to do better," I said with a laugh. With my vines binding it partially, I do not have to fear this b.a.s.t.a.r.d anymore.

The vines are unbreakable; they have been baptized by many powerful bloodlines, diamond energy, and even cosmic energy. Only Elite could break my current vines, and they too would have to spend quite a lot of effort to do it.

"You Heathen!" It roared and came at me again, and this time, instead of staying at my spot, I went at it. 

Three minutes later, I stopped fighting as my vines covered it 50%, and two minutes after that, it stopped moving as it got covered by my vines by 70%; my vines have restricted all its movements that now, it could bȧrėly twitch the fingers.

"Any last words before I finished you off?" I asked when vines covered 90% of it and made them pierce inside it, which is quite harder compared to normal Grimm Monsters seeing its whole body is covered in the thick carapace.

"I am grateful to you, human," The Bugman said suddenly, surprising me greatly, all the traces of anger and rage disappeared from its face. 

It did not give me a good feeling, and I poured all the energy into my vines, helping them penetrate its carapace and grow inside it so the harvest process would start as soon as possible.

"My existence in the materialistic world is over, and now, I could enter the kingdom of G.o.d without any remorse," It said with peaceful, fanatic expression. If there had been a normal Grimm Monster in its place, they would be screaming madly, seeing my vines are growing crazily inside them.

"My lord would be pleased to see me and also you, human," It said suddenly, bringing a huge change in my face. I was shocked by not only its words but also because I sense great danger from which I wanted me to run away.

"Sacred Sacrifice!"

A bright dive halo covered it muttered those words, and the next moment it begins to burn, not only it but also a whole temple, trapping me inside.

The burning had shocked me as I did not something like it is even possible. The Grimm Monster is burning every part of it; its body, energy, core, flesh, blood, bloodline, and even soul is burning, and the one burning it all is divine energy.

It is something unreal, I did not think this could be possible, and the worse thing is, it wants to take me with it. 

The divine flames covering it, and the temple is getting stronger and stronger. I am fine due to my armor, but I won't be soon. I could feel the divine flames started affecting my vines that are into its body, and if these divines flames' power kept increasing, then it will start to damage my vines.

This divine energy is very harmful to me; the slightest touch would turn me into ashes. I can not let that happen; I have to get out of here as soon as possible, and for it, even if I have to burn my blood, I will do it.