Monster Integration - Chapter 1837 - Mercy and Wrath II

Chapter 1837 - Mercy and Wrath II

Chapter 1837 - Mercy and Wrath II

A huge amount of Bloodline energy entered inside my armor. A couple of formations lit up, which divided huge tides of energy in thousands of streams and moved to crush them. Still, unlike before, this time, there is divine energy mix in the bloodline energy; it is not acting separately.

The merging of divine energy had made the Bloodline energy even stronger, and it wanted to tear through my vines, but my vines are not some weak attack that they could tear through. Multiple formations had acted and torn through the thousands of streams of energy before my runes suċkėd it up all.

It would have been better if the divine energy acted alone instead of merging with the Bloodline energy. That way, it would have been able to pa.s.s through my defense but merging with Bloodline Energy, even if it had enhanced its strength, it has no chance.


My runes had just finished absorbing the energy when I crashed on the walls of the temple, puking few mouthfuls of blood due to the intense physical shock. 

I did not even wipe the blood off my lips and focused on the Bugman coming at me with slow steps, looking at me with amazement and shock. 

"What are you human? With the strength of sacred energy merged with lords bloodline energy, it is strong enough to poison ten humans with similar strength as you within a second, but it had not done anything to you." It said with clear shock.

"What can I say? I am special," I replied with a smile, and to my surprise, a smile appeared on its shocked, angry face. "You are special indeed, and my lord will surely love if I sacrificed you to his temple," It said and attacked.

This time the attack is very powerful that I used every bit of the strength I have to move my sword fast enough that I would not be cut into two by its halberd.


Its attack had clashed against my sword again and sent me flying, but this time Bugman did not remained on its spot and flapped its wings and appeared in front of me before attacking me again and all I could do is move my sword in defend while bracing for the impact.



Its halberd came down on my sword, smas.h.i.+ng me against the wall at bone-breaking force. The force was so huge that some part of the temple caved in. 


I wanted to access the damage I had suffered but rage burned in Bugman's eyes as it launched another powerful attack swiftly, not giving me any chance to do anything.

It was the most powerful attack I had suffered, it broke my bones from top to bottom, and it was just a beginning.

The fanatic begins to launch the attacks, and it attacked with such intensity that I could bȧrėly defend myself with my back against the wall.

I am getting completely dominated in the battle, capable of only bȧrėly defending. If I had confidence, I would have burned my blood to finish it, but I did not. I have a feeling that it is hiding even greater strength, and I should not force it to use it until I am ready.

To be honest, the gap between us is huge; if I did not have confidence in my other method, I would not have dared to fight it.

The powerful Bloodline and divine energy make it quite powerful. It is my luck that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a prideful fanatic; if it had been a smart Grimm Monster like the one I had fought in mist city in ruines and used all its strength, I would have been forced to use my final card and run away.

I don't want to select that option; I can still feel I could defeat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Even though I do not have the raw strength to defeat it, I could defeat it with my strategy, and till now, it is working fine; I would need some more time before I could defeat it, till then I would have to be careful and take its beating.

Second, pa.s.sed by, and it continued to attack me; our weapons moved at the blurring speed. Its to attack while mine to defend.

I am using minimal movement strategy to defend, seeing I don't have half the power and speed against it, and if not for armor to dealing with the biggest problem, I wouldn't have lasted this long. Still, it is not easy; dealing with its attacks is a challenge itself.

I could feel that I would not be able to hold any longer. There is a clear struggle in its eyes, it wants to use the more powerful move to kill me, but the fanatic ego of it resisting that thought. Its ego does not think I worth using such an attack.

But every second I survive, its ego loses and impatience gain the ground, and soon, there would be time its impatience would win, and it would use the powerful move to finish me off; hopefully, by that time, I would be ready.

Time pa.s.sed when suddenly, the Bugman stopped mid-attack, its sword inch away from cras.h.i.+ng into my sword.

It looked at me with rage I had ever seen in any Grimm Monster I had fought before that seeing it, I couldn't help but shudder unconsciously.

"HUMAN, you dare to blaspheme the temple of my G.o.d with such underhanded means!" The Bugman roared, and a powerful aura blasted out of it. The force contained in the aura is enough to force me back a step; I would have taken another step if not for the wall hitting my back.

"You will suffer for this blasphemy!" It roared in rage and used its hand toward its ċhėst to fling away something that stuck to its ċhėst.

'It looked like it discovered it,' I said with a sigh seeing its action, and my thin vines materialized all over the temple and its body.