Monster Integration - Chapter 1839 - Divine Flame Baptism

Chapter 1839 - Divine Flame Baptism

Chapter 1839 - Divine Flame Baptism


I was about to burn my blood and use everything I have to get out of this domain when suddenly, a familiar buzz rang out inside me.

Next second, green and silver came out of my body; these runes first spread over me before they started spreading over my vines which are connected to the Bugman, before entering inside it through the vines.

"Human, what it is?" It asked as an uncomfortable look appeared on its pious face. "Your doom," I replied with one word.

"Human, nothing could douse off the sacred flames of my lord's faith; even Elites would not be able to stop it once they started burning," It said, but next second, a huge change had occurred in its expressions; which almost looked comic to me.


The runes spread, and harvest begins; soon, thick, powerful bloodline energy would come my way. This bloodline energy would be very strong; I am sure it will be able to fill at least one hundred and fifty thousand cells of my Honeycomb.


Soon the energy came, not one energy but two; one is familiar thick bloodline energy, and the other is purified divine flame which looked milky bright. It looked beautiful but looking at gave me a very uncomfortable feeling.


I had just had that thought when the divine came inside me and spread through my body and soul like wildfire before it started burning me. 

I screamed out loud in pain, unlike the fanatic in front of me; I am screaming my lungs out due to this soul-burning pain; this flame is literally burning my soul.

I wanted to move away from this flame and dipped myself in ice-cold water, but I found this purified divine flame made me incapable of doing that.

Under this pain, I could only flay my arms and legs like dying fish, completely incapable of formatting a coherent thought or movement.

The only coherent thing I did was begin circulating; it had become an instinctive action to me that whenever I am in the soul-binding pain, I would circulate Supreme Combat Exercise.

Time pa.s.sed by as divine flames burning me; it burned every part of me, from the body, soul to my runes and Honeycomb. I could feel the egg of Nero is also burning under this fire, but I could not sense any pain from him.

The egg is saving him from this soul-burning flame; it is a good thing. I do not want Nero to suffer the pain I am suffering right now.

The diving flame kept burning me, and over time, I felt it getting stronger strong. It is doing something to me, but the soul-burning pain is making it hard to know what it is doing; I will get to know it only when this torturous flame is finished doing its job.

Time pa.s.sed as divine flame kept burning me; sometimes it feels like minutes have pa.s.sed, sometimes it feels like hours, but most of the time, it felt like days had pa.s.sed, and this pain will continue for longer until it used all its power or burn into ashes.

I don't know how long the pain had lasted, but I couldn't help but became happier when I saw it fading and found it capable of having complete thoughts again.

The pain of divine fire is gone as it, it took bȧrėly a few seconds to disappeared, but I needed more than a minute to collect myself.


I had just recovered myself when I noticed something which made me shocked. I reverted back to my original appearance, and there is a ceramic mask on my face, and when I looked at myself, I found myself even more shocked.

My skin had become even more radiant, and when I summoned the mirror and removed the mask, I found my features are even more aligned than before, that now I could be said to be above average in appearance, even handsome seeing how radiant my eyes and skin is.

That is not the biggest shock I had received; the biggest shock is when I looked inside me. The change had occurred in my runes and the Honeycomb; the runes have become brighter and vibrating with even greater power; I could feel the change in my bloodline.

When I looked at Honeycomb and made calculations, I found out the bloodline energy of the Bugman had filled one hundred and ninety thousand hexagonal cells, bringing the merged cells to nearly two million and two hundred.

I have received a huge increase in my strength, even I could not imagine how powerful I have become. It is not just cells but also due to baptism of the pure divine flame.

I am not only the only one who is changed by a baptism of divine fire. Nero had also changed, or rather his egg. There is ŀuster on the egg and a faint radiant s.h.i.+ne that was not on it before; it is a positive change; I could feel it.

I checked everything before looking at the husk of Grimm Monster, and there I noticed something surprised or notice an important thing. There is no essence rose; I looked around but found nothing.

It took me a while to realize the truth, and it kind of shocked me as it had never happened before. The essence rose had not been produced during the harvesting; instead, the runes let the Bugman burned with divine fire and purified that divine fire to baptized me, and I am glad it did.

Though it was painful, and I shudder at the thoughts of going through such pain again. The benefits I had received through it are obvious; they are beyond amazing that I would be burned through the fire again to get them.

I just hope that I would not face repercussions for what just happened. 

The divine energy serious business and it produced from the faith to super-powerful being. If that being noticed, it would not be any problem for it to kill me; even with such vast distance, the methods that exist in such powerhouses hands are incomprehensible for people like me.