Monster Integration - Chapter 1836 - Mercy and Wrath I

Chapter 1836 - Mercy and Wrath I

Chapter 1836 - Mercy and Wrath I

"Ice Domain!"

I said, and nine beautiful palm-size ice crystals released from me and spread into the temple before releasing the icy energy, but as it did, it immediately got suppressed, that I could bȧrėly feel any cold at all, seeing that look of shock couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Human, in the Temple of my Lord, all your tricks are useless," It said with a calm voice and peaceful smile; there was not the slightest hint of anger detected from its face.

"Mercy of G.o.d!" It said, and divine hallow appeared behind it, and it flapped its thin wings, just as it did, it appeared in front of me and attack. It is so fast that even I got shocked despite expecting its fast attack, the speed of it is too great.

Still, I did not let my shock slow me down; I attacked the moment it came in front of me. My sword moved at lightning speed, having every intention to stop the attack of the halberd.


Our weapons clashed, and deafening sounds came out, but there was bȧrėly any shockwave; even the sound was quickly absorbed by the temple. The raw power of the attack was huge that it shook me, even when I am harnessing the strength of 2nd boost, but still, nothing compares to the energy attack that came with the clash.

The powerful energy attack came at me in a fury, like a tide bearing both force and power. It crashed through my armor, 99% of it immediately, spread through my armor, got crushed before being suċkėd by my runes.

The poisoned divine energy, on the other hand, started to slip through my defense, but this time, its journey was not smooth at all. While most of the defenses did not affect it, some of it able to affect it and reduce its power despite it being more powerful than before.

Now that I know what type of energy I am dealing with, I am able to defend against it better; next time, my defense would be even better. Even with the suppression of domain, I will be able to handle it. 

Still, I will have to hurry in killing it; I fear that I will not be able to handle it when it used its full power.


Right after the first attack, the second attack came and then the third, with each attack being more powerful than before, and the strange thing is, the power of its domain is increasing with each of its attacks.

I had to pour more energy into my domain just to maintain its existence so it would not crumble under its domain. Even though its not doing anything for me, it needs to be there; it is very important for my plan.

With the power of its attacks, the strength of divine energy poison had also increased. Still, each time, I would tighten my defenses, leaning from every attempt that now my defenses were able to lower the power of divine energy so much that it would always get destroyed the moment it entered me, and I would not have to use, too much force to do it.

Minutes pa.s.sed by, and attacks continued; for the first few minutes, there was that peaceful smile on its face, but as more time pa.s.sed. I continued defending against its attacks; those peaceful expressions begin to slip away. Traces of anger begin to appear in its eyes.

With anger burning, its attacks became more and more powerful, that to defend against each attack, I had to harness more power from the second boost.

Few more minutes pa.s.sed, and now, every trace of a peaceful smile vanished from its eyes, and all that remained is anger in which is it is attacking me.

Suddenly, it stopped. Its actions were so sudden that it took my mind for fractions of a second more to catch up. It also made me very cautious that I had readied myself for everything.

"Until now, I had been merciful against you human, but since you are resisting the lord's mercy, then I will show you his wrath," It said, and a powerful torrent of aura shot through it. 

It is so powerful that it had lighted up the whole temple and my domain, reached the breaking point in the instant.

"Wrath of G.o.d!" 

It shouted, and a divine halo lighted upon every part of its body, from its carapace to its wings, everything lit up divine halo. It looked like a grand priest with a deep devotion to its lord.

The hallow did not give any explosive feeling of power, but every hair on my body stood up, sensing it.


I did waste any time and activated the Everwing on top of First Boost and Second Boost. I do not want to take chances with such strength radiating from it.

"Die Human!"

Seeing that, my eyes couldn't help but popped up before I harness all the power I could and moved my sword in front of me in defense.


Its halberds blade struck against my sword, and the blow shook every cell of my body before sending me flying like a rocket. If that was not enough, then its Bloodline energy attacked me in powerful force, and with suppression of temple, its attack is ferocious.

This time, the divine energy acted differently than before. Instead of streaking inside me, it merged with the rest of the Bloodline Energy and attacked my armor.

As the tide of energy attacked, it shook my armor and if it had been my previous armor. It would have been broken by pieces already, but it is not my old armor. It is made from my vines, the most powerful thing my inheritance could produce.