Monster Integration - Chapter 1835 - Fanatic

Chapter 1835 - Fanatic

Chapter 1835 - Fanatic


Another powerful attack clashed against my sword, sending out a huge amount of energy, especially that streak of powerful, strange energy, which is forcing me to use quite the efforts to crush.

It had been less than ten seconds since the battle had begun, and it had already launched the eight powerful attacks. The attacks of it are simple but strange; any other Emperor would have been in my place turned to corps long ago.

Like it had done much time before, it smoothly took back its halberd in an almost eerie way before attacking me again, and this time, the attack is different.

It is much more powerful than all previous attacks; it shows that it is the last attack of continuous attack move, and it is powerful. Seeing the power of the attack, I did not hold back either and harnessed all the power which first could give me.

It had been quite a while since I had used the full power of First Boost; even Elina and Joana had not forced me to use the full power of the first boost in my fight against them.

With such huge power, I moved at incredible speed, and for the first time, I saw the emotions in the Bugman's eyes; those emotions disappeared as they appeared, but I know I had not imagined what I had seen.

With the flash of emotions, its attacks have become even smoother, which did not affect me much. I have vast experience and was prepared for many scenarios, including the burst of huge power in mid-attack.


Finally, our weapons clashed, and they clashed with such a force that it left me shocking, not only in mind but also in the body. I am shaking all over, and if not for me holding my sword in the steel-like grip, it would have flown away from my hand.

Still, this shock is nothing in front of the shock I had got when that strange energy pa.s.sed through my armor and started poisoning my internals.

Till now, except for the first time, this strange energy was always broken by the first counterattack, but this time, I needed to attack it three times before it got broken and suċkėd away; by then, it had already done the serious damage to my body as well as my soul.

Two formations lit up inside me, and my bloodline energy flowed into it before transforming into the seals which contained the poison to its place before healing energies started to heal the injuries.

I know that my armor could not defend against all the things, and for that, I had prepared for emergencies. In the last upgrade, I had added emergencies for everything, even optimized the use of my bloodline energy after I found out how good it is at sealing things.

"I did not expect you would be able to handle the sacred poison; most humans became powerless against it in a minute." It said suddenly, surprising the h.e.l.l out of it but soon I caught the word, and my eyes lit up in understanding as all the lines have connected in my mind.

Devine Energy!

No wonder it was so hard to deal with; this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's bloodline energy contains a wisp of divine energy. Though divine energy is not necessarily stronger than Bloodline energy or any type of energy, it is a most versatile one.

To create an even wisp of divine energy, one needs to have faith, but even then, one has to be at the peak of the Primary stage.

As those who are not at the peak of the Primary Stage, they can produce divine energy too, even a person who does not practice could also divine energy, but they need to have strong faith at the fanatic level.

To be able to connect with the will of its bloodline progenitor and produce divine energy, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is surely fanatic.

"You are strong; I am sure will of my lord will surely love it if I sacrifice you to him," He said with a calm tone and smile. Seeing fanatism in its eyes, I couldn't help but shudder; it looked like I had underestimated the strangeness of this battle; I have to be more careful than before.

"You fanatic really have some words," I said mockingly, wanting to make it angry, but all I saw was a smile getting bigger on its bug face.

"Human, you don't know what it is like to bask in the glory of the lord, but you will soon as I will soon send you to him," he said with a peaceful smile, and its aura rose starkly, but there is no explosiveness in it.

'Second Boost,'

I activated Second Boost immediately; I do not want to take any chances with this fanatic. I also begin to take greater chances with my other strategy, this fanatic making my danger sense tingle all over; the soon I finished it, the better.

"Human be ready to enter the Kingdom of G.o.d, Temple of Aeusi!" It said powerful energies released from me, and a beautiful but dangerous domain appeared around me. The forest around me had disappeared, and now I found myself in a huge temple.

Seeing such a realistic domain and feeling its powerful suppression, I couldn't help but pour even more bloodline energy and rule-bending power into my other strategy. It looks like I really have to deal with this fanatic b.a.s.t.a.r.d as soon as possible before it could pull the even stranger thing out.