Monster Integration - Chapter 1834 - Strange Energy

Chapter 1834 - Strange Energy

Chapter 1834 - Strange Energy

The Bugman is seven meters tall and has a thick carapace which is enhanced by a powerful Bloodline Armor, and in its hand, it had a seven meters long black halberd, which seemed to have a wicked sharp edge; I have to be very careful of this thing.

"Nine Cleavings of Lord Aeusi!" It said. Hearing its voice immediately made me frown as there was a hint of piousness in its tone, and there seemed to be something off about its expressions.

That made me uncomfortable for some reason which I could not pinpoint, but it is enough to make me extra careful, and I had harnessed even more power from the 'First Boost.' To defend against its attack.

I moved my sword fast; this sword is not my regular great sword but a long sword. Though, it held the same weight as the long sword and gave me a feeling of comfortableness.

My sword attacked bearing bone-chilling coldness, following the path of the halberd, which had faint black-green energy covering itself. It is a poison without a doubt, but there is also something else, which feels strangely familiar, like something I had felt before but not able to put my mind on it.

I put it back in my mind and focused on my attack, which is moving toward the attack of Grimm Monster.

When its halberd reached halfway, it had abruptly tried to change the direction, but I followed it without a problem. It is one of the advantages of being small; the Bugman and its weapon are about four times my size; any movement they make it quite visible, and as long as I have power and speed, I would be able to follow them without any problem.


Finally, our weapons clashed with a defeaning sound and huge shockwave. The attack was powerful, but I was ready for it and bore it perfectly; I had just thought that when suddenly a change occurred in my face.

Its energy hit my armor and immediately separated and filtered into thousands of little streams before going into my runes. It does not matter if it is special energy or regular energy; all the energies behave the same way when they enter the claws of my armor.

But this time, something different has happened, 99% energy foreign energy behaved as it usually does, but 1% energy somehow slipped past hundreds of defenses of my armor and strike of my body.

This is a very different kind of energy; it is different from normal special energies, even bloodline energies. It is something different but very powerful and poison in nature that had now struck my body and soul.

As it struck me, I felt sharp torturous pain inside me, like it is melting my internals, and it started doing that, but that same moment, a couple of formations inside me lit up and attacked that energy with pinpoint accuracy and my inheritance runes, also acted and applied a huge amount of pressure on it to suck it.

That energy was very resilient and was able to bear the first barrage, but it was still broken into pieces by the second barrage, which is much stronger and immediately suċkėd away by the runes, which seemed very happy taking this energy.

While it seemed like a lot of time had pa.s.sed, not even a second had pa.s.sed. Everything had happened within a fraction of seconds.

After the first attack, it smoothly took back its halberd without a word and attacked again; it is a similar attack that is much faster and strong, which double the amount of poison energy on its blade.

Seeing the attack, my expressions couldn't help but tightened a little. It is a continuous attack; I had guessed it when it shouted its attack's name, but seeing the second attack, I am becoming sure of it.

Continues attacks are hard to deal with as they get stronger and stronger with each attack, but they have also had weaknesses. They are kind of rigid, could be broken through with enough force and ingenuity, and I am currently moving my sword to break this attack.


As I moved my sword to break its attack, its also moved its halberd, and it moved in such a way that it completly countered its movements, not letting my sword hit the spot it wanted to hit, and it is doing that in very eirie way.


I failed to crack its move and its halberd struct against mine, attacking me with a huge amount of energy. 99% of it got immediately dealt with, but 1% of it was still able to enter inside me, but unlike last time, it was not able to do any damage as it got attacked and broken before being suċkėd into my runes.

Clang Clang Clang…

Another five attacks stuck me one after another, with each one being powerful than the other. The strange 1% poison energy is getting stronger with each attack that I had to use more every time to break it.

The most frustrating thing is that my armor is not able to stop this strange energy. While it may not look like it but I modifying my armor, so it could stop that energy, all the changes I had made have been unable to stop the energy from directly slipping inside me.

I have to do something to stop it; it is extremely dangerous that earlier it had damaged my internal organs, and the damage its done is harder to heal than that of the normal injuries.

It creates quite a scary prospect as this is just the beginning of the battle, and as battle lingers on, that strange energy would get stronger. Strong enough that I would not be to break it in a single attack, so I have to find a way to stop it and break it before it entered inside me.