Monster Integration - Chapter 1833 - Poison Blade

Chapter 1833 - Poison Blade

Chapter 1833 - Poison Blade

It took me a while and an hour into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce to came out of the thoughts of the fourth Grand Art.

This is world shocking news; it would especially shock the Wisdom Tower, which had been treating this precious art like common art that everything in the Wisdom Tower could take with few merit points.

It is due to being a Grand Art; it had not been discovered. Grand Arts could not be practiced by anyone; one needs to have an affinity with them; otherwise, there would not be only one or two people every century learning them.

I shook my head off the thoughts of art; I have already made the notes about my observation, and I will study them in leisure, now I should focus on my mission. Which is patrolling the area I am ȧssigned, killing the Grimm Monsters I have found, and see if there is something strange going on; if there is, immediately inform the higher-ups.

With that thought in my mind, I became a blur and started patrolling. I have no interest in dealing with the Grimm Monster that Ashlyn found; if it came my way, I would ask Ashlyn to deal with it. I will mostly handle the Grimm Monsters with Bloodline, while the rest could be dealt with by Ashlyn.

I moved through the hills with swift speed, looking at everything, searching for the Grimm Monsters and strange things, and with the help of Ashlyn, Ive even found two, but both of those Grimm Monsters turned out to be normal.

I am not disappointed, the Lawrence Hills is a small big area, and I will find the Grimm Monster with Bloodline eventually.

If I did not find it, I would move to another area for a while and seeing the number of Grimm Monsters present in this Scorcese Valley, I would not have a problem finding the Grimm Monster with Bloodline.

Nine hours pa.s.sed by, and I have come across five Grimm Monsters, all of them without a bloodline. Of the five, I ended up asking Ashlyn to kill the two; both of them were pa.s.sing through Lawrence Hills, killing them would not attract much suspicion.

I really get scared when I thought about it; my strength is nothing when compared to the Elite, and there are is a freaking Leader cla.s.s Tyrants here. They have methods that could kill me, and talismans I have won't be able to do anything against it.

Chew Chew!

Time pa.s.sed by, and another four hours pa.s.sed when suddenly Ashlyn chirped inside my mind, informing me about her finally finding the Grimm Monster.

Chew Chew Chew…

I was about to move toward it when she chirped rapidly in my mind, informing few more facts about it. The first and most important fact is that she said that it will be quite a tough enemy for me to kill.

Ashlyn is not the one to mince her words, and if she said it will be a tough enemy to kill, and then it sure will be a tough enemy, it might be even strong enough to make me run away, seeing Ashlyns nature of underestimating my enemies.

There is one other part she had informed me with, this Grimm Monster is Poison Blade. A unique Grimm Monter is a blend of fighter Grimm Monter and special profession Grimm Monter. In the devil's gate, I had come across the Curse Blade; I was not able to fight, despite wanting to as it was way above what I could handle.

These fusion-type Grimm Monsters are very tricky to deal with. They are quite powerful, and their abilities are quite terrifying that even I am apprehensive about them.

"It will be a challenge," I said with a laugh after some time and begin to move toward the Grimm Monster. I have come to this place to harvest the essence of Grimm Monster and find enemies which could force me to use every ounce of my life.

The Poison Blade Grimm Monster is quite a distance away from me, and seeing it is moving at quite a fast speed, I needed about forty minutes to catch up to it.

As I entered its five-mile radius, it sensed me, and just as it did, it immediately stopped and came toward me at blurring speed. Its wings moved at such speed that it made it completely blur to the regular Tyrants. The only thing they will be able to see is streaking blur.

Within a few seconds, I could see it in front of me and unlike other Grimm Monsters who would stop. This one did not stop; instead, it kept coming at me and even increased its speed as it came at me, seeing that my expressions couldn't help but change.

'First Boost!'

Seeing it is coming at me with full force, I did not waste any time and activated 'The first Boost' and moved toward it; I even activated my ocular methods and got a quite good look at the Grimm Monster coming at me.

It is Flower Streak Bugman; its name has streak because of its speed that made it look like a streak when it moved, and flower due to design on its carapace, looked like the flowers.

It is a very rare kind of Bug-type Grimm Monster that is known for its speed and powerful defense, which make them one of the best killers.