Monster Integration - Chapter 1832 - Forth Grand Art

Chapter 1832 - Forth Grand Art

Chapter 1832 - Forth Grand Art

Soon, I reached the Lawrence hill killing three Grimm Monsters on the way; all of them were not killed by me.

Only one is killed by me, while the other two were killed by Ashlyn; they were Grimm Monsters without bloodlines.

Lawrance Hills is a beautiful place with verdant hills and small creeks that could be seen everywhere. If there hadn't been the Grimm Monsters here, it would have surely become a popular destination for vacations.

Currently, this place looked quite serene, but Ashlyn had already spotted one Grimm Monster, and I am sure there are more in this place hiding, wanting to catch the humans that came here off guard.

Chew Chew!

I was enjoying the scenic view of the hills when Ashlyn chirped in my mind, and soon different view appeared in front of my eyes. There, I saw a human and Grimm Monster fighting, the human woman who seemed to be in her late thirties being attacked by a Lightning Bullman.

This is no ordinary battle but the battle among the Elites; both of them are Elites, and the human Elite seemed to be in quite a trouble. She is fighting against a Lightning Bullman who is not only fast as lightning but also powerful as the mountain.


Suddenly, I noticed something, and a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. The human Elite is not helpless as she seemed in the battle at first glance; the Grimm Monster seemed to know that, which is why it is attacking her so intensely.

Within few minutes, the battle became even more intense, but the result did not change at all; it even turned into the favor of the human.

"I did not know this art of Wisdom Tower could be used like this," I said and tried to remember all the details I know about this art and the woman who is using it in such a unique way that it had utterly frustrated the Grimm Monster.

This art is not special; it is one of the most common arts that any member of Wisdom Tower could take, there is no restriction on it, but if the people of the Wisdom Tower get to know about such unique way to use this art, they might really restrict this art to important members.

This art is called Rainbow Bubble Art; it helps one release bubbles. It only had one function; as one comprehend it more, the bubble became more powerful, and they started to gain few abilities. This is nothing noteworthy; many arts do that.

From what I read and heard earlier, this lady is bȧrėly considered an Elite but seeing her fight, I couldn't help but shook my head. It looks like this lady had hidden her strength for whatever reason, and people come to know about it; they will surely be shocked.

Not only became she is using the art that is said to be mundane such as unique, but also because I am gaining so much inspiration from her. I wonder why wisdom tower had not noticed her; seeing their state, they should cherish and train such talents with all the resources they have.

An hour pa.s.sed when the sudden change occurred in the battle.

Thousands of small bubbles came out of the Bullman, shocking the h.e.l.l out of it; these bubbles are not rainbow-colored bubbles that this lady is fighting with before but blood red.

One look is enough for me to know these bubbles are made of blood, and the Grimm Monster seemed to understand it, and horror appeared on its face. It quickly covered itself in thick lightning and begin to destroy these bubbles, which are made of its own blood.

It is injuring itself by destroying the bubbles made of its own blood, but it did not seem to care about that fact. It kept destroying them as it could feel something bad would happen if it was not able to get rid of those bubbles quickly as possible.

I had just thought that when those blood-red bubbles begin to s.h.i.+ne, turning an angry red color and shaking intensely.

Boom Boom Boom…

The next second, the bubbles begin to explode one after another; each mini-explosion would take a large chunk of its flesh that by the time all the bubbles finished exploding, there was not a single piece of Grimm Monster that is longer than five inches.

'She is more gruesome than me,' I said as I looked at the lady who is looking at Grimm Monster with an expressionless face; there seemed to be no joy in her face as she looked at the mess she had made of the Bullman.

The disk had lighted up and started converting the pieces of Grimm Monsters into the high-grade mana crystals.

The disk is top of its grade, and it had finished converting all flesh and blood of the Grimm Monster in few minutes.

As all the flesh disappeared and converted into the crystals, the lady put the disk back into her storage, collected the stuff of the Grimm Monster, which is also cleaned off of any part of Grimm Monster by her bubbles.

After she was done, she did not stay there a moment longer and disappeared.

I have become quite curious about the bubbles; they seemed to do a lot more things than stated in the intelligence. The intelligence of our academy had started this art as a common one, the same distinction Wisdom Tower had given it, but they are obviously wrong.

I first thought this lady had a unique way of using this Rainbow Bubble Art, but as I observed the whole fight, I realized I was wrong. It is not just that she has unique to use it, its just that she had comprehended the right way to use it, and others have never realized that part.

If I am not wrong, then Wisdom Tower has the fourth Grand Art in its possession, and this shocking conjecture is not only based on my observation but also based on the facts I had read in the Library of Hermes.