Monster Integration - Chapter 1831 - Trapping II

Chapter 1831 - Trapping II

Chapter 1831 - Trapping II

"You are right; it is a feast but not for you," I said, suddenly opening my eyes. "Ah!" My voice seemed to have startled it so much that it let out a loud noise; seeing my eyes couldn't help but pop up in surprise.

Those who reached Tyrant level have great control over themselves, while they may get surprised but never let out such sounds, which is very unbecoming of Tyrant, h.e.l.l even Emperor did not let out such noise.

"Human, you were acting?" It asked back, "No, I was playing dead," I replied in deadpanned expression before cracking a laugh at its obvious question. My laugh seemed to have angered it quite much as the expression of rage had appeared on its face.

"Human b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you will pay the price to disrespect this leiie," It roared, and a powerful aura blasted off its body. A regal phantom of its Bloodline Progenitor appeared behind it, and at the same time, a thin sword appeared in its hand as it moved to attack me.

I remained on my spot, watching it with quite an amus.e.m.e.nt, not caring slightest about powerful aura and coming attack.

"Human, what have you done to me?" The Violet Scale Snakeman asked in horror. As when it tried to move to attack me, it found out it could not. Its body is bound in its place, unable to move even an inch.

"I have trapped you, you idiot," I said as I got up, and at the same time, hair-thin icy threads appeared on its body, biding nearly every part of it. I moved them to bind, even its mouth, so it could not ask any more of the stupid questions.

I could have killed it with my strength; it would have been a lot quicker than setting up an elaborate trap, but I want to furnish my trapping skills. In my battle with Joana and Elina, I used my wonderful vines to determine their location, which is much harder than it sounds.

I used the same method to trap this snakeman but doing it much easier compared to Joanna. The moment it had entered the one-mile radius of me, my thinner than hair vines started to climb on its body, binding it without it noticing.

"Ice Dome," I muttered, and ice done appeared around us before it burrowed us under the ground, effectively blocking every fluctuation of soul and power.

Puch Puch Puch!

Inside the dome, my strings begin to pierce through the Snakeman and begin spreading inside it. It is an extremely painful process, but due to its lips being shut, it could not bring any loud sound out.

A few seconds later, the silver and green runes came out of me and begin to spread into the vines, and soon, they have covered every inch of vine present in the Grimm Monster.

A second after thing, thick violet color bloodline essence came inside me, a portion of it went to my vines which absorbed it like it is some kind of the nectar. The essence of Bloodline is no less than powerful nectar, which strengthens my runes and provides the other benefits.


Soon, my runes have finished absorbing all the bloodline essence and a second later, released a huge amount of the strengthening energy instantly filling every part of my body, making me feel quite bloated; the feeling had only lasted for a second as cells of Honeycomb begin to absorb it and merging with my body.

Each second, thousands of cells of Honeycomb would get filled, and little more than a minute later, all the energy present inside me vanished, filling nearly one hundred and twenty thousand hexagonal cells of Honeycomb.

If it had been an original honeycomb, it would have been able to fill about four hundred and twenty thousand cells of it, which is 3.5 times higher.

Increasing their size even further would be a tough challenge; I could feel how my body was resisting the strengthening of Honeycomb. At max, I would be able to increase the size of cells to four times that of the original; increasing further than that would be impossible, even things like a diamond.

Still, reaching that size would be extremely helpful, and for that, I am trying my all to create the fourth Diamond Seal; I am confident that it will take me there or close to it.


With the strengthening energy absorbed, I moved my eyes at the husk of the snakeman. As I touched it, its husk collapsed, revealing beautiful violet rose. The essence rose is really beautiful, and I would have liked to keep it, but unfortunately, I am not keeping it.

I took the rose in my hand; as I did, its violet energies covered me and begin to seep inside me. Nero begins absorbing the energies, and within a minute, he had consumed the essence of Tyrant completely before regaining his original size.

I looked at the egg, and when I saw the purple and white mark became bigger, a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

Since the egg had taken the diamond energy, the purple and white mark had appeared on the egg, and when I fed the essence rose just now, the marks have expanded on the egg.

This is the first time something like this happen to the egg, and I am thinking it as a good sign; and from now on, I would feed the egg every other essence rose I got from the Grimm Monster. I hope that when those purple and white marks cover the whole egg, it will hatch, and Nero would finally come out.