Monster Integration - Chapter 1830 - Trapping I

Chapter 1830 - Trapping I

Chapter 1830 - Trapping I

"Ashlyn came out," I said gently two hours after entering the forest. In the past two hours, I had kept a keep eye around me, and I sensed no one is following me.

Even Ashlyn did not sense anyone's soul sense around us; through me, she could project some of her soul sense, and she does not sense anyone following us.

Ashlyn is necessary for my mission, not only to avoid danger but also to find the preys I need. Not to forget she is quite strong, and I could let her kill few Grimm Monsters daily; it will reduce quite a stress on Commander and other Tyrants.

Of course, I will not start with a bang; it will be like conforming to her suspicion, which will be bad. While command may not have bad intentions against me, I feel she does not from the limited contact I had with her; there are others.

The bounty the Grimm Monsters have placed on me is very tempting to those below the Leader cla.s.s as that treasure helps them reach the leader cla.s.s.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirp inside me before coming out silently, and when she did, she is completely different; no one could compare to the mutated grey spark sparrow, Ive been known to have.

She is now a palm-size white-colored bird which, is a sparrow bird but very different compare to what Ashlyn is. It is pure in color and has white scales all over her body. It gives her a pure but ferocious look.

She had somehow evolved her morphing ability; it is now not limited to changing one size but also could bring other changes like changing the color of the fur and producing the scales.

When I come to know about her this ability, I was quite shocked. It is impossible to upgrade the ability is given by miracle fruit bit Ashlyn had done it somehow. If she could do this, I wonder what other things she will be able to do in the future.

Though this new ability of her is not all-encompa.s.sing, it has limitations. The most limiting factor is that she could not change her size while using this ability; if she does, its effect fades away. Ashlyn said it is temporary; as her control and strength increase, the limitations will loosen up until they completely disappear.

A second after she came out, she became streak and flew up in the sky before disappearing into the clouds.

With her current abilities, Elites could forget discovering her; only Leader cla.s.s Tyrants could discover her, and from what I know, there are not more than three leader cla.s.s Tyrants present in the Scorsese Valley, one on our side, two on the Grimm Monsters side.

Chew Chew!

Not to mention, I planned to limit killing Ashlyn to one Grimm Monster per day, at least for a week. When few more Tyrants came at reinforcement, I will let her kill more Grimm Monsters.

Two more hours pa.s.sed by, and in these two hours, we have come across seven Grimm Tyrants. It is a huge number; I had not encountered such a number even in that ruin I had gone with Professor. Though I had expected it, it still shook me, and I changed some of my decision.

'Ashlyn, you can have three Grimm Monsters a day,' I said through our link.

Such numbers are bad; no wonder they skimming our numbers like cutting gra.s.s. We can not let the Grimm Monsters have such an advantage; I have to skim their numbers, or it won't be long before they brought heavy casualties on us or slaughter us whole.

Chew Chew!

Suddenly, Ashlyn chirp, informing me of something that made me stop immediately. She had spotted the Grimm Monster with Bloodline, and Ashlyn said, it won't take long for me to kill it.

I am still quite a distance away from the area I am ȧssigned to and wasn't planning on fighting against any Grimm Monsters, but there is always an exception, and Grimm Monster with Bloodline is an exception as it is the main reason I have come here.

I did not waste a second and moved toward the Grimm Monster, and half an hour later, it is within a range of my soul sense.

It is moving at the blurring speed; observing for a few minutes, I noted that it is patrolling the area. Seeing that, I stopped and begin making my preparation; it took me more than one hour to finish with my preparations, and after that, I sat under the tree and waited.

I had to wait for more than two hours before it came back; I watched it coming back through Ashlyn's voice and closed my eyes. Changes begin to occur to me, my aura became unstable and weak, and injuries begin to appear on my body.

My aura and injuries looked very real, as I am really seriously injured that I had fallen completely unconscious.

While I have my eyes closed, I see everything through Ashlyn's eyes, who is watching everything from above.

The Violet Scale Snakeman doing its usual patrolling with a frustrated look on its face, likely due to not being able to find any humans to kill, when suddenly, it sensed a faint feeble aura. It immediately lessened its speed, sensing that but did not approach directly.

It had spread its soul sense, and I could cover my entire body, checking every inch of it carefully. Its soul sense must have lingered on me for more than a minute before it took steps toward me, but its cautiousness had lessened a lot, almost disappeared and a bring smile appeared on its face.

"It had been quite a while since I had found a feast without working for it," It said with a smile as it had appeared like a phantom.